NC HB2 Bill / NC Transgender Bathroom Bill

Hey everyone, I’d like to talk about the transgender issue in North Carolina. I live in North Carolina, so as a North Carolinian I’m very close to this HB2, aka “the bathroom bill”, that dictates that the city of Charlotte has no right to oppress women with the legal allowance of a man entering their locker room and stating that he is a woman. I hear people talking about it in public, as I live in a very disgustingly liberal town, and I hear it on the conservative talk radio that I listen to regularly. Honestly, this discussion is everywhere, it’s far more broad than the borders of North Carolina.

San Francisco mayor Ed Lee didn’t really give a shit when an innocent civilian in his town was gunned down by a violent illegal immigrant, because that would be intolerant and judgmental, yet he cares so much about NC’s fantastic governor Pat McCrory stopping the ultra-lib town of Charlotte from allowing men to enter female bathrooms and locker rooms legally that Ed Lee decided to ban all publicly funded city employee’s travel to NC. Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert here in North Carolina to protest the bill, because even though he has this image of being “for the working man, for the common man”, he really is just another mindless liberal who pushes out anti-American songs and hates you and your opinions. Bryan Adams cancelled a show here too, not like anyone was going to go in the first place, but he DID do a show in Egypt where you can get a few years in prison simply for being gay. It’s funny, isn’t it? How these musicians can be so blatant with their hand, so obvious in their attempts to secure a headline, to make their name relevant again. So desperate to be a part of the hive mind and to get the hive mind behind them, all for monetary gain. The same could be said for the company Paypal, who has come out against North Carolina and Pat McCrory over all of this, despite the fact that they have their customer service centers in Singapore, where you can be jailed for a minimum of 2 years for being homosexual. Amazing, when you put that into perspective isn’t it? Not allowing a pervert to use the women’s locker room is oppressive here in America, but putting someone in jail because of what they are attracted to is par for the course in plenty of places across the world.

This is the world we are living in. There are human beings in this world that really do have this absolutely corrupt and distorted view of reality.

Meanwhile we have liberals in NC that hate Pat McCrory, because even though under his leadership we’ve jumped 5-10 ranks in basically everything that matters (Employment, wages, less welfare, etc) it’s the big things like letting dudes into women’s locker rooms that are truly important issues in our time, right?

Because liberals just can’t decide whether they want to be misogynists or transphobic, because any decision seemingly oppresses someone. They choose misogyny, though, because they simply do not care whether or not many women get traumatized for life by sexual assault, rape, etc from a strange man in a dress going into a woman’s bath room if it means that a well-meaning transgender person gets to pee sitting down in the girl’s room.

Because it’s not about liberating people, it’s not about helping people out, it’s not about looking out for anyone, as I’ve said before, it is simply about opposing the conservative point of view at all times. It’s fine if a woman gets raped because of this law, that doesn’t matter and who cares, because conservatives are against that woman being raped, and therefore they’re the intolerant, evil, transphobic people for being such feminists that they’d refuse the rights of someone who is mentally ill with Body Dysmorphic Disorder to ensure that the women of North Carolina don’t have to become victims of heinous, perverted acts.

Liberals are very quick to say that this bill should be passed because plenty of transgender people use the bathroom of the opposite sex already without any of us knowing… But don’t you realize that that’s the entire point of all of this? The point is that we’ve been doing just fine for years, because only passable, real, legitimate transgenders have been able to do it. Because no one knows the difference, and at that point, no one cares. Saying that this law would be a good thing would be to slap that all in the face, because the law only exists to keep creeps and perverts out of bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

And yes, women have been raped by men hiding in women’s bathrooms/locker rooms before. Plenty of times. If even ONE woman gets raped because of a creep in a dress being legally allowed to hang out in that bathroom, was it worth it? Was it worth it when it could have been avoided while real transgenders still could have used the bathroom they feel comfortable in in the first place, as proven by your own comment?

Liberals literally can not disagree with this because it’s entirely based on the liberal opinion itself.


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