I would move mountains to make you real but mountains will never be enough for this. The dream you are is impossible to wake from and all I want is to escape the reality without you to hide in you, my nightmare, forever. I suffocate under your web and waterfall while you run off unscathed. I’ll feel empty so long as you are breathing.

The best part is I know you’re completely disinterested so there’s no chance you’ll ever fucking find this. Because you were disinterested from the first fucking second and didn’t even try to care to begin with.

Heaven on earth or a vile pit of shit, same difference right?


2 thoughts on “

  1. Of course she is not interested, you are a piece of shit Trump supporter, you have a low life Youtube Channel with no income and your voice make me wanna puke. I know what you look like and I can only tell you a lot of people think you look disgusting. You’re like the top piece of bread. Everybody touches you, but nobody wants you. Now I know why everybody talks about you behind your back.


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