Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not the best candidate that the Republican party has to offer. Would I vote for him over Sanders or Clinton? Every day of the week. Would I take just about any Republican candidate over Donald Trump? About half of them. I don’t think he has the credentials to be president. His most loyal supporters just repeat the same logic over and over again “If he doesn’t know about a certain thing, he’ll just hire someone for that spot!”. That’s not how a presidency works. Donald Trump is not the man you want in charge of the country. Sure, he’d be great for the economy, he’d be great for the middle class, and as the middle class that sounds amazing to me, but do I want him in talks with Putin? No, not really. Do I want him in charge of our military? No, not really. Do I want him making enemies around the world with some of the far right rhetoric he spouts? No, not really. We need a man who respects all of man, we need a man who is respectable, we need a man who has tact, is courteous, and civil. We need a man willing to find common ground with the opposition, we need a man who will have civil relations with our “enemies” for as long as we possibly can.

Who is that man? Well, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and John Kasich certainly seem up to the challenge in MY opinion. In the end, any Republican candidate is the lesser of two evils against the Socialist far left extremists running in the Democratic party, where the winner will simply be the person who promises to give away more free shit to more unworthy people… I just hope we get the right person, a person who is capable of the full spectrum of skills needed to be the President of the country, or at least as close to that as possible as we are all human beings with flaws and faults.

You know, Glenn Beck has been on a mission to dethrone Trump since Trump announced his candidacy. Beck basically believes that Trump is an idiot who did nothing to earn his worth has no idea what he’s doing and would be worse for the country than a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. I can’t stand what Glenn Beck has done, his team at The Blaze posts regular defamation and slander against Trump on their blog and he constantly spouts anti-Trump rhetoric on his radio show. I find it… Disturbing. Extremely hypocritical, considering Beck constantly disavows those same exact tactics from the left, and although I’m not necessarily a big Donald Trump supporter, it’s extremely obvious to me that he would be infinitely better for the country than any of the Democratic candidates would be. I believe that if Trump is not meant to be the choice then he won’t be. I also don’t agree with the people who have entirely denounced any and all Republican politicians because some Republican politicians are corrupt, bought and paid for, liberals with R’s next to their names, what have you… I believe we should look at each and every candidate at their own merit rather than judging Ted Cruz as a liberal simply because Paul Ryan and John Boehner are complete jokes.

I’m not one to denounce candidates that I deem are “good enough”. I’m not going to make videos talking about how Ben Carson is a whacko, or about how Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are liberal RINOs, simply because I like other candidates a lot more. Because in my opinion, whether you personally deem them “good enough” or “the lesser of two evils”, they are entirely better than a Clinton or Sanders presidency for the middle class of this country, which I know I’ve said a hundred times on this channel already but we the people need to put as much focus as possible on the middle class, the backbone of the country’s economy. I like Ted Cruz, I like Marco Rubio, I like John Kasich, I like Rand Paul, I — I like Donald Trump, hell, I even like Jim Webb and wish he hadn’t dropped out, you know, I would have happily put in a vote for him on the Democrat side.


The World

Why do the leading Democrats seem like characatures? Why do they respond to criticism the same way any random liberal does? You know, Obama – “Well, these Republicans aren’t christian because they don’t want refugees. It’s not American!” Even though these refugees have been proven to possibly contain terrorists. Hillary – “Don’t vote for me because I’m a Clinton, which could maybe be used to form some idea of what my policies might be like, just vote for me because I’m a woman! Because isn’t it about time that we vote for someone based off of literally nothing!?” Sorry, I’m pretty sure we tried that with the current president and it didn’t work out so well, I don’t think voting on someone based off of race, gender, or religion could ever be a good idea. Bernie – “Well, people only like Trump because they’re racists!” as if wanting to end illegal immigration has absolutely anything to do with racism.

What is with the terminology of the left using -phobic at the end of everything conservatives dislike? “Xenophobia”, as if I’m “afraid” of illegal immigrants. The idea behind it is so backhanded and manipulative, it’s an obvious attempt at dismantling a perfectly valid argument because you labeled it something, something that it isn’t, but yet to the liberal zombies out there they actually think it works! Okay, so I’m against illegal immigration because we have too many people already living here that need help, too many people for too few jobs, too many homeless veterans, too much welfare already. We don’t need the worst of the worst from these third world countries coming here and leeching even more from the system, even more from you and I. Does that make me afraid of immigrants? Obviously not, I want immigrants, I just want good immigrants, the best and brightest from around the world, I want them to have incentives to come here to advance this country to advance this society rather than drag it down. I’m not afraid of Islam, yet apparently not wanting refugees harboring terrorists to come here makes me “afraid” of Islam. It’s all designed to redirect the argument, it’s not that we make valid criticisms, it’s just that we’re afraid… Because we just… We just don’t understand… These people deserve American tax dollars more than you and I, obviously, and we should try to educate ourselves so we aren’t so afraid anymore… Right?

Why is it that most of the left is outraged over the Paris attacks, yet completely disregard the Benghazi attacks? Listen, I understand that it’s only 4 people compared to what, 138? But both are deliberate terrorist attacks on a non-war-torn area that took innocent lives. Liberals mean well, they really do, I really believe that they do. In their minds, they’re doing the right thing, they’re being humanitarians, they’re being philosophical philanthropists and saving the world… But, when they take it to an extreme in wanting to DEGRADE the lives of the many to help the lives of the few, that’s when it goes bad, that’s when it becomes corrupt, that’s when they start becoming detrimental to the world at large. Everything is a conspiracy theory so long as it is in line with the mentality of people like us. If we believe in military and peace through strength, then we support war mongers who use war to profit off the deaths of innocent people, if we disagree with letting possible terrorists into the country under the guise of “refugees”, then we are racists or ”islamophobes”. Yet they wouldn’t consider themselves guilty of appeasing and harboring terrorism.

Everything is so polarized, everyone thinks everything that they are not is out to get them, they’ve all been fed so much propaganda and indoctrination, everything has been so demonized and everyone so defamed. This is the country, this is the world. You’re either someone who puts illegals and terrorists over your neighbors and peers, or you’re a cold hearted ruthless evil boot licking sociopath. God forbid people see things from the middle ground, because if you try to you’ll be slandered by BOTH sides who will mercilessly label you the opposition to their cause, if you’re talking to a liberal then you’re a far right nazi, if you’re talking to a conservative then you’re a far left communist. It has just gotten so far away from any form of productivity, the entire bipartisan system has devolved into insanity and infantile pointing of the metaphorical finger at one another for all the world’s problems.

Paris ISIS Attacks, Islamic Extremism IS TO BLAME.

I have an extremely hard time trying to wrap my mind around the idea that we shouldn’t be quick to blame Islamic terrorists for acts of mass terrorism. Even if it turns out to be something else, which is almost never the case, what difference did it make to assume that the thing that ripped your arm off while you swam in the ocean was a shark? Rob Lowe posts about how they waited till AFTER the attacks happened to close their borders when we all knew it was coming in the first place, and twitter lost its mind. “YOU DONT KNOW WHO DID THIS YET HOW DARE YOU?!?!??!” I’m sorry I just can’t for the life of me figure out how that is a remotely reasonable response to someone stating such obvious truths.

I think honesty is something that the world needs to try a lot more of, instead of spouting your fake anger about trigger words and being butt hurt because someone hurt your feelings how about we all just start embracing honesty and truth more? I’m sorry, but yes, lazy dirty slobs are lesser than I. I’m sorry, but yes, every guy wants to have threesome’s, particularly with your hot best friend, and no yours isn’t special in that regard. I’m sorry, when almost every terror attack in modern times has been perpetrated by Muslims, MAYBE IT SHOULD BE OKAY TO BLAME MUSLIMS. Slut shaming is one of the best things ever, fat shaming too. Islamophobia saves lives. We should all JUDGE more and CODDLE less, to enhance the human race as a whole, to keep all human beings on their best day. You can change your flaws, mind over matter is real. Be better than your vices, be stronger than your faults.

On CNN Bob Baer suggested that a similar attack would be very easy in the United States because of such easy access to firearms. I mean, genuinely think about the logic behind that statement… It is illegal for a civilian to own guns in Paris. But yet, they had them… Isn’t that strange? Syrian refugees, as reports are now saying, had guns and explosives, and slaughtered, as of the time I’m writing this, at least 118 innocent civilians. You know, when you think about the fact that the vast majority of 15 year old high school kids here in America are smoking ILLEGAL DRUGS on a daily basis, what makes you think that banning or restricting a law abiding citizens right to own a gun would actually prevent gun violence? The truth is, it wouldn’t, the people who wanted to break the law by MASSACRING INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS certainly wouldn’t worry about breaking the law to own an illegal, unregistered firearm. It’s that simple. Also, the debate would probably move towards “IF THERE WERE CIVILIANS WITH GUNS IT WOULD BE SO MUCH WORSE!” as if adding even a slight chance of retaliation could somehow hurt the situation.

Ann Coulter said that Donald Trump was elected president thanks to the attacks in Paris and his staunch opposition to accepting Syrian refugees as well as open borders. I genuinely don’t understand how people could be against that, how could you be against keeping terrorists out of the United States? Why is it our job to accept the world’s worst rather than the world’s best? Why should we coddle people? Why should we degrade the quality of lives for hundreds of MILLIONS of American citizens so that people who should be another country’s problems can come here even though so many of them hate America? Why is it important to help them AT THE EXPENSE OF YOU AND I AND EVERYONE WE KNOW?! This goes to illegal immigrants and refugees alike.

One thing that is worth noting about Islam, is that if you do some research you’ll see that Muslims around the world, even the “good guys”, regardless of affiliation, will almost always say, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Well, it sucks that it happened but I see why it happened.” Meanwhile, black gangs and thug culture are denounced by all competent and normal black people, meanwhile the cartel is denounced by all competent and normal Spanish people, meanwhile the acts of Hitler’s Germany are denounced by all competent and normal German people, meanwhile the acts of Stalin’s Soviet Union are denounced by all competent and normal Russian people. Isn’t it strange? Isn’t it strange that Muslims are almost always so ready to understand why Islamic extremists do what they do?

Why must we live in a world where we are sympathizing with terrorists before their innocent victims? Why must we live in a world where we are readily demonizing honesty and truth? Why must we live in a world where we are ostracized from popular culture and turned into social pariahs dare we say something that is brutally honest? Brutal honesty is the best thing in this world, never stop being honest, never bow down to their attempts at pacifying and sterilizing the world and it’s inhabitants.

Mizzou College Protests, Degradation of Human Civilization at Large.

I realized today that when I hear about the school protests in Missouri, I actually mentally shut myself off from really contemplating the situation because it is so incredibly insane that if I were to actually indulge myself in the full knowledge of what is happening there then I might lose my mind.

The idea that human beings, who are supposed to be equal to me and you, are spending their time rioting, protesting, segregating, and attacking people is simply too much for me. In my mind, when I hear about these people that make black only “safe spaces”, that violently attack people who disagree with them, that chant for the destruction of someone’s life over something that hasn’t even been verified in the first place… I don’t even see the difference between those people and ISIS, those people and gangs, those people and oppressive or violent forces around the world… It is a mob, one that is attempting to become organized under the banner of “Black Lives Matter”.

I don’t understand why or how human beings, that again, are supposed to be my equal, can be so horrifyingly disgusting. These people are not my equal, they are not your equal, we are strictly better in every single way possible. I don’t understand how people could believe in equality when there are human beings who intentionally act that way, who intentionally degrade society, who purposefully degrade the lives of others, who willingly become a detriment to the human race at large with their actions. How could equality ever be anything more than a silly notion when human beings are so invested in the idea of dragging civilization down?

Well, I suppose there’s a simple answer to that question; Equality is about dragging civilization down. If you think about equality, the idea of equality, the notion that human beings are all created equal… You have to think about how to achieve that goal, long term, how does the human race actually become equal when we are clearly all so many different levels of capability, worth, skill, and intelligence? Knowing that intellectually inferior humans can’t be, or will simply refuse to be, brought up to par with their intellectually superior counterparts, the only way to enforce the law of equality is to degrade the best to become the worst. To pull the brightest down to match the lowest. common. denominator.

This is the play from the left, from the universities, from the Democratic party, from the Black Lives Matter organization, from every single indoctrinated human being in this country. It is an attempt, some might say so far a SUCCESSFUL attempt, at implementing a degradative culture into main stream society, into social media, into main stream media, into your television programs, into American culture itself. For instance, look at the spinoff of The Walking Dead called Fear The Walking Dead. Creative name, I know, but if you watch it you’ll be met with excessive police brutality, interracial relationships, and a main character who is a worthless drug addicted leech. Not sure how you’re supposed connect with that, but I guess when the majority of Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials are worthless, drug addicted leeches who are in interracial relationships and genuinely believe that police are out to get you, it must be pretty relatable.

You see, the more they can push this agenda, the more they can push these ideas, the more they can implement this propaganda into our popular culture, our main stream entertainment, our regular television and movie going experiences, the more people will begin to accept this kind of thing as “right”, the more they will accept this as “normal”, the more they will become complacent, they will agree, they will understand, they will bow down to it. You see it in Star Wars with a blatantly obvious leading role casting choice that went to someone black solely because they wanted a black leading character, you see it in The Walking Dead where, for seemingly no reason at all, the most “badass” character on the show is an old frail lesbian, you see it in MTV’s The Real World where they promote the idea that young people are just going out to clubs, getting black out drunk, fucking strangers and doing nothing productive with their lives. This is what they want you to think is normal, this is what they want you to see as righteous. The more you consume it, the more complacent you’ll become, and then you’ll be just as worthless as they are.

Degeneracy is the key. If they can purvey the indoctrination of degeneracy to as many young people as possibly, then we as humans will become degenerate, become degraded, become inferior to what we once were. Then they have all the control they’d ever need. It’s much easier to control the complacent, it’s much easier to enslave pacified zombies, it’s much easier to impose oppression onto the dull, the vapid, the shallow, and the intoxicated.

Why Politics Matter…

If not this, then what? Why are politics important to me? Because, in comparison, what on this planet could possibly be more important? To ignore it is to ignore something that is very much worth your time and effort of studying, researching, and learning. To disregard it is to close your ears to the harshness of the world and to have the running of the country, and planet in general, be nothing more than a silhouette in your mind, constantly looming over yet never intruding, the boogeyman lurking in the shadows waiting to get you. HOWEVER, if you take the time to care about it, to enlighten yourself to truths and to bring more awareness into your mind then you can know how to keep that boogeyman away, as it were. You can never know enough about extremely important political topics, as in things other than if two people with penises can get married, if your lazy friends can have legal permission to smell like skunks and sit around stoned all day, and if your slutty friends can choose to terminate their children, etc… Important things, as in, who is slaughtering how many, where, and why. Who is attempting to steal more of your money to fund EVEN MORE WELFARE. Who is corrupt, who is good, who is bad, who is responsible for what misdeeds and why… Who is responsible for taking so much of your money out of your paychecks to feed someone else when you can barely afford to feed yourself, what companies are responsible for huge job growth, what industries are turning people’s lives around, where is the economy booming, where is it stagnant, and where is it completely dead?

Politics matter because if you’re refusing to follow it closely then you’re refusing to keep up to date on the people who make decisions that either detrimentally of beneficially impact your quality of life in every single day that you live. If you refuse to keep up on the facts, then you refuse to be able to hold people accountable in any fashion for negatively impacting your quality of life. Believe it or not, your vote counts, but in all honesty so many votes are cast by people who literally know NOTHING about the facts of politics in America that it hurts the system dramatically. The more people who DO know facts, the more well-educated votes in the ballot box, the more likely we are to see all of our lives improved vastly. Do your part to help not only yourself, but your fellow American. Even if they’re ignorant to the facts, we should still do everything you can to help them too.

The only reason people avoid politics is because they hate disagreements, and they hate knowledge. Because knowledge is haunting, and disagreements are divisive. I’ve been thinking lately that it seems the only path we as humans can go down should we choose to be completely open to knowledge is one of conspiracy and paranoia. Just look at Bobby Fischer, a combination of pure intelligence, open minded acceptance of real world knowledge, and a thorough examination of said real world knowledge, brought him down a path of racism, antisemitism, extreme paranoia, and reclusivity. A complete distrust of so many man made infrastructures and institutes. Some may say that everything he tried to warn us about is completely true, some may say that it is entirely nonsensical ramblings of a bitter old delusional man.

Now, I’m not saying that we all would end up there should we choose to go down the path of enlightenment, but it seems many are afraid to even start down the road of studying real world, truly important knowledge, simply because they believe it may lead to that point. That it may over whelm the human mind. That it may lead to conclusions that we can not bare to hear… But I must assert that we have full control over the limits to which we are exposed to such enlightenment, we can choose to cut ourselves off from it at any point, should we find it too stressful.

In the end, politics matter because if not politics, then what? What could possibly be more worth learning about? For example, I love music, music has always been one of the most important things in my life and I’ve spent the past 10 years of my life playing, practicing, and performing music on a daily basis. But it’s not nearly as important as politics. Politics are the most important thing this world has to offer, and it is our duty as Americans, and as human beings in general, to do everything we can to know as much about these issues as possible, to enhance the country, to enhance our lives, and to enhance our fellow American’s lives.

Why the Far-Right and Far-Left are Just as Ignorant as the Other.

Recently I joined a few conservative pages on Facebook. Admittedly, it was so that I could share my videos on there in hopes to net a wider audience. However, what I’ve seen is that most of the people on these pages are incoherent, thoughtless, ignorant morons who spout hateful rhetoric and demonize literally everything on this planet that they aren’t. I truly believe that the only political opinion a rational, realistic and logical human being can possess is moderate. Somewhere in the middle is where all sane humans will find themselves eventually, things will push people left or right, but common ground and unity will always be the goal for all of the normal human beings in the world. The dichotomy of bipartisan politics is crumbling. Polarization is not good for the country.

On these conservative pages literally every post is some form of slander and attack, and the worst part is it’s VERY RARELY towards Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Usually, it is towards Republican candidates or senators. KASICH IS AN EVIL LIBERAL, even though he’s a moderate conservative. RUBIO IS OBAMA 2.0 HE’S BOUGHT AND PAID FOR HE’S CORRUPT, even though he hates the Senate, has already stated he won’t be running for reelection in the senate, and has only recently gotten big donations from the big corporations, meanwhile still holds all the same values. TED CRUZ IS A CANADIAN HE CAN’T BE PRESIDENT IT’S PROVEN AS FACT DON’T DARE DISAGREE WITH ME, even though it obviously isn’t proven and genuinely doesn’t matter after Obama anyway. TRUMP IS IN THE POCKET OF THE CLINTON’S HE’S GOING TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY, even though there is literally no tangible evidence of this.

Most of it is completely fabricated, all built to tear down someone great, all consumed and regurgitated by conspiracy theorists and ignorant lunatics. It is such a strange concept, spending more time defaming the people who are trying to save the country rather than the people who are trying to destroy it. These are the people who give conservatism a bad name, these are the people who ruin the credibility of people like me, these are the people who make liberals believe that all conservatives are simply mindless, thoughtless, hateful drones. These people are just as moronic and ignorant as the people who comment on my videos calling me a retard, and it triggers my misanthropy. It’s easy for me to disregard the drones of the left, but the right is supposed to be where I feel comfortable, where I feel righteous. The drones of the right are no different, I’ve seen it more and more on these groups and I can’t stand it. It’s honestly worse than the far left drones because these drones are discrediting extremely valid and logic political opinions while the far left drones are simply purveying extremely invalid and illogical political opinions that the entirety of the left has.

Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket, is a phrase that describes a way of thinking best described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you.” The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the pot, but instead they grab at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise. The analogy in human behavior is sometimes claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to negate or diminish the importance of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, conspiracy or competitive feelings. This term is broadly associated with short-sighted, non-constructive thinking rather than a unified, long-term, constructive mentality.

This is the current mindset of many conservative human beings in America. I’m not sure if it’s a majority of conservatives or a minority, but this has got to stop. It’s bad enough that conservatives refuse to have common ground and unity with liberals, but the fact that you refuse to have common ground and unity WITHIN YOUR OWN GROUP is just complete insanity. The human race has degraded so much, how have we gotten this far and yet still we have so many petulant irrational people so eager to fling shit at each other rather than have civil, logical discourse? God forbid we take the time to empathize with what the other person is thinking, god forbid we try to figure out why the other person feels the way they do, god forbid we try to articulate our opinions or feelings to other people in a way that doesn’t involve accusations, cursing, insults and assumptions.

The next time you’re disagreeing with someone, try to figure out why they feel the way that they do. Try to sympathize and empathize with them, try to find common ground. Because common ground is what we as human beings need to find, now more than ever. I’m sick of this idea that all moderate conservatives are simply trying to pander to the left and vice versa. Back here in reality, moderation is extremely important in any train of thought, way of life, or partisan opinion. We as human beings are not so inherently different that we can not find common ground, compromise, and unity. We deserve these things, the human race has gone so far and to see where it is today is thoroughly depressing. Maybe if we all spent less time attacking each other and more time… I don’t know, trying to be nice to each other? The world would be a better place. There would be less anger, less hate, less violence. I know I am guilty of it as well, don’t let it seem like I am preaching here. Everyone is guilty of it, but if we all just put it in our own minds that we should argue less and debate more, then we’d all be better off and I strive for that every day.

Be good to your neighbor, not because they are your neighbor, not because they are from the same town as you, not because they speak the same language, not because they are the same race, not because they are from the same country, not because they share political opinions, societal opinions, or cultural opinions… But simply because they are a human being, you are a human being, we are human beings and we as human beings share a duty to enhance rather than degrade, to be beneficial rather than detrimental, to lift rather than drag.

Stay golden.

Main Stream Media Bias & Liberal Propaganda.

How do they keep getting away with it? How has it gone on for so long without proper retaliation? Donald Trump says that the Mexican government is sending it’s worst criminal offenders to America so that they don’t have to feed them, house them, or deal with them and the mainstream media along with the social justice social media decide that what he really meant was that Mexicans are the worst criminals. Donald Trump says that we went to the middle east, built schools, built roads, “they” blew up the schools, we build a new school, yet we can’t fix our roads and schools here in the United States, and they twist that by saying that by “they” he meant all Arab people or all Muslim people, rather than the terrorists who do it. Ben Carson says that the holocaust would have been less likely to happen had the Jews had the right to bear arms, and the main stream media twists that to say that he is blaming the Jews for the holocaust! Ben Carson says that if he were in a situation with a crazy person trying to shoot up a room full of people he’d charge rather than get shot, and the main stream media twists that to say that he is blaming the victims of mass shootings. Marco Rubio calls out Hillary Clinton for blatantly lying to the American people and the main stream media, Hillary Clinton herself, and all the drones of zombified followers all say that it’s just some biased political attack on her campaign, that the entire scandal is just some partisan game played by the right to hurt her chances at becoming president. Meanwhile, she willingly let those men die and refuses to take responsibility for it, on top of the fact that she broke a federal law by keeping a private email server, and then on top of that DELETING the email server to cover up the fact that she let those men die. Bernie Sanders goes on Stephen Colbert’s show and says that Donald Trump simply appeals to the RACISM and XENOPHOBIA in the hearts of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. It’s a blatant falsehood, it is saying that A) The American people are mostly racist and xenophobic. B) That Donald Trump himself is racist and xenophobic. And C) That the only reason people like him is because he appeals to said racism and xenophobia. It is slander, it is defamation, it is a complete lie that he is intentionally perpetuating to the liberal masses to try and discredit extremely valid criticisms of his policies from the American majority. It’s honestly shocking that someone in such a high position of power could still be using the same tactics as the masses of drones who follow him. Plug your ears and scream incoherently if someone has a point that discredits your opinions, then once they are done talking you just fling shit at the wall and hope that some of it sticks. It is childish, it panders to the masses of childish heavily indoctrinated American progressives, and to them it actually works. In their mind, they genuinely believe that Donald Trump hates all Mexican people, that he believes all Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers, that Ben Carson hates Jews, that the entire Republican side of politics are simply out to hurt Hillary’s chances at becoming president because they are trying to bring JUSTICE to a BLATANT INJUSTICE.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Ben Carson all pointed out just how bias and one sided main stream media is. That bias permeates. It does not just stop there, it enters the minds and thoughts of the people who consume the bias. Then they perpetuate it, they purvey that message of biased corruption, which spreads it to even more people, and all of the sudden you have a large mass of people in this country that genuinely believe that the Republican party is full of nothing but evil, corrupt, greedy oppressors who hate the black, hate the poor, hate the Spanish, hate the irreligious, hate the Muslims, hate the Arabs, hate the gays, hate the women, hate everyone who isn’t a rich, white, straight male. It is deception, it is manipulation, it is propaganda to the highest degree, it is the act of twisting truth, telling half truths, using anecdotal evidence and generalizing an entire group of human beings WHILE SPOUTING that your side is TOLERANT and ACCEPTING and LOVING. Everything they believe is true, everything you believe is false, and if you dare question that then you are excommunicated, you are criticized and mocked by their snarky sarcastic satirical pundits like Jon Stewart and John Oliver, you have your name dragged through the mud. You are attacked. You are slandered. You are libeled. They will not stop. They are the hive mind, and we are the independent. They rely on numbers while we rely on pride and self worth.

Climate change has become a religion, if you question it you’re a heathen, you’re a heretic to the cause, you hate the planet and the people who live on it, you hate everything in this world simply because the world hasn’t actually warmed in 18 years, simply because higher CO2 hasn’t strictly warmed the planet, which led to them changing the name from Global Warming to Climate Change, which in itself is such a cheap play. You said it was warming, you said it was because man was putting too much CO2 in the air, then when it stopped warming despite CO2 still going up, you don’t change your mind? That sounds like religion to me, that sounds like steadfastly having faith in something regardless of scientific facts that say otherwise. Global Warming alarmists are less interested in Global Warming and far more interested in the acts of STOPPING Global Warming. They’re more interested in TAXING business, INCREASING restrictions and infringements, PROMOTING that CARS are EVIL, that HAIRSPRAY is EVIL, that COWS FARTING is EVIL. We need to ban cars! Ban hairspray! Ban COWS! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE THE PLANET, IF YOU DON’T AGREE THEN YOU’RE A HERETIC TO THE CAUSE! A DETRIMENT TO THE HUMAN RACE! THE ONLY WAY IS MY WAY! BECAUSE SCIENCE TOLD ME SO! EVEN THOUGH IT DIDN’T!