The moderate case for Donald Trump.

So I stumbled across this picture on Facebook today, shared by a liberal person on my friends list, and it got me thinking some things. Now, I know many liberals consider Ronald Reagan to be basically the only good Republican president in modern history, and I just had a thought I’d like to share if you agree with that notion… Basically, I believe that many liberals hate Republicans and the conservative point of view over failures in the presidential administrations of multiple Republican presidents and presidential campaigns of major Republican candidates in modern times, they see Ford, Nixon, Bush 1, and Bush 2, McCain, and Romney as jokes, failures, incompetent morons, so forth and so on, but they tend to believe that Reagan was at the very least an acceptable president, if not a solid one, sort of how many conservatives view Bill Clinton.

This brings me around to the actual point of this, which is that if we agree with the above paragraph then we have to acknowledge the fact that the only president/presidential candidate that I mentioned before who actually stood for realistic and honest conservative views was Ronald Reagan. Many conservatives could find more things to hate than to praise about the administrations of Ford, Nixon, Bush 1 & 2, and even the campaigns of McCain, Romney, etc… Much like many liberals feel the same way about Barack Obama, more to hate than to praise. This would obviously explain why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have done so well in 2016…

SO, with all of that said, would you say that maybe, just maybe, a break from the religious neocon ESTABLISHMENT GOP that are ruled by corporations and don’t have even the tiniest interest in we, the people, could be a good thing? As in, maybe a moderate nationalist non-establishment Republican president would be the best current option we have after 16 years of blatantly corrupt establishment politicians and particularly 8 years of the obliteration of our economy, massive welfare spending, and massive tax hikes?

I get that liberals want to go with Bernie, I understand that they believe in Socialism and that they, for whatever reason, believe that bigger government will somehow be a good thing. However, if we were living in 2008 and we had just wrapped up 8 years of neocon bullshit, then I’d say it would be safe to give it a shot. But guess what? That already happened. We went through 8 years of neocon bullshit, and we gave this a shot. Whatever you want to call it, because I know that liberals get upset when I or anyone else call Obama a Socialist, whatever you want to call the massive tax hikes and the massive welfare tides, the horrible things it has done to US, the citizens of this country, can not be denied, and that is not up for debate. You don’t believe in trickle down? Well, can’t you see the way the implementation of the extreme welfare state has trickled into every aspect of our economy and way of life? Trickle down works, and it works both ways. If you have massive tax hikes and give out free money to the lowest of the low, then everyone is worse off because of it. That’s trickle down. If you have massive tax cuts and provide incentives to work hard for better pay, then everyone is better off because of it. That’s trickle down.

Only in today’s current culture can easily led people be manipulated into believing that when a man says he wants to keep your job safer, what he really means is that he hates Mexicans and all legal immigrants. Or that when that same man says he wants to keep YOU safer, what he really means is that he hates Muslims. Or that when he says the breaking of laws should be met with punishment for said crimes, what he really means is that he hates women.

What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for you, the citizen? Well, if you’re a straight white male American then it means that you’re going to be safer due to less illegal immigration as well as less importation of potential terrorist threats. It means your job will be more secure due to less illegal immigration, lower taxes, less infringement on businesses, both big and small. It means that you’ll have more job opportunities due to less infringement on businesses that will allow for more growth and higher revenues. You’ll earn higher wages through the proper free market rather than artificial wage increases through a minimum wage increase. You will get to keep more of your hard-earned money, you’ll get to have better quality healthcare, you’ll get to see the economy flourish through less taxes, and less welfare.

But what if you’re a… Poor, gay, black transsexual American? Well, I have some good news… Literally everything I just said also applies to you. You see, because Donald Trump doesn’t hate you for being poor, gay, black, or for suffering from body dysmorphic disorder… He wants to see you, the poor, gay, black transsexual American, live a better life. Because that’s the essence of the Donald Trump campaign, unfiltered, unwavering, moderate conservative nationalism.

But wait, he hates people from other countries, right? Well, no, he just wants to put you, the American citizen, above them solely in the priorities of the government that is supposed to serve you, that is supposed to ensure YOUR quality of life, not the quality of life of a disenfranchised citizen of Uzbekistan!

So, with all of this said I’ll wrap this all up with a bow; If you disliked Bush 1, 2 or 3, if you loath Obama, if you hate Hillary, if you had disdain for Romney… If you can even find it within yourself to admit that yes, Ronald Reagan was a great president… Then isn’t it time you admit to yourself that you should be voting for Donald Trump in 2016?


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