The Internet.

Now, I don’t want to tell you what to believe in. After all, I’m not a religious man. But I do suggest you be able to understand the hypocrisy in voting for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton while pretending to be “for the people”. It’s not propaganda, the videos I make and the words I share on here are not meant to manipulate you or to push any thing on to any one. I simply want to inspire others to use free thought in forming their opinions. I understand that can be very, very hard when you have society seemingly breathing down your neck to be more “like them”, more liberal… But in reality, the entire liberal ideology is much smaller than you think it is.
We’re in a time where the internet is the biggest thing in the world, but more young people are on the internet than older people, and thus more young people aren’t versed enough to understand politics and fall to the left by default. So, we’re living in a time where many people’s lives play out on the internet; On your smart phone constantly, youtube when you’re at home or away, twitter always, facebook a must. Most people get their news from the internet as well.
What happens here? Well, when an insanely vocal minority of the population becomes the majority on a place where many people spend almost 100% of their time, it seems like liberalism has just completely taken over, it’s everywhere, everyone’s a liberal. This simply is not the case, the internet is an echo chamber hive mind for liberalism and, as much as liberals hate when this is said; Communism. Fascism. The eradication of free speech, the eradication of honesty.
I know a lot of my friends on here disregard a lot of what I post because they think it’s too mean, or somehow an uneducated opinion despite no evidence to show it, but at the end of the day if you can’t break yourself away from the hive mind, a hive mind whom’s sole purpose for existence is the indoctrination of college-aged youth, then I don’t know what to do. Obviously it’s not my job to do anything for you guys, but enlightenment is very important, free thinking is very important, and understanding actual reality vs the prism of jaded distorted reality that liberalism dictates you view things through, it’s very important. Not for me, but for all of us.
The simple idea that the middle class should be able to hold on to more of their money, the simple idea that money enhances one’s quality of life more than the lack there-of, the simple idea that we should be more worried about you, I, we, the people, than the government that holds their power over our heads while incompetently using OUR money for THEIR needs…
I genuinely don’t see how anyone can disagree with it… I don’t understand where someone can disagree with the logic of enhancing OUR quality of lives being the #1 priority. And yes, OUR includes all colors, religions, genders, and/or the lack there-of.

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