Bernie Sanders Propagates VIOLENCE AND TERROR

You know, I wonder if Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jon Oliver, Ezra Klein, The Young Turks and even our very own president realize that the rhetoric and hate speech that they use to slander Donald Trump as a racist cause violence and mayhem in our world? I wonder, seeing as these rich people don’t live the same existence that you and I do, do they even realize the mass violence that they bring to the world? I mean, where I live you wouldn’t be able to put a Trump sticker on your car without being in danger, and I’m sure it’s the same story in many places across the country.

As we all know by now, there was a Donald Trump rally that got over run by protesters, violent interactions, and mayhem. Then the next one got shut down because of threats of violence from violent protesters. We see people, human beings that wake up and go to sleep every day, that exist in our world, that breathe the same air as us… We see these people become completely and totally irrational, lashing out with violence against people that are actually trying to help them. Because at the end of the day, Trump is a nationalist, he’s looking out for you… But these people have been so coerced, so manipulated, so indoctrinated by these perpetrators of slander and misinformation, that they attack Trump and his supporters over these lies, these half truths, these out of context quotes designed to manipulate you and everyone else with this nonsensical idea that Trump is somehow a RACIST for wanting to KEEP AMERICANS OF ANY AND ALL COLORS SAFER, KEEP AMERICANS OF ANY AND ALL COLORS WEALTHIER, TO UPLIFT AMERICANS OF ANY AND ALL COLORS INTO A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE.

So these people, these normal, every day people… They go to these Trump rallies, they are, at the very least, extremely disrespectful to the human beings around them, extremely inconsiderate to the human beings around them, and at times even violent and aggressive with the people around them. We saw a police officer bleeding from his head, we saw a man attack another man because he was wearing a Trump shirt, we have been seeing these things more and more often, and this can only spell bad things for our future as a society. Yet, isn’t it funny how ONE single Trump supporter punches a disrespectful protester at a Trump rally because the guy whipped his dread-lock grease all over the crowd on purpose, and somehow it becomes “TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE EVIL VIOLENT RACISTS!”. That’s the headline, because a single guy got mad over being disrespected and having someone else’s greasy hair intentionally flung towards him. Go watch the video, the protester takes puts his hair down and intentionally flips his head back as hard as he can to douse the crowd in his putrid unwashed hair grease. He even looks back as someone asks “REALLY?” and nods his head. So, this action caused one man to lose his temper and lash out with violence, which of course I and many other Trump supporters would never condone regardless of how much the disrespectful cunt deserved it. Yet somehow, this is all lost in the story, this isn’t the story that is told. The story that is told to you and everyone else is “VIOLENT WHITE TRUMP SUPPORTERS ATTACK INNOCENT NON VIOLENT BLACK PROTESTER!”

But yet, isn’t it… Hilarious in a very not-so-funny kind of way that these #People4Bernie that violently protest, these #BlackLivesMatter that violently protest… These people aren’t racists! Even though they obviously are, but you know of course you can’t be racist against white people even though Bernie Sanders himself says that white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor, don’t know what it’s like to live in a ghetto, don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against for whatever reason… These people, they aren’t violent, because you don’t hear about them, so they don’t exist. Violence is perceived by the witnesses. But isn’t it funny that liberals are actually proud of this? They’re proud of the mayhem, proud of the attention. People that aren’t even involved are giving “props” as the kids say, to these protesters. Why? What did they do to deserve praise? They interrupted proceedings of other human beings for their own personal gain, and a gain that is being perceived by their own manipulated and entirely FALSE interpretations of what Trump is about in the first place, and what Trump’s supporters believe in in the first place…

So, how does 1 single case of violence against a disrespectful thug make all Trump supporters angry, violent racists, yet so many different cases of violent protests against Trump supporters, security, and police not make all Bernie supporters violent, aggressive animals?

Well, because it would be entirely too inconvenient for liberals to hold themselves to the same standards that they attempt to hold us to. It would be far too hard for liberals to consider themselves righteous if they actually took the time to look at themselves and the way they act. They shrug off everything that they do wrong, while condemning everything that we do wrong, even if their numbers of wrong doing vastly out weight ours, that doesn’t matter nearly as much as propagating hate against people who are trying to do the right thing.

But can we blame the protesters? Well, we can, to an extent, but where does the real blame lie? When you bring it back to the root, the blame lies on the shoulders of Bernie Sanders. He propagates rhetoric designed to manipulate you into believing things that are entire false. He tells you he’s going to help you, by raising your taxes. He tells you Trump is going to hurt you, by lowering your taxes. He tells you Trump is going to hurt American Mexicans, by keeping their jobs safe and promoting their well-being by stopping illegal immigration. He tells you that Trump is going to hurt Muslim Americans, by keeping terrorism away from the United States. He tells you that the reason terrorism exists is because of climate change, so those evil Republicans are the reason people died. He tells you the other reason terrorism exists is because of the second amendment, so those evil Republicans are the reason people died. He tells you that the rich are keeping you down, so those evil Republicans who believe in a proven system of trickle down are the reason you’re poor. Literally his entire point of view is designed to slander the right, his entire purpose of being is to coerce you into hating things that are actually trying to help you. He is the worst human being I have ever seen, he has the personality of a 2 by 4, he has the looks of an old dead anemic bulldog, he has the political opinion of someone who is less interested in helping you and more interested in propagating hate for the opposition. THAT, is why I have made so many videos against him. THAT, is why I would take Hillary over Bernie any day of the week. THAT, is why I believe that all Bernie Sanders supporters are either awful, horrible human beings or intentionally ignorant to obvious truths, and thus STILL horrible, awful human beings. I will never understand the idea of being a liberal. Would I like to be a liberal? I would, I’d love to not be insulted on a regular basis, I’d love to not be stereotyped as a racist hillbilly sister fucker on a regular basis, I’d love to not be generalized as a religious zealot gun nut on a regular basis. I’d love to be able to just be another drone in the line of morons who take their blue pill and never ask questions, constantly slander and point the finger to anyone who disagrees with them, and have the hive mind backing them up at all times. I’d love it, that would sure be great. But I’m far too intelligent for that, and you should be too. If you aren’t moderate or to the right, you are not intelligent. That’s just a fact of the world we live in today, and there is no debating against it.

BUT HEY, Bernie Sanders says white people can’t be poor, and that they don’t know what it’s like to be poor or to live in a ghetto, yet plenty do. That’s a generalization, a gross, disgusting racist generalization. But liberals are okay with it, right? Because he’s your guy. When Bernie does it, it’s because he misspoke, when Trump does it, it’s because he’s an evil awful racist Hitler-like second coming of Satan.

How is Trump racist? The ever un-answerable question. The answer is always “HE SAID THIS -insert out of context misworded quote here'” or “HE SAID THIS!!! -insert entirely fabricated quote here-.”

I suppose the worst part about all of this is that the debate can’t really be had, because every anti-Trump liberal in this country (and abroad) believes Trump is a racist because of foundless, baseless rhetoric perpetuated by the likes of Bernie Sanders and The Young Turks and plenty of other disingenuous coercers. These liberal people who get their news off of Twitter feeds and all they see is either falsified quotes or completely out of context quotes that are half-truths at their very best and are presented in a fashion designed to manipulate the reader/viewer into believing something that is entirely false.

The entire liberal propaganda machine is extremely disingenuous. Happy to say that when Bernie is an anti-white racist it’s because he misspoke, but also happy to take quotes out of context that had a very good and well meaning message behind them and turn them into “racism” to keep hatred afloat, because at the end of the day hatred is how liberals get to do well. If they can convince you to hate then they can continue to stay in power. The entire liberal agenda is powered by hate, yet they’ll say that it’s the conservative agenda that is powered by hate. In reality, and obvious to literally anyone paying attention, the conservative agenda has been in DEFENSE for years because of the liberal propaganda hatred machine that has been pounding at the doors of freedom and liberty for a decade now.


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