Slut Shaming

How is slut-shaming a thing? What I mean is, how did it become a bad thing to look down on women being slutty? In what fucking world is it okay for a woman to conduct herself as trash and not be thought of as trash? Why do we live in a world where we have to make excuses for awful behavior? A slut is a slut, she is used, she is worthless. A girl who allows herself to be fucked by anyone who she isn’t in a relationship with is a girl who is not worthy of a relationship and it’s completely by her own doing. We can use a billion excuses in the book “abusive father”, “just having fun”, “just a phase”, but no matter what you want to blame it on, she’s a used up slut, someone else’s trash, someone else’s cum depository. A girl with no morals is a worthless girl, so why the fuck do we live in a society where the social norm is for girls to sleep around and not be judged for it? It’s not just sex. It’s allowing yourself to be completely naked with another person, it’s her accepting your body inside of her body, it’s accepting the consequences of sex, it’s life, it’s love, it’s passion. Sex should never have become something that people do with random strangers for fun, it should be something important, something that is meaningful, but yet you fucking savages will fuck around like rabbits, going through life without any meaningful relationships because you already stuck your dick in every slut in town so no remotely decent girl will have you, and then you’re stuck fucking gross sluts for the rest of your lives. Fucking so retarded that this is the society we live in, it’s honestly mind blowing that humanity has come to this. You fucking people have lost all sense of civility, all sense of righteousness, all sense of moral compass and any shred of dignity in your culture was destroyed long ago. And the worst part is you actually believe this behavior to be manly, alpha, or cool. You also believe being in a decent relationship is “le fedora beta” shit. It’s retarded. Sorry, but a dude who can manage to stay loyal in long term relationships that means something is a thousand times more “alpha” than some random faggot who fucks(uses) drunk sluts at parties and thinks himself a womanizer. You’re literally everything that is wrong with the world, Fucking insane that people like you exist, fucking insane that humanity has somehow devolved so far into having people like you. It’s a really big fucking deal. It’s just about the biggest fucking deal there is, it is literally THE most intimate thing you can do with another human being. It is the most important thing you can do with someone you love. It’s the pinnacle, it’s the top of the mountain. When you fuck random sluts you cut that mountain down and destroy it, you make it worthless. This is why you don’t consider sex to be important, because to you it isn’t important, because you destroyed the sanctity of it, the importance of it, you ruined one of the most beautiful things in the world for yourself, how does that feel? Knowing you’ll never be able to enjoy one of the FEW fucking wonderful things this life has to offer. You blew it, what was the point? What did you gain through fucking a slut that you couldn’t have gained through jerking off? A notch on the belt? Like anyone gives a fuck? Look at you, you’re fucking worthless. Nobody cares about you, nobody loves you, and it’s pathetic. You did it to yourself though, so certainly not feeling bad for you. You worthless savage mongrel. I fucking wish I were trolling. If I were trolling, if I didn’t believe what I was saying, then I’d just be another simpleton like you fucking ignorant fools. I wish I could be just another simpleton, just another thoughtless mind in a crowd of faceless people, just like you. Being simple has it’s perks, you aren’t smart enough to give a fuck about the horrifying things that are happening to society and culture. So enjoy your fucking dim, vapid, worthless existence. Sex without any sort of attachment or connection to the person you’re having sex with is basically just masturbating with a vagina, using a human that is worthless, continuing the problem, advancing the issue, dare I say empowering the worthless slut to be even more of a worthless slut. Then she’ll complain about how she can never find a guy who sticks around or doesn’t cheat, WELL NO FUCKING SHIT YOU PUT OUT IN A DAY, you let him fuck you before you even knew his last name you worthless pig, of course no one would respect you or want to stick around after that, you got used, but you’ll continue doing it because, well, worthless sluts are worthless sluts.