Cruz Supporters are worse than Liberals

Cruz supporters are genuinely worse than liberals. You people pretend that Trump is this horrible guy, meanwhile that’s all driven by envy because your candidate is a joke to the vast majority of the country. Your candidate has done far more corrupt and traitorous things throughout this campaign than Trump has, yet you pretend that Trump is the bad guy because it fits your narrative. You cling on to every single speck of dirt under Trump’s fingernails pretending that you can use these absurd and holey talking points to tear him down meanwhile your candidate genuinely lied to you, lied to the American people, lied to your face, never apologized, never backed off of it, and never took it back.

You’re the people who are in the wrong here, and I’m very happy that Ted Cruz is never going near that white house.

Meanwhile you people pretend that Cruz has anything to do with God. Why do you vote based off of your Religion rather than your political opinion? Why do you put “faith” over reality? It’s abhorrent. Stop being sheep.

Rush Limbaugh, Marc Levin, Glenn Beck, just to name a few, they shitpost anti Trump articles WRITTEN BY LIBERALS all over their social media pages, every day on their terrible shows is devoted to trashing Trump, these guys are just as bad as the left, the fascists that they used to tear apart every day and now they are just like them. Perpetuating propaganda designed to manipulate people into believing BLATANT FALSEHOODS. RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A COMMUNIST, A MODERN DAY JULIUS ROSENBERG. MARC LEVIN? MORE LIKE MARC LEVINSTEIIIIIIIN! GLENN BECK? MORE LIKE GLENN SCHECK-LE. 


The Poison of “Trickle Up Poverty”

Hey guys, so I’ve been rolling this idea around in my head for a few months, I’ve had discussions about this topic with my family but I never put it down on the paper and mapped it out entirely. Until now. This entire commentary is one that I’m extremely proud of, I think this is easily one of the best points I’ve made on this channel and I think that this commentary can be held up against any point, observation or train of thought that any other big political commentator could make. I have a lot of confidence in this, and I hope that you enjoy hearing it. If you do enjoy this, remember to like and subscribe for more great content. Now let’s get right into it;

I’ll start be stating that trickle down does work, the economic boom in the 1990’s proves it, Ronald Reagan WAS the best president in modern history, you can not use Bush 1 & 2 to discredit Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton CAME INTO a great economy FROM Reagan, he simply didn’t blow it up. Bush 2 did that, but I digress.

IF TRICKLE DOWN DIDN’T WORK THEN WE WOULDN’T SEE THE POISON, THAT IS CURRENTLY UN-NAMED, BEING INJECTED INTO AMERICAN SOCIETY, into the American population, into America’s economic structure, into Capitalism itself… Or whatever dying crippled version of Capitalism is left today, hense the poison… This poison has been injected by the left, no it’s not a talking point, but 31% of the American middle class income is taken by the government, of course by threat of lethal force which is another topic for another video some of which I’ve already made so I digress. Barack Obama, 8 years of Socialist poison being injected into the veins of the American economic structure, and we’ve seen the death, or at least currently the crippling of what was once the thriving back bone of the country and it’s economy.

I’ll call the poison “Trickle Up Poverty”. The notion that when taking so much from the middle and upper class to give to the lower class who then stay lower class either way because, as Ben Shapiro said it, they’re terrible with money and have no motivation or urge to better their quality of life, you see the poverty “trickle up” into the middle class and eventually the upper class.

31% is insane, no liberal can defend 31% taxes on the middle class.

And you can say that the upper class doesn’t really matter in this equation because they are hiding their money away so it doesn’t get taken, sure, but in doing so they aren’t spending any of their wealth like they were before, when they weren’t being threatened by Socialist Supreme Leader Obama. But really by upper class I mean your local doctors and lawyers, not your celebrities and ultra-rich wallstreet folks.

If we can accept that “trickle up poverty” is happening then we can accept that “trickle down wealth” is a legitimate strategy to help ALL citizens of the United States, not just the poor, and not just the rich.

You can’t debate me on this, sorry. There is no argument against it.