Random Historical Anecdotes

In yesterday’s world human beings counted on the likes of true unbiased journalists for information, the likes of Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather…

In today’s world human beings count on the likes of extremely biased COMEDIANS for information gathering, the likes of John Oliver and Jon Stewart.

And this is just another reason why the world is burning.

In 1974 the Republican president of the United States of America, Richard Nixon, with a beautiful record that could have put him very high in the rankings of greatest presidents of all time, announced his resignation over the Watergate scandal. He resigned after 2 years of intense political and judicial turmoil.

Now, I as a conservative fully capable of accepting the fact that yes, Nixon did a very bad thing, and that yes, Nixon did the right thing by resigning and if he had not done so then he should have and rightfully WOULD have been impeached.

So, I ask you, he/she who voted for Hillary Clinton (Or Bernie and now plans to vote for Hillary since he’s out)… Knowing what we know about Benghazi and “Emailgate” which are both very very very much conjoined and extremely layered with multiple different offenses on both issues that would lead to very important political and judicial ramifications for any president of our country… How are you not, as a liberal, fully capable of accepting the fact that yes, Clinton did very bad things, and that yes, Clinton would have to resign and if she didn’t then she should and rightfully would be impeached?

I guess I’m giving them too much credit, pretending that they are as open minded as I am about these problems.


Ronald Reagan’s (failed) presidential campaign in 1976 inspired so many people of the Republican voter-base that it ruined Gerald Ford’s (Republican party nominee) chances and handed the victory to Jimmy Carter (D).

Are we going to see the same thing happen with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton? Thus a landslide Donald Trump victory?

Many Bernie supporters will vote for Trump of Hillary, because he actually stands for many of the same things that Bernie does. Antiwar, public-funded, higher taxes on the ultra-rich, etc.

Obama = Jimmy Carter
An ineffective leader who only got in because of the failures of the previous leader. Unfortunately for us, Jimmy Carter ended up showing his true colors of complete incompetency in his first term, Obama didn’t impose his far left bullshit until his second term. His first term was spent laying low, biding his time until he could ruin us with his forced totalitarian schemes.

Trump = Ronald Reagan
Coming in after an ineffective leader with the simple idea that America should be great, that the lives of American citizens should be great, and that open-minded conservationism is the answer to the problems we face.

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the fact that the human race was never subtracted from the planet in the Cold War.


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