I would move mountains to make you real but mountains will never be enough for this. The dream you are is impossible to wake from and all I want is to escape the reality without you to hide in you, my nightmare, forever. I suffocate under your web and waterfall while you run off unscathed. I’ll feel empty so long as you are breathing.

The best part is I know you’re completely disinterested so there’s no chance you’ll ever fucking find this. Because you were disinterested from the first fucking second and didn’t even try to care to begin with.

Heaven on earth or a vile pit of shit, same difference right?


Cruz Supporters are worse than Liberals

Cruz supporters are genuinely worse than liberals. You people pretend that Trump is this horrible guy, meanwhile that’s all driven by envy because your candidate is a joke to the vast majority of the country. Your candidate has done far more corrupt and traitorous things throughout this campaign than Trump has, yet you pretend that Trump is the bad guy because it fits your narrative. You cling on to every single speck of dirt under Trump’s fingernails pretending that you can use these absurd and holey talking points to tear him down meanwhile your candidate genuinely lied to you, lied to the American people, lied to your face, never apologized, never backed off of it, and never took it back.

You’re the people who are in the wrong here, and I’m very happy that Ted Cruz is never going near that white house.

Meanwhile you people pretend that Cruz has anything to do with God. Why do you vote based off of your Religion rather than your political opinion? Why do you put “faith” over reality? It’s abhorrent. Stop being sheep.

Rush Limbaugh, Marc Levin, Glenn Beck, just to name a few, they shitpost anti Trump articles WRITTEN BY LIBERALS all over their social media pages, every day on their terrible shows is devoted to trashing Trump, these guys are just as bad as the left, the fascists that they used to tear apart every day and now they are just like them. Perpetuating propaganda designed to manipulate people into believing BLATANT FALSEHOODS. RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A COMMUNIST, A MODERN DAY JULIUS ROSENBERG. MARC LEVIN? MORE LIKE MARC LEVINSTEIIIIIIIN! GLENN BECK? MORE LIKE GLENN SCHECK-LE. 

The Poison of “Trickle Up Poverty”

Hey guys, so I’ve been rolling this idea around in my head for a few months, I’ve had discussions about this topic with my family but I never put it down on the paper and mapped it out entirely. Until now. This entire commentary is one that I’m extremely proud of, I think this is easily one of the best points I’ve made on this channel and I think that this commentary can be held up against any point, observation or train of thought that any other big political commentator could make. I have a lot of confidence in this, and I hope that you enjoy hearing it. If you do enjoy this, remember to like and subscribe for more great content. Now let’s get right into it;

I’ll start be stating that trickle down does work, the economic boom in the 1990’s proves it, Ronald Reagan WAS the best president in modern history, you can not use Bush 1 & 2 to discredit Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton CAME INTO a great economy FROM Reagan, he simply didn’t blow it up. Bush 2 did that, but I digress.

IF TRICKLE DOWN DIDN’T WORK THEN WE WOULDN’T SEE THE POISON, THAT IS CURRENTLY UN-NAMED, BEING INJECTED INTO AMERICAN SOCIETY, into the American population, into America’s economic structure, into Capitalism itself… Or whatever dying crippled version of Capitalism is left today, hense the poison… This poison has been injected by the left, no it’s not a talking point, but 31% of the American middle class income is taken by the government, of course by threat of lethal force which is another topic for another video some of which I’ve already made so I digress. Barack Obama, 8 years of Socialist poison being injected into the veins of the American economic structure, and we’ve seen the death, or at least currently the crippling of what was once the thriving back bone of the country and it’s economy.

I’ll call the poison “Trickle Up Poverty”. The notion that when taking so much from the middle and upper class to give to the lower class who then stay lower class either way because, as Ben Shapiro said it, they’re terrible with money and have no motivation or urge to better their quality of life, you see the poverty “trickle up” into the middle class and eventually the upper class.

31% is insane, no liberal can defend 31% taxes on the middle class.

And you can say that the upper class doesn’t really matter in this equation because they are hiding their money away so it doesn’t get taken, sure, but in doing so they aren’t spending any of their wealth like they were before, when they weren’t being threatened by Socialist Supreme Leader Obama. But really by upper class I mean your local doctors and lawyers, not your celebrities and ultra-rich wallstreet folks.

If we can accept that “trickle up poverty” is happening then we can accept that “trickle down wealth” is a legitimate strategy to help ALL citizens of the United States, not just the poor, and not just the rich.

You can’t debate me on this, sorry. There is no argument against it.

Random Historical Anecdotes

In yesterday’s world human beings counted on the likes of true unbiased journalists for information, the likes of Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather…

In today’s world human beings count on the likes of extremely biased COMEDIANS for information gathering, the likes of John Oliver and Jon Stewart.

And this is just another reason why the world is burning.

In 1974 the Republican president of the United States of America, Richard Nixon, with a beautiful record that could have put him very high in the rankings of greatest presidents of all time, announced his resignation over the Watergate scandal. He resigned after 2 years of intense political and judicial turmoil.

Now, I as a conservative fully capable of accepting the fact that yes, Nixon did a very bad thing, and that yes, Nixon did the right thing by resigning and if he had not done so then he should have and rightfully WOULD have been impeached.

So, I ask you, he/she who voted for Hillary Clinton (Or Bernie and now plans to vote for Hillary since he’s out)… Knowing what we know about Benghazi and “Emailgate” which are both very very very much conjoined and extremely layered with multiple different offenses on both issues that would lead to very important political and judicial ramifications for any president of our country… How are you not, as a liberal, fully capable of accepting the fact that yes, Clinton did very bad things, and that yes, Clinton would have to resign and if she didn’t then she should and rightfully would be impeached?

I guess I’m giving them too much credit, pretending that they are as open minded as I am about these problems.


Ronald Reagan’s (failed) presidential campaign in 1976 inspired so many people of the Republican voter-base that it ruined Gerald Ford’s (Republican party nominee) chances and handed the victory to Jimmy Carter (D).

Are we going to see the same thing happen with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton? Thus a landslide Donald Trump victory?

Many Bernie supporters will vote for Trump of Hillary, because he actually stands for many of the same things that Bernie does. Antiwar, public-funded, higher taxes on the ultra-rich, etc.

Obama = Jimmy Carter
An ineffective leader who only got in because of the failures of the previous leader. Unfortunately for us, Jimmy Carter ended up showing his true colors of complete incompetency in his first term, Obama didn’t impose his far left bullshit until his second term. His first term was spent laying low, biding his time until he could ruin us with his forced totalitarian schemes.

Trump = Ronald Reagan
Coming in after an ineffective leader with the simple idea that America should be great, that the lives of American citizens should be great, and that open-minded conservationism is the answer to the problems we face.

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the fact that the human race was never subtracted from the planet in the Cold War.

The Death of a Celebrity

The death of a celebrity sparks every other celebrity to “honor them” in some way, but in reality we’re living in a time where it’s all just a pool of sharks dying for those few seconds of viral notoriety to get their names trending for a day.

Prince dies and everyone immediately runs to the nearest stage to perform a Prince cover, not because they just love Prince’s music so much, because they didn’t cover his songs before, but because they know if they are the first to cover a Prince song after Prince dies in this “touching tribute” then they were have their names in the Facebook and Twitter trending bar for a few hours, get a few million views off of it, and count that cash all the way through. Kevin Smith uploaded a clip of him talking shit about Prince from the late 90’s right after Prince died, just because he knew it would get decent traffic. When Justice Antonin Scalia died Coheed and Cambria immediately reposted that stupid parody song that they wrote about him, which really was just a plea for fascism disguised in a bad attempt at comedy. These people are happy that someone died because they’re able to make a few dollars off of it.

Which at the end of the day is a flaw in the internet’s current system. From YouTube, to Twitter and Facebook, etc, Everything is based off of when something shows up, when something is posted. My videos on my Jonjey Comms YouTube channel can get thousands of views in the first day and 5 in the following week. Not to make it about me, because at the end of the day I’m inconsequential in the sea of the internet, but there is a legitimate sense of pressure to put out a video on breaking topics the second they happen, to the point where it’s not actually about quality, just quantity and time. Push out enough nonsense, the second something happens, and eventually you’ll have a bunch of views.

But maybe it’s just human nature. Maybe the internet and the way it is formed is the manifestation of human nature. The most successful companies in the world are garbage companies with garbage products; McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway, so forth and so on, while food companies with actual integrity rarely get beyond a local level… Music, vanilla pop songs that are literally about nothing are a million times more successful than actual sonic art these days. Musicians that I look up to, musicians that I, after 10+ years of playing guitar on a daily basis can look up to and find genuine inspiration from are stuck touring the country in vans and playing to SOLD OUT SHOWS of 700 people while Drake plays to sold out shows of 25,000+. And thus, on YouTube you’ll find the most successful people are appealing to the lowest common denominator, pushing out mindless, vapid, vanilla content day after day with absolutely no artistic integrity or even inspiration or effort being put into any particular piece of content.

So really, if there’s anything you can learn from this it’s that human beings suck, philanthropy is really just advertisement in disguise, Bruce Springsteen only cancelled the concert in NC to secure a headline, not to protest HB2, and generally speaking quality art is very rarely appreciated as widely as it deserves to be. Hell, if it were then I’d be getting paid a lot of money to write this shit.

The Internet.

Now, I don’t want to tell you what to believe in. After all, I’m not a religious man. But I do suggest you be able to understand the hypocrisy in voting for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton while pretending to be “for the people”. It’s not propaganda, the videos I make and the words I share on here are not meant to manipulate you or to push any thing on to any one. I simply want to inspire others to use free thought in forming their opinions. I understand that can be very, very hard when you have society seemingly breathing down your neck to be more “like them”, more liberal… But in reality, the entire liberal ideology is much smaller than you think it is.
We’re in a time where the internet is the biggest thing in the world, but more young people are on the internet than older people, and thus more young people aren’t versed enough to understand politics and fall to the left by default. So, we’re living in a time where many people’s lives play out on the internet; On your smart phone constantly, youtube when you’re at home or away, twitter always, facebook a must. Most people get their news from the internet as well.
What happens here? Well, when an insanely vocal minority of the population becomes the majority on a place where many people spend almost 100% of their time, it seems like liberalism has just completely taken over, it’s everywhere, everyone’s a liberal. This simply is not the case, the internet is an echo chamber hive mind for liberalism and, as much as liberals hate when this is said; Communism. Fascism. The eradication of free speech, the eradication of honesty.
I know a lot of my friends on here disregard a lot of what I post because they think it’s too mean, or somehow an uneducated opinion despite no evidence to show it, but at the end of the day if you can’t break yourself away from the hive mind, a hive mind whom’s sole purpose for existence is the indoctrination of college-aged youth, then I don’t know what to do. Obviously it’s not my job to do anything for you guys, but enlightenment is very important, free thinking is very important, and understanding actual reality vs the prism of jaded distorted reality that liberalism dictates you view things through, it’s very important. Not for me, but for all of us.
The simple idea that the middle class should be able to hold on to more of their money, the simple idea that money enhances one’s quality of life more than the lack there-of, the simple idea that we should be more worried about you, I, we, the people, than the government that holds their power over our heads while incompetently using OUR money for THEIR needs…
I genuinely don’t see how anyone can disagree with it… I don’t understand where someone can disagree with the logic of enhancing OUR quality of lives being the #1 priority. And yes, OUR includes all colors, religions, genders, and/or the lack there-of.

Michelle Fields, Double Standards, Being a Man

How are we living in a world where a woman (Michelle Fields) can accuse a man (Corey Lewandowski) of physically assaulting her, with video evidence showing exactly the contrary, and that woman does not end up in jail for it? Not only does she not end up in jail, but she actually is supported by liberals and even the feminist conservative movement of S.E. Cupp, Dana Loesch, Megyn Kelly etc.

These “conservative” women hate Trump, so they support Michelle Fields, even though there is undeniable video evidence showing that she was never hurt. The entire story is bullshit, from the fake bruises to her claims of being “almost thrown to the ground”. Then she’s got her little beta low energy white knight cuckold friend-boy who will regurgitate any lie that she tells him to just so he can be able to get in her pants,

Isn’t it funny how a woman can accuse a man of rape and when it turns out that she wasn’t raped at all, she doesn’t go to jail for it? Meanwhile it could have and probably still did damage that man for the rest of his life.

Double standards? Let’s complain about double standards; A woman who lowers herself to the standards of a man is a pig, just as that same woman calls all men pigs, she herself is a pig. Ignorance is bliss; denial can save your existence because if you dared to be honest with yourself for even one moment then your world would come crashing down around you.

Is it double standards for a man to be a man and to be proud to be a man and the woman should not want to be a man and should not be proud to be what a man is? Is it double standards to hold women to higher standards because they are instinctually and biologically predetermined to be better people in general? To be more wholesome, to be more kind, to have more integrity, to stay loyal. A man’s biological point of existence is to have sex with as many women as possible. A woman’s biological point of existence is to keep one man for as long as possible. So yeah, when you’re a slut you are going against your predetermined point of existence, and when a man is a slut he is just existing within his own point of existence. Double standards? How is it double standards to hold women to higher standards? How is it double standards to think of women as better, to expect women to have more integrity, pride, self-worth? To hold onto something special, rather than laying down in the dirt with the lowest of the low day after day and expecting yourself to be righteous because “that’s what the guys do”. I don’t want to fuck a man, I don’t want to be with a man, I want to be with a beautiful, smart, wholesome woman. Luckily, I AM. My girl is the only honest version of feminism that exists in the world; The simple idea that women should be, and are, equal to men, but that a woman should not be a man, a woman is a woman, proud to be feminine, proud to be submissive to her man, proud to do whatever it takes to make her man happy. Modern feminism is about the degradation of femininity, the idea that women should be like men, that equality for women is about being able to do what a man does and to be as filthy and disgusting as a man is, without judgment for it. Yet, these women who want to be manly pigs hate men…?

We live in a world where simply being male and existing within the parameters of what a male is designed to be makes you an asshole, makes you a pig, makes you disgusting, makes you a chauvinist, makes you a misogynist, makes you an animal. We live in a society where displaying any level of masculinity makes you lesser in the social construct created by Social Justice Warrior nonsense. Simply by living by the predetermined point of existence that a male human being is biologically and instinctually designed to exist within, you’re an awful, horrible person, in today’s standards. Let that sink in, when all these people are talking about how oppressed they are, yet a man giving a girl a compliment makes him a creep, a man having a few different girls around makes him a pig, a boyfriend or husband watching porn somehow makes him a pervert or deviant. You know how many bitches don’t let their man watch porn? It’s fucking disgusting. My girl has let me freely and openly jerk off to porn on a daily basis for years and could not care less, because she’s a real woman who understands what a real man is and what a real man needs to have in his life. There are so many bitches that aren’t real, they don’t understand what it’s like to be a real woman because they were told that a real woman is what a man is, but a girl can never be what a man is. A 40 year old female millionaire isn’t any more attractive than the cute 19 year old white girl who made your subway sandwich on your lunch break today, because women aren’t supposed to be men, men are men, women are women, and the sooner women realize that they don’t need to be men, the sooner our world can get back in order. But you know what’s funny? These feminists, these social justice warrior cunts, these bitches crave masculinity because none of their cuckold faggot boyfriends are men. Girls are by nature submissive creatures, a real woman who knows her role will be what you need them to be right off the top and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated, as their god, as long as you’re a good man for them. These feminist bitches need to be broken first, they live in denial, pretending that you’re everything that they hate, pretending that you’re a bad guy, that their guy is the good guy. In reality, their guy is the backwards beta faggot who lies to them on a daily basis to steal vagina, which is the literal definition of rape really, the theft of pussy. Manipulative backwards low energy soft cucks who coerce the woman into spreading legs for them, which at the end of the day they only obtain through charity. Sounds a lot like the Democratic playbook though, doesn’t it? Manipulate, tell them what they want to hear, pander, coddle, the end game being the theft of votes through coercion.

I’ll be your life coach today, I’ll teach you how to be a man, I’ll teach you how to not be a low energy Yeb type of guy. The way to get a decent woman who knows her role is literally just by being assertive, you can be overweight, you can be funny looking, as long as you’re put together, smell decent, dress well, have a nice haircut, present yourself properly, and have a masculine way about you, you can get any single decent woman out there to spend some time with you. Assertive, is a big thing with women, assert your existence into their mind, assert the existence of you as a man, a man that can do things for them, a man that can give them they want. Assert your dominance, eye contact, smile, flirt, even just get touchy, it fucking works. But don’t get touchy in a creepy way, I don’t know, maybe I’m lucky, maybe I don’t understand the plight of the forever alone type because I’ve always found it very easy to get girls to dig me, but honestly you can just put your arm around a girl at the right time and it works, they are submissive by nature, women want to submit and they want to have a man assert themselves onto them. I know some of this sounds like cave man shit, and some of it might sound creepy if you’re picturing a creepy dude doing it, but honestly women will like you for asserting yourself onto them more than if you pussy-foot around and act all shy and weird. A great way to get most girls these days is to first put it into their head that you don’t want to be with them, then put it into their head that they want to be with you, and then put into their head the idea that you would maybe consider being with them. I know that sounds manipulative, but girls are weird man. You can’t seem desperate, you need to make sure that they don’t forget where they are to you, that they’re just another chick who you could maybe think about giving something to, don’t ever let it seem like you’re trying to get them. For instance; You’re at work, you’re going to lunch or whatever, when you walk passed the girl you dig, “Hey, I’m heading out, try not to miss me too much.” I know, it sounds reallllll corny, but that puts the idea that THEY want YOU into their mind without putting the idea that YOU want THEM into their mind. Usually they’ll laugh, say something sarcastic like “Yeah that’ll be so hard” and you can reply with some even cornier shit like “I totally understand, it happens, just try to contain yourself when I get back.”. This puts the idea that you aren’t that interested in them into their mind, all while pretty much blatantly flirting and making her laugh. This asserts you as the one controlling things, you’re the one in charge, the next time you go out to lunch you can invite them or something, but don’t just say “EXCUSE ME MA’AM WILL YOU PLEASE HONOR MY LIFE BY LETTING ME LOOK AT YOU EAT A TURKEY SANDWICH”, say some shit like “Hey I’m heading out to lunch and I’ll let you come with me if you want.”

Do you see the pattern here? Be assertive, but don’t be desperate and weird. Flirt, but don’t be too complimentary. Don’t let them feel above you, don’t let it seem like you’re desperate for their attention or company. You’re the fucking man, you’re the guy that could make her life better, you’re the guy who could get her whatever the fuck she wants in life. You’re a lottery ticket, that’s what men are to women, lottery tickets, and if you’re a fucking low energy cuck then you’re just another ticket she’ll scratch off and throw to the side, most of the time without even taking the time to let you get anywhere. Women want to get that winning lottery ticket and hold onto it forever. But here’s where a lot of guys go wrong; They get the beautiful girl, they settle down, and they forget how they got the beautiful girl, they stop trying. You need to know how to get a girl to keep your girl on top of her game.

I’m a man raised by a man and ready to be a man, I wasn’t raised by a woman so I mean I’m a bit harsh I guess but I know what it means to be a man and my lovely woman is very grateful for that every day. Being a man isn’t about being able to change a tire, which you should also be able to do, but it’s not about drinking uncut whiskey and shit like that, being a man is a state of existence, it’s your character, it’s what you are and who you are, and if you’re not dominating bitches on a regular basis then you aren’t being a man, you’re being a low energy type. Never be a low energy type.