NC HB2 Bill / NC Transgender Bathroom Bill

Hey everyone, I’d like to talk about the transgender issue in North Carolina. I live in North Carolina, so as a North Carolinian I’m very close to this HB2, aka “the bathroom bill”, that dictates that the city of Charlotte has no right to oppress women with the legal allowance of a man entering their locker room and stating that he is a woman. I hear people talking about it in public, as I live in a very disgustingly liberal town, and I hear it on the conservative talk radio that I listen to regularly. Honestly, this discussion is everywhere, it’s far more broad than the borders of North Carolina.

San Francisco mayor Ed Lee didn’t really give a shit when an innocent civilian in his town was gunned down by a violent illegal immigrant, because that would be intolerant and judgmental, yet he cares so much about NC’s fantastic governor Pat McCrory stopping the ultra-lib town of Charlotte from allowing men to enter female bathrooms and locker rooms legally that Ed Lee decided to ban all publicly funded city employee’s travel to NC. Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert here in North Carolina to protest the bill, because even though he has this image of being “for the working man, for the common man”, he really is just another mindless liberal who pushes out anti-American songs and hates you and your opinions. Bryan Adams cancelled a show here too, not like anyone was going to go in the first place, but he DID do a show in Egypt where you can get a few years in prison simply for being gay. It’s funny, isn’t it? How these musicians can be so blatant with their hand, so obvious in their attempts to secure a headline, to make their name relevant again. So desperate to be a part of the hive mind and to get the hive mind behind them, all for monetary gain. The same could be said for the company Paypal, who has come out against North Carolina and Pat McCrory over all of this, despite the fact that they have their customer service centers in Singapore, where you can be jailed for a minimum of 2 years for being homosexual. Amazing, when you put that into perspective isn’t it? Not allowing a pervert to use the women’s locker room is oppressive here in America, but putting someone in jail because of what they are attracted to is par for the course in plenty of places across the world.

This is the world we are living in. There are human beings in this world that really do have this absolutely corrupt and distorted view of reality.

Meanwhile we have liberals in NC that hate Pat McCrory, because even though under his leadership we’ve jumped 5-10 ranks in basically everything that matters (Employment, wages, less welfare, etc) it’s the big things like letting dudes into women’s locker rooms that are truly important issues in our time, right?

Because liberals just can’t decide whether they want to be misogynists or transphobic, because any decision seemingly oppresses someone. They choose misogyny, though, because they simply do not care whether or not many women get traumatized for life by sexual assault, rape, etc from a strange man in a dress going into a woman’s bath room if it means that a well-meaning transgender person gets to pee sitting down in the girl’s room.

Because it’s not about liberating people, it’s not about helping people out, it’s not about looking out for anyone, as I’ve said before, it is simply about opposing the conservative point of view at all times. It’s fine if a woman gets raped because of this law, that doesn’t matter and who cares, because conservatives are against that woman being raped, and therefore they’re the intolerant, evil, transphobic people for being such feminists that they’d refuse the rights of someone who is mentally ill with Body Dysmorphic Disorder to ensure that the women of North Carolina don’t have to become victims of heinous, perverted acts.

Liberals are very quick to say that this bill should be passed because plenty of transgender people use the bathroom of the opposite sex already without any of us knowing… But don’t you realize that that’s the entire point of all of this? The point is that we’ve been doing just fine for years, because only passable, real, legitimate transgenders have been able to do it. Because no one knows the difference, and at that point, no one cares. Saying that this law would be a good thing would be to slap that all in the face, because the law only exists to keep creeps and perverts out of bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

And yes, women have been raped by men hiding in women’s bathrooms/locker rooms before. Plenty of times. If even ONE woman gets raped because of a creep in a dress being legally allowed to hang out in that bathroom, was it worth it? Was it worth it when it could have been avoided while real transgenders still could have used the bathroom they feel comfortable in in the first place, as proven by your own comment?

Liberals literally can not disagree with this because it’s entirely based on the liberal opinion itself.


The moderate case for Donald Trump.

So I stumbled across this picture on Facebook today, shared by a liberal person on my friends list, and it got me thinking some things. Now, I know many liberals consider Ronald Reagan to be basically the only good Republican president in modern history, and I just had a thought I’d like to share if you agree with that notion… Basically, I believe that many liberals hate Republicans and the conservative point of view over failures in the presidential administrations of multiple Republican presidents and presidential campaigns of major Republican candidates in modern times, they see Ford, Nixon, Bush 1, and Bush 2, McCain, and Romney as jokes, failures, incompetent morons, so forth and so on, but they tend to believe that Reagan was at the very least an acceptable president, if not a solid one, sort of how many conservatives view Bill Clinton.

This brings me around to the actual point of this, which is that if we agree with the above paragraph then we have to acknowledge the fact that the only president/presidential candidate that I mentioned before who actually stood for realistic and honest conservative views was Ronald Reagan. Many conservatives could find more things to hate than to praise about the administrations of Ford, Nixon, Bush 1 & 2, and even the campaigns of McCain, Romney, etc… Much like many liberals feel the same way about Barack Obama, more to hate than to praise. This would obviously explain why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have done so well in 2016…

SO, with all of that said, would you say that maybe, just maybe, a break from the religious neocon ESTABLISHMENT GOP that are ruled by corporations and don’t have even the tiniest interest in we, the people, could be a good thing? As in, maybe a moderate nationalist non-establishment Republican president would be the best current option we have after 16 years of blatantly corrupt establishment politicians and particularly 8 years of the obliteration of our economy, massive welfare spending, and massive tax hikes?

I get that liberals want to go with Bernie, I understand that they believe in Socialism and that they, for whatever reason, believe that bigger government will somehow be a good thing. However, if we were living in 2008 and we had just wrapped up 8 years of neocon bullshit, then I’d say it would be safe to give it a shot. But guess what? That already happened. We went through 8 years of neocon bullshit, and we gave this a shot. Whatever you want to call it, because I know that liberals get upset when I or anyone else call Obama a Socialist, whatever you want to call the massive tax hikes and the massive welfare tides, the horrible things it has done to US, the citizens of this country, can not be denied, and that is not up for debate. You don’t believe in trickle down? Well, can’t you see the way the implementation of the extreme welfare state has trickled into every aspect of our economy and way of life? Trickle down works, and it works both ways. If you have massive tax hikes and give out free money to the lowest of the low, then everyone is worse off because of it. That’s trickle down. If you have massive tax cuts and provide incentives to work hard for better pay, then everyone is better off because of it. That’s trickle down.

Only in today’s current culture can easily led people be manipulated into believing that when a man says he wants to keep your job safer, what he really means is that he hates Mexicans and all legal immigrants. Or that when that same man says he wants to keep YOU safer, what he really means is that he hates Muslims. Or that when he says the breaking of laws should be met with punishment for said crimes, what he really means is that he hates women.

What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for you, the citizen? Well, if you’re a straight white male American then it means that you’re going to be safer due to less illegal immigration as well as less importation of potential terrorist threats. It means your job will be more secure due to less illegal immigration, lower taxes, less infringement on businesses, both big and small. It means that you’ll have more job opportunities due to less infringement on businesses that will allow for more growth and higher revenues. You’ll earn higher wages through the proper free market rather than artificial wage increases through a minimum wage increase. You will get to keep more of your hard-earned money, you’ll get to have better quality healthcare, you’ll get to see the economy flourish through less taxes, and less welfare.

But what if you’re a… Poor, gay, black transsexual American? Well, I have some good news… Literally everything I just said also applies to you. You see, because Donald Trump doesn’t hate you for being poor, gay, black, or for suffering from body dysmorphic disorder… He wants to see you, the poor, gay, black transsexual American, live a better life. Because that’s the essence of the Donald Trump campaign, unfiltered, unwavering, moderate conservative nationalism.

But wait, he hates people from other countries, right? Well, no, he just wants to put you, the American citizen, above them solely in the priorities of the government that is supposed to serve you, that is supposed to ensure YOUR quality of life, not the quality of life of a disenfranchised citizen of Uzbekistan!

So, with all of this said I’ll wrap this all up with a bow; If you disliked Bush 1, 2 or 3, if you loath Obama, if you hate Hillary, if you had disdain for Romney… If you can even find it within yourself to admit that yes, Ronald Reagan was a great president… Then isn’t it time you admit to yourself that you should be voting for Donald Trump in 2016?

Bernie Sanders Propagates VIOLENCE AND TERROR

You know, I wonder if Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jon Oliver, Ezra Klein, The Young Turks and even our very own president realize that the rhetoric and hate speech that they use to slander Donald Trump as a racist cause violence and mayhem in our world? I wonder, seeing as these rich people don’t live the same existence that you and I do, do they even realize the mass violence that they bring to the world? I mean, where I live you wouldn’t be able to put a Trump sticker on your car without being in danger, and I’m sure it’s the same story in many places across the country.

As we all know by now, there was a Donald Trump rally that got over run by protesters, violent interactions, and mayhem. Then the next one got shut down because of threats of violence from violent protesters. We see people, human beings that wake up and go to sleep every day, that exist in our world, that breathe the same air as us… We see these people become completely and totally irrational, lashing out with violence against people that are actually trying to help them. Because at the end of the day, Trump is a nationalist, he’s looking out for you… But these people have been so coerced, so manipulated, so indoctrinated by these perpetrators of slander and misinformation, that they attack Trump and his supporters over these lies, these half truths, these out of context quotes designed to manipulate you and everyone else with this nonsensical idea that Trump is somehow a RACIST for wanting to KEEP AMERICANS OF ANY AND ALL COLORS SAFER, KEEP AMERICANS OF ANY AND ALL COLORS WEALTHIER, TO UPLIFT AMERICANS OF ANY AND ALL COLORS INTO A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE.

So these people, these normal, every day people… They go to these Trump rallies, they are, at the very least, extremely disrespectful to the human beings around them, extremely inconsiderate to the human beings around them, and at times even violent and aggressive with the people around them. We saw a police officer bleeding from his head, we saw a man attack another man because he was wearing a Trump shirt, we have been seeing these things more and more often, and this can only spell bad things for our future as a society. Yet, isn’t it funny how ONE single Trump supporter punches a disrespectful protester at a Trump rally because the guy whipped his dread-lock grease all over the crowd on purpose, and somehow it becomes “TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE EVIL VIOLENT RACISTS!”. That’s the headline, because a single guy got mad over being disrespected and having someone else’s greasy hair intentionally flung towards him. Go watch the video, the protester takes puts his hair down and intentionally flips his head back as hard as he can to douse the crowd in his putrid unwashed hair grease. He even looks back as someone asks “REALLY?” and nods his head. So, this action caused one man to lose his temper and lash out with violence, which of course I and many other Trump supporters would never condone regardless of how much the disrespectful cunt deserved it. Yet somehow, this is all lost in the story, this isn’t the story that is told. The story that is told to you and everyone else is “VIOLENT WHITE TRUMP SUPPORTERS ATTACK INNOCENT NON VIOLENT BLACK PROTESTER!”

But yet, isn’t it… Hilarious in a very not-so-funny kind of way that these #People4Bernie that violently protest, these #BlackLivesMatter that violently protest… These people aren’t racists! Even though they obviously are, but you know of course you can’t be racist against white people even though Bernie Sanders himself says that white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor, don’t know what it’s like to live in a ghetto, don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against for whatever reason… These people, they aren’t violent, because you don’t hear about them, so they don’t exist. Violence is perceived by the witnesses. But isn’t it funny that liberals are actually proud of this? They’re proud of the mayhem, proud of the attention. People that aren’t even involved are giving “props” as the kids say, to these protesters. Why? What did they do to deserve praise? They interrupted proceedings of other human beings for their own personal gain, and a gain that is being perceived by their own manipulated and entirely FALSE interpretations of what Trump is about in the first place, and what Trump’s supporters believe in in the first place…

So, how does 1 single case of violence against a disrespectful thug make all Trump supporters angry, violent racists, yet so many different cases of violent protests against Trump supporters, security, and police not make all Bernie supporters violent, aggressive animals?

Well, because it would be entirely too inconvenient for liberals to hold themselves to the same standards that they attempt to hold us to. It would be far too hard for liberals to consider themselves righteous if they actually took the time to look at themselves and the way they act. They shrug off everything that they do wrong, while condemning everything that we do wrong, even if their numbers of wrong doing vastly out weight ours, that doesn’t matter nearly as much as propagating hate against people who are trying to do the right thing.

But can we blame the protesters? Well, we can, to an extent, but where does the real blame lie? When you bring it back to the root, the blame lies on the shoulders of Bernie Sanders. He propagates rhetoric designed to manipulate you into believing things that are entire false. He tells you he’s going to help you, by raising your taxes. He tells you Trump is going to hurt you, by lowering your taxes. He tells you Trump is going to hurt American Mexicans, by keeping their jobs safe and promoting their well-being by stopping illegal immigration. He tells you that Trump is going to hurt Muslim Americans, by keeping terrorism away from the United States. He tells you that the reason terrorism exists is because of climate change, so those evil Republicans are the reason people died. He tells you the other reason terrorism exists is because of the second amendment, so those evil Republicans are the reason people died. He tells you that the rich are keeping you down, so those evil Republicans who believe in a proven system of trickle down are the reason you’re poor. Literally his entire point of view is designed to slander the right, his entire purpose of being is to coerce you into hating things that are actually trying to help you. He is the worst human being I have ever seen, he has the personality of a 2 by 4, he has the looks of an old dead anemic bulldog, he has the political opinion of someone who is less interested in helping you and more interested in propagating hate for the opposition. THAT, is why I have made so many videos against him. THAT, is why I would take Hillary over Bernie any day of the week. THAT, is why I believe that all Bernie Sanders supporters are either awful, horrible human beings or intentionally ignorant to obvious truths, and thus STILL horrible, awful human beings. I will never understand the idea of being a liberal. Would I like to be a liberal? I would, I’d love to not be insulted on a regular basis, I’d love to not be stereotyped as a racist hillbilly sister fucker on a regular basis, I’d love to not be generalized as a religious zealot gun nut on a regular basis. I’d love to be able to just be another drone in the line of morons who take their blue pill and never ask questions, constantly slander and point the finger to anyone who disagrees with them, and have the hive mind backing them up at all times. I’d love it, that would sure be great. But I’m far too intelligent for that, and you should be too. If you aren’t moderate or to the right, you are not intelligent. That’s just a fact of the world we live in today, and there is no debating against it.

BUT HEY, Bernie Sanders says white people can’t be poor, and that they don’t know what it’s like to be poor or to live in a ghetto, yet plenty do. That’s a generalization, a gross, disgusting racist generalization. But liberals are okay with it, right? Because he’s your guy. When Bernie does it, it’s because he misspoke, when Trump does it, it’s because he’s an evil awful racist Hitler-like second coming of Satan.

How is Trump racist? The ever un-answerable question. The answer is always “HE SAID THIS -insert out of context misworded quote here'” or “HE SAID THIS!!! -insert entirely fabricated quote here-.”

I suppose the worst part about all of this is that the debate can’t really be had, because every anti-Trump liberal in this country (and abroad) believes Trump is a racist because of foundless, baseless rhetoric perpetuated by the likes of Bernie Sanders and The Young Turks and plenty of other disingenuous coercers. These liberal people who get their news off of Twitter feeds and all they see is either falsified quotes or completely out of context quotes that are half-truths at their very best and are presented in a fashion designed to manipulate the reader/viewer into believing something that is entirely false.

The entire liberal propaganda machine is extremely disingenuous. Happy to say that when Bernie is an anti-white racist it’s because he misspoke, but also happy to take quotes out of context that had a very good and well meaning message behind them and turn them into “racism” to keep hatred afloat, because at the end of the day hatred is how liberals get to do well. If they can convince you to hate then they can continue to stay in power. The entire liberal agenda is powered by hate, yet they’ll say that it’s the conservative agenda that is powered by hate. In reality, and obvious to literally anyone paying attention, the conservative agenda has been in DEFENSE for years because of the liberal propaganda hatred machine that has been pounding at the doors of freedom and liberty for a decade now.


You can’t replace flawed with broken and hope that it works. I’m open to good ideas, but I’m not open to manipulative lies of “free” that in reality sap you of far more money than you would have paid in a privatized system because of insane taxing and regulations. People don’t understand that Socialism is the liberation of the lower class at the expense of oppressing the middle and upper class, reducing everyone to a lower-middle class and never allowing anyone to achieve anything in life.
I’m 24, I’d rather be poor today and work hard to succeed and have a healthy sustainable middle/upper class life in 10 years than be on government hand outs today and 10 years from now just the same. If we are all perpetually treading water and never going anywhere, will anyone have motivation? Will anyone do anything well? Haven’t we seen how bad Socialism is when we go to the D.M.V or D.S.S and have to deal with the lazy apathetic sloths who work there on the government dime and know that they won’t get fired or reprimanded regardless of how poorly they do their job?
Do we want our electricians to behave the same way and wire escalators and elevators poorly like in Socialist China where people die from shitty elevators and escalators on a regular basis? Do we want our system that works good enough to fall to the side for something that is entirely proven to not work at all?
I am for tweaks, balances, fixing the problems, not entire overhauls of a system that made America the greatest place to live for a working class family for the past 60 years (A statement that is not debatable.)
I think these Sanders supporters who think that Socialism will be good just need to understand that at the end of the day you want to oppress the MANY to lift the FEW, and that is strictly immoral. Especially considering we live in a system that DOES reward hard work and talent, not ALL but a LOT of the FEW are not part of the MANY because they simply either don’t want to or don’t know how to make that happen.
“I believe in a safety net, I believe in welfare, but I don’t believe it should be a way of life.” – Marco Rubio, how can anyone actually disagree with that statement? How is it actually possible to disagree with that? I don’t even like Marco Rubio that much, considering he’s an establishment guy, but seriously, how can you disagree with that?
“We should judge welfare on how many people can use it to get to a point where they don’t need it, not by how many people stay on it.” – Ronald Reagan.
This is the most common misconception in American politics, this ridiculous notion that the right just wants to see everyone suffer and never wants to help anyone, that’s ENTIRELY FALSE. The right wants to provide help, provide safety nets, and provide a way for us to lift ourselves out of the hole. But they WON’T stand for laziness, they WON’T stand for people who just sit on the government check and live off of it for years, so they WON’T allow that to happen. And that is somehow mistaken for evil, corrupt, greedy. Makes absolutely no sense.
If you guys are for Sanders, you should actually LIKE Trump, he’s MODERATE at MOST! He wants to REDUCE taxes on the middle class, RAISE taxes on the super wealthy, he is ANTI-WAR, he wants to solve ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, you know what that means? That means that he actually wants to help the Mexican people who came here legally. Crazy, isn’t it? BUT WAIT, I THOUGHT HE WAS A RACIST! How is he a racist, for wanting to keep Muslim Americans safe from terrorism? Oh, right, he’s not a racist, he’s a nationalist.
And is nationalism bad? Not at all, it’s the simple idea of putting your country before other countries to benefit the people of your country before the people of other countries. It is NOT America’s job to take in the needy, it is NOT America’s job to save the world. But wait, aren’t liberals against the idea of America being the “World police”? So then how do they believe that it is a good thing for us to take in the world’s sick, needy, and poor?
Oh yeah, because literally everything a liberal believes is simply designed to oppose whatever a conservative believes, it doesn’t have to make sense. You can say that we need to protect women, and you can say that we need to protect Muslims, but when the Muslim raping epidemic is going on in Europe because of the mass immigration of refugees from Syria, where are the liberals? Oh yeah, it doesn’t matter that much because we can’t judge Muslims for that, right? We have to be accepting of that culture, so those women that you want to protect all of the sudden don’t matter so much anymore when they are being oppressed by Muslim men rather than white men. Because equal pay is a more important issue than a Muslim raping epidemic. Almost every point of interest is directly oppositical to the next. “Don’t objectify me sexually, but DON’T YOU DARE SLUT SHAME ME! I’m pro-middle class, and I’m also pro-taxing them more! I’m for gun free zones, because I want to make sure that those people who want to slaughter innocent human beings don’t walk into a school or movie theater with a gun, these people will follow this law, I just know it! Nobody should have to work for 40 hours a week and still live in poverty! BUT I DO think that those people should pay more in taxes… IT’S MY BODY, MY CHOICE, EVEN THOUGH IT’S DEFINITELY MY CHILD’S BODY AND SHOULDN’T BE MY CHOICE! Drugs should be legal because of reasons and even though it did terrible things to Colorado’s economy it should still be legal because of reasons! CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, DESPITE SCIENTIFIC FACTUAL NUMBERS THAT PROVE THE GLOBE HASN’T WARMED IN 18 YEARS! TERRORISM IS BECAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE! TERRORISM IS BECAUSE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT! Don’t YOU DARE generalize Muslims as terrorists or black people as criminals BUT FUCK YOU FOR BEING AN INBRED REDNECK HILLBILLY JESUS FREAK GUN NUT REPUBLITARD!!!!!! Wait… Was it the woman’s fault for being raped by the Muslim or the Muslims fault for raping her….”
Call it a strawman if you want to, but that would be disingenuous when you consider the fact that liberals generally DO believe in all of those diametrically opposing beliefs at the same time.
So, at the end of all of this, how do you expect to be taken seriously as a human being when your entire political opinion is disingenuous?

If You Don’t Vote For Trump, You’re a Socialist.

So I want to talk about a few different things today. Now, I’m sure I could split this up into multiple videos but it’s all generally about Donald Trump so I’ll just put it all together. I hope you enjoy this video, and if you’ve been my subscriber for a bit then you may hear me repeat some things from previous videos, however with the way YouTube works you basically have to repeat yourself a lot because most people only see the one video and attempt to form counterpoints to what I say in a single video when I’ve already made other videos that covered whatever counterpoint they were trying to make. It’s quite frustrating, but it happens, so just for future reference you may hear me repeat myself more often going forward to present single videos as more well-rounded arguments than making multiple ones that talk about the same issues.

SO, first I want to discuss this new trend going around where every liberal and even some  conservative pundits and talking heads have made their videos about Donald Trump, and without fail every single one of them starts with “Now, Donald Trump is fun to watch, he’s so entertaining, I get it.” I mean, John Oliver did it, Seth Meyers did it, Stephen “Where Did My Ratings Go” Colbert did it, Ezra “The Cuckmeister” Klein did it, and hell, even Ben Shapiro did it! And then, as soon as they’re done telling you how funny Donald Trump is they go on a 20 minute slander-fest where they intentionally leave out half of reality in an attempt to get you to believe something that is patently false. It is the easiest and most overplayed form of indoctrination in this world, propaganda designed to manipulate you with the use of so many half truths and out of context quotes. If they presented this case to a jury and the defense presented the actual, non-holey (that’s holey with an e, as in, not filled with holes) version of the facts it would be shot down that very day. Unfortunately, making videos to attack people, like some Posh Spice British cuckold did to me the other day (link in the description) is an entirely invalid form of communication where only half of the story is told at any one time. We saw this with The Young Turks attacking Adam Carolla, Stefan Molyneux attacking The Young Turks, The Young Turks attacking Stefan Molyneux, so forth and so on. Sure, it’ll get you more views, but is it worth the pathetic public display of attention whoring? No, Not. Really. BUT HEY, maybe that’s just like my opinion man.

SO, where does this lead us? This leads us to the accusations themselves, now obviously I’m not going to play one of their videos and retort everything they say seeing as I just denounced that kind of silly behavior, but I will bring up some of the arguments that they use, seeing as it’s all generally the same level of nonsense. And keep in mind, I’m not a big Trump supporter, I honestly don’t really like any of the candidates, but I will vote for Trump over the tyrannical Socialism being offered by the left. Mainly, I just have an extreme disdain for bad arguments, I hate bad arguments almost as much as I hate semantics…. Which, is funny, considering most bad arguments consist of semantics. Hmm… Anyways;

– He’s a liar! He says he’s religious but doesn’t ask God for forgiveness for his sins! – Oh, well in that case the majority of Christians aren’t religious either because, let’s be honest here, Christianity has become a voyeuristic religion. People watch it from afar, believe in God, every once in a blue moon they’ll go to church, and they will commit sin after sin and never give half a shit. Obviously I’m generalizing here and surely I’ll get a few dislikes for saying that but to deny that reality is to… Well, deny reality. Not a good look.

– He said he wants to have sex with his daughter! I want to have sex with his daughter too, so I guess I can’t run for president… Just kidding, that was a bad argument. The point itself is just reaching extremely far, obviously he’s saying that he has an attractive, smart, well raised daughter and he’s saying that she’d be a great girl for any guy, including himself if he weren’t him.

– He’s hateful!

Now here’s where we get into something of substance, so I really want to dig into this one…

I dare you to state literally one thing that Trump has done that was hateful.

Here, I’ll list the things that make him NOT a hateful piece of shit. Some of the things that make many conservatives DISLIKE Trump for being TOO lenient.

1) (Source: Recent CNN Debate 2/25/16): “I will not let people die on the streets if I’m president. My plan is very simple, we’re going to have private healthcare. But I will not allow people to die on the sidewalks and the streets of our country while I’m president. You may let it, and you may be fine with it, but I’m not fine with it. We’re going to take those people, and those people are going to be serviced by doctors and hospitals, and we’re going to make great deals on it, but we’re not going to let those people die on the streets.”

2) (Source: Dana Bash Interview): “I would get people out and then have an expedited way of getting them back into the country so they can be legal…. A lot of these people are helping us … and sometimes it’s jobs a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do. I want to move ’em out, and we’re going to move ’em back in and let them be legal.”

3) (Source: CNN Debate Sept 2015) “The thing about the flat tax that I don’t like is if you make 200 million dollars a year you pay 10% you’re paying very little relatively to someone who’s making 50 thousand dollars a year and has to hire H&R block  to do it because it’s so complicated. It’s a major reduction in taxes, it’s a major reduction for the middle class. The hedge fund guys won’t like me as much as they like me right now, I know them all. But they’ll pay more. I know people who are making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no taxes and  I think it’s unfair.”

4) (Source: Feb 25 TX Debate:): “I don’t think we should pick good guys and bad guys, let’s just try to bring peace to Israel and their neighbors.” – In regards to Palestine/Israel conflict.

Now, I think we can agree that all of those are very moderate, middle of the road stances on a wide array of extremely important political issues, surely we can agree on that, right?

Now, next argument they make is that he’s a RACIST!

I’d like to state that every instance of Trump’s “racism” is entirely assumed upon by the people who ingest mainstream media and twitter trends for their information gathering. The truth is that his comments like;

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs.They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people! But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico.”

This was in reference, within context, to his theory, a theory which is backed by the vast majority of border guards and those who are tasked with catching and deporting illegal immigrants, that the Mexican government sees our open borders and ships their worst, hardened criminals over the border so that they don’t have to be tasked with the financial burden of housing them, feeding them, etc.

Then you have this recent quote about Muslims that everyone is up in arms over;

“Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. If I win the election for President, we are going to Make America Great Again.”

What this means, is that we shouldn’t allow Muslims into our country for the time being until we have a better vetting system of which we can sift through the threats.

Now, I fully understand that you have every right to disagree with that, and I fully respect your opinion to disagree with those ideas, but they are not in any way racist, and calling him one is slander and defamation, to be completely honest.

And finally, the worst of them all.

#Make Donald Drumpf Again.

Now, the fact that I even have to acknowledge this absolutely absurd attempt at a valid point is ridiculous, BUT the video went viral which says so much about human beings and how easily entertained they are. That, in the end, is the key to success for the liberal indoctrination. I mean, when you take easily entertained drones and entertain them with poor comedic bits that revolve around making fun of conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians etc, then you coerce these easily entertained, dull human beings with your message.

So basically what John Oliver wants you to believe is that because Donald Trump’s family was named Drumpf way back in the 1600’s, it somehow means that he himself is an immigrant, and that he hates immigrants so he hates himself, and his family… I really wish I could riff longer on this particular topic but I can’t because it is so void of substance that I can really only write two paragraphs on it. Trump’s family immigrated here… Legally. That’s where it stops, it’s as simple as that, which is such a bummer for the liberals who want to use it against him. They love to blur the massive lines in between legal and illegal immigration, as if it’s somehow the same thing. Just another extremely disingenuous trick by the left.

So, what is our conclusion? Well, simply put, it is all extremely disingenuous. Why not attack him for not having military or political experience? Why not attack him for not having the tact it might require to be president? Why not attack him for ACTUAL SUBSTANTIVE ISSUES?!

Well, the reason they don’t is because that’s not how indoctrination works. The easily entertained don’t comprehend substantive issues, the majority of the human race happens to be easily entertained dolts who are so intellectually inferior that it actually offends me.

I need a safe space from moronic cave men and spineless vagina lips.

Now finally I want to get to the last portion of the commentary; Anti-Trump Conservatives. Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder and a few others who use their platforms of mass media to get people away from liking Donald Trump. Now, generally I’m okay with this, I’m okay with Ben Shapiro saying that Trump is awful, however exaggerated, hyperbolic and manipulative that it may be, because he also advocates that anything is better than Clinton and that he and his fans SHOULD vote for Trump if Trump becomes the candidate. Which, he will. Either way, what ISN’T okay is Glenn Beck’s approach, where he actually goes so far as to inform his audience that he himself will be sitting out should Trump be the nominee, and that you should too. At the end of the day, refusing to vote for Trump makes you a Socialist by default. If you aren’t a Trump fan, that’s fine, vote for him anyway because literally anything is better than a massive, tyrannical, oppressive Socialist government that owns you and everything you thought was yours. Obviously I have other videos talking about Socialism and how atrocious it is, and this video is specifically about Trump so please go watch my videos on Socialism if you’re interested in that, but just know that sitting out this election will negatively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, and surely you don’t want that blame to fall on you…

Slut Shaming

How is slut-shaming a thing? What I mean is, how did it become a bad thing to look down on women being slutty? In what fucking world is it okay for a woman to conduct herself as trash and not be thought of as trash? Why do we live in a world where we have to make excuses for awful behavior? A slut is a slut, she is used, she is worthless. A girl who allows herself to be fucked by anyone who she isn’t in a relationship with is a girl who is not worthy of a relationship and it’s completely by her own doing. We can use a billion excuses in the book “abusive father”, “just having fun”, “just a phase”, but no matter what you want to blame it on, she’s a used up slut, someone else’s trash, someone else’s cum depository. A girl with no morals is a worthless girl, so why the fuck do we live in a society where the social norm is for girls to sleep around and not be judged for it? It’s not just sex. It’s allowing yourself to be completely naked with another person, it’s her accepting your body inside of her body, it’s accepting the consequences of sex, it’s life, it’s love, it’s passion. Sex should never have become something that people do with random strangers for fun, it should be something important, something that is meaningful, but yet you fucking savages will fuck around like rabbits, going through life without any meaningful relationships because you already stuck your dick in every slut in town so no remotely decent girl will have you, and then you’re stuck fucking gross sluts for the rest of your lives. Fucking so retarded that this is the society we live in, it’s honestly mind blowing that humanity has come to this. You fucking people have lost all sense of civility, all sense of righteousness, all sense of moral compass and any shred of dignity in your culture was destroyed long ago. And the worst part is you actually believe this behavior to be manly, alpha, or cool. You also believe being in a decent relationship is “le fedora beta” shit. It’s retarded. Sorry, but a dude who can manage to stay loyal in long term relationships that means something is a thousand times more “alpha” than some random faggot who fucks(uses) drunk sluts at parties and thinks himself a womanizer. You’re literally everything that is wrong with the world, Fucking insane that people like you exist, fucking insane that humanity has somehow devolved so far into having people like you. It’s a really big fucking deal. It’s just about the biggest fucking deal there is, it is literally THE most intimate thing you can do with another human being. It is the most important thing you can do with someone you love. It’s the pinnacle, it’s the top of the mountain. When you fuck random sluts you cut that mountain down and destroy it, you make it worthless. This is why you don’t consider sex to be important, because to you it isn’t important, because you destroyed the sanctity of it, the importance of it, you ruined one of the most beautiful things in the world for yourself, how does that feel? Knowing you’ll never be able to enjoy one of the FEW fucking wonderful things this life has to offer. You blew it, what was the point? What did you gain through fucking a slut that you couldn’t have gained through jerking off? A notch on the belt? Like anyone gives a fuck? Look at you, you’re fucking worthless. Nobody cares about you, nobody loves you, and it’s pathetic. You did it to yourself though, so certainly not feeling bad for you. You worthless savage mongrel. I fucking wish I were trolling. If I were trolling, if I didn’t believe what I was saying, then I’d just be another simpleton like you fucking ignorant fools. I wish I could be just another simpleton, just another thoughtless mind in a crowd of faceless people, just like you. Being simple has it’s perks, you aren’t smart enough to give a fuck about the horrifying things that are happening to society and culture. So enjoy your fucking dim, vapid, worthless existence. Sex without any sort of attachment or connection to the person you’re having sex with is basically just masturbating with a vagina, using a human that is worthless, continuing the problem, advancing the issue, dare I say empowering the worthless slut to be even more of a worthless slut. Then she’ll complain about how she can never find a guy who sticks around or doesn’t cheat, WELL NO FUCKING SHIT YOU PUT OUT IN A DAY, you let him fuck you before you even knew his last name you worthless pig, of course no one would respect you or want to stick around after that, you got used, but you’ll continue doing it because, well, worthless sluts are worthless sluts.

The Threat Of Uninformed, Uneducated Politics

So a while back, before I was into politics at all, in the late 2000’s there was an uprising within the political sphere of “The Tea Party”. Obviously, at the time I didn’t care to know about any of it, but the narrative that you heard across mainstream culture, and society in general, was that this “Tea Party” was a bunch of racist, redneck hillbillies who wanted to destroy our country. That was the narrative, the popular narrative I may add, and that was what I heard on a regular basis whenever that topic was brought up. Of course, at the time I had no reason to question it, I’ve always believed in the philosophy of “take half of what you hear and believe half of that”, so I didn’t really buy into it, but I certainly wasn’t interested enough at the time to do any research on the topic.

Back then, as a person in my mid to late teens, the only political idea that I knew was that Obama was elected because he was black, that MTV, Comedy Central, Vh1, E!, etc, basically every channel that had anything to do with pop culture or main stream culture in any way whatsoever, was shilling this idea of “Just get out and vote!”. They’d always say “We don’t care WHO you vote for, just make sure you GET OUT AND VOTE!”. To me, at 17 or so, it was a blatantly obvious ploy to get young, ignorant, and uneducated people to go vote. And who does the young, ignorant, and uneducated person vote for? The person who promises them the most free shit, because that’s what people want, right? The old adage of “If it’s free, it’s for me!”. Which is great, free is great, everyone wants free. The problem comes in when people who spend no time beyond the idea of “free” go and cast an uninformed, uneducated vote for someone based off of that promise of “free everything”. On top of that, Barack Obama is black, so even though he was completely unqualified, he ended up with the sympathy vote, the reparation vote, the white guilt vote, the black pride vote, and, of course, the racist vote.

Now, how does this all relate to today? Well, because that problem has basically mass-multiplied with Bernie Sanders. A few months ago I was on Facebook and I saw a girl who I went to high school with, who was raised by conservative parents and was at the very least “right-leaning”, judging from other posts I had seen by her, post the video of Bernie Sanders offering free college, she posted that with the words; “This seems promising! I think I found my candidate!” Of course, I immediately went on a mission to inform this young lady of what exactly “free college” means in the long run, and how that degree that she wants for free would be completely and totally worthless by the end of all of this, and that we would have completely destroyed our educational system in America for something that become worthless immediately upon doing so. Her sister then jumped in and basically said that none of that really matters, because of course, obviously, yes, and reasons.

This is genuinely an epidemic, I know that the chances of Bernie being the nominee are very slim, which ironically is also strictly due to extremely uneducated and uninformed voters who still support Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she’s a CRIMINAL, but I digress. If Bernie WERE to be the nominee, he’d have the vote of so many ignorant people. People who I ABSOLUTELY KNOW would NEVER, EVER vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton if they really knew the full story, are going to be voting for them, because they SIMPLY don’t pay attention to politics beyond the main stream, pop culture narrative spread on Twitter, Facebook, MTV, CNN, and MSNBC (As well as ANY NBC channel for that matter.). All they know is that Trump must be a racist, despite the fact that he isn’t, that Bernie is a good guy looking out for the people, despite the fact that he isn’t, that Hillary is a solid choice, despite the fact that she very much isn’t. Because this is the narrative that the liberal overlords have decided to propagate.

You know, today I was on Facebook and I saw this super indoctrinated Bernie cuck post this meme, which if you can’t read says that the version of History that you were taught in school was heavily revised to favor your own nation’s agenda while hiding it’s crimes. Basically the whole, “America is shit because reasons” argument, on the side of the “American Exceptionalism is wrong” argument… So to this, I responded with;

“What if I told you…

That the extremely vast majority of lessons learned in the history classes I was in were dedicated to indoctrinating the children with the idea that America was a terrible place? It was literally “This is America, where we came in, slaughtered the Indians for no reason, built our country off of the blood of the Indians and the tears of the blacks, we’re the only people to ever enslave human beings, it’s all our fault, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are the saviors of our country, praise them, praise blacks, praise civil rights.”

What if I told you that meme is a complete fucking joke designed to perpetuate an agenda that is a completely false narrative, simply spread to propagate anarchism and pointless hate? I could sure tell you who Rosa Parks was and what she did, but I couldn’t tell you who JFK was, who RFK was, who FDR was, which countries were good or bad in World War II, etc. That shit wasn’t nearly as important as some stubborn black lady, at least not to my extremely liberal history teachers.

And what would you rather be taught? That Communist Russia “wasn’t so bad” after World War II, even though they put completely innocent Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian families into concentration camps that they inherited from Nazi Germany, and gave those family’s belongings to high ranking Russian officials? Which is only the tip of the iceberg, I fully understand that the modern liberal is really just a Communist sympathizer who trusts government over civilians, but I digress. Should they teach that our involvement in Vietnam was for money rather than to stop the spreading of Communism throughout Asia? That we overthrew oppressive regimes and Fascist Communist dictatorships to liberate people around the world, and that a few of them didn’t turn out so well even though plenty of them DID?

This meme is on the wrong side of the facts, anyone with a proper history book knows this, and we can talk about the Gulf of Tonkin all day long but cherry picked, anecdotal and marginalized evidence will never be able to shake cold, hard facts.”

AND OF COURSE, he never responded. Because how can you? I’ve been researching what former liberals say about being a liberal, you know, these people that used to be liberals and eventually grew up and realized that they were completely retarded, and what seems to be the case, more often then not, and actually pretty obvious to anyone with common sense or logic, is that liberals aren’t actually arguing facts vs facts, they aren’t actually interested in the facts of a situation, but much more so about being “right”, which obviously a contradictory idea considering you can’t be “right” without the facts being on your side HOWEVER, you can be “right” in a debate should you perform mental mind games with the person who you are debating. So, what does this mean? It means that liberals will not use your facts and logic to change their opinions, but that they’ll actually completely DISREGARD your facts and logic when faced with them, and will still stick to their guns, or lack there-of I suppose, no matter what, because in the end it’s not about being FACTUALLY correct, but simply being able to articulate your illogical, irrational points better than the person you are debating. Which of course, is why they can never debate people like myself who, pardon my ego, are always far more articulate and possess a much greater capacity of intellect.