The Threat Of Uninformed, Uneducated Politics

So a while back, before I was into politics at all, in the late 2000’s there was an uprising within the political sphere of “The Tea Party”. Obviously, at the time I didn’t care to know about any of it, but the narrative that you heard across mainstream culture, and society in general, was that this “Tea Party” was a bunch of racist, redneck hillbillies who wanted to destroy our country. That was the narrative, the popular narrative I may add, and that was what I heard on a regular basis whenever that topic was brought up. Of course, at the time I had no reason to question it, I’ve always believed in the philosophy of “take half of what you hear and believe half of that”, so I didn’t really buy into it, but I certainly wasn’t interested enough at the time to do any research on the topic.

Back then, as a person in my mid to late teens, the only political idea that I knew was that Obama was elected because he was black, that MTV, Comedy Central, Vh1, E!, etc, basically every channel that had anything to do with pop culture or main stream culture in any way whatsoever, was shilling this idea of “Just get out and vote!”. They’d always say “We don’t care WHO you vote for, just make sure you GET OUT AND VOTE!”. To me, at 17 or so, it was a blatantly obvious ploy to get young, ignorant, and uneducated people to go vote. And who does the young, ignorant, and uneducated person vote for? The person who promises them the most free shit, because that’s what people want, right? The old adage of “If it’s free, it’s for me!”. Which is great, free is great, everyone wants free. The problem comes in when people who spend no time beyond the idea of “free” go and cast an uninformed, uneducated vote for someone based off of that promise of “free everything”. On top of that, Barack Obama is black, so even though he was completely unqualified, he ended up with the sympathy vote, the reparation vote, the white guilt vote, the black pride vote, and, of course, the racist vote.

Now, how does this all relate to today? Well, because that problem has basically mass-multiplied with Bernie Sanders. A few months ago I was on Facebook and I saw a girl who I went to high school with, who was raised by conservative parents and was at the very least “right-leaning”, judging from other posts I had seen by her, post the video of Bernie Sanders offering free college, she posted that with the words; “This seems promising! I think I found my candidate!” Of course, I immediately went on a mission to inform this young lady of what exactly “free college” means in the long run, and how that degree that she wants for free would be completely and totally worthless by the end of all of this, and that we would have completely destroyed our educational system in America for something that become worthless immediately upon doing so. Her sister then jumped in and basically said that none of that really matters, because of course, obviously, yes, and reasons.

This is genuinely an epidemic, I know that the chances of Bernie being the nominee are very slim, which ironically is also strictly due to extremely uneducated and uninformed voters who still support Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she’s a CRIMINAL, but I digress. If Bernie WERE to be the nominee, he’d have the vote of so many ignorant people. People who I ABSOLUTELY KNOW would NEVER, EVER vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton if they really knew the full story, are going to be voting for them, because they SIMPLY don’t pay attention to politics beyond the main stream, pop culture narrative spread on Twitter, Facebook, MTV, CNN, and MSNBC (As well as ANY NBC channel for that matter.). All they know is that Trump must be a racist, despite the fact that he isn’t, that Bernie is a good guy looking out for the people, despite the fact that he isn’t, that Hillary is a solid choice, despite the fact that she very much isn’t. Because this is the narrative that the liberal overlords have decided to propagate.

You know, today I was on Facebook and I saw this super indoctrinated Bernie cuck post this meme, which if you can’t read says that the version of History that you were taught in school was heavily revised to favor your own nation’s agenda while hiding it’s crimes. Basically the whole, “America is shit because reasons” argument, on the side of the “American Exceptionalism is wrong” argument… So to this, I responded with;

“What if I told you…

That the extremely vast majority of lessons learned in the history classes I was in were dedicated to indoctrinating the children with the idea that America was a terrible place? It was literally “This is America, where we came in, slaughtered the Indians for no reason, built our country off of the blood of the Indians and the tears of the blacks, we’re the only people to ever enslave human beings, it’s all our fault, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are the saviors of our country, praise them, praise blacks, praise civil rights.”

What if I told you that meme is a complete fucking joke designed to perpetuate an agenda that is a completely false narrative, simply spread to propagate anarchism and pointless hate? I could sure tell you who Rosa Parks was and what she did, but I couldn’t tell you who JFK was, who RFK was, who FDR was, which countries were good or bad in World War II, etc. That shit wasn’t nearly as important as some stubborn black lady, at least not to my extremely liberal history teachers.

And what would you rather be taught? That Communist Russia “wasn’t so bad” after World War II, even though they put completely innocent Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian families into concentration camps that they inherited from Nazi Germany, and gave those family’s belongings to high ranking Russian officials? Which is only the tip of the iceberg, I fully understand that the modern liberal is really just a Communist sympathizer who trusts government over civilians, but I digress. Should they teach that our involvement in Vietnam was for money rather than to stop the spreading of Communism throughout Asia? That we overthrew oppressive regimes and Fascist Communist dictatorships to liberate people around the world, and that a few of them didn’t turn out so well even though plenty of them DID?

This meme is on the wrong side of the facts, anyone with a proper history book knows this, and we can talk about the Gulf of Tonkin all day long but cherry picked, anecdotal and marginalized evidence will never be able to shake cold, hard facts.”

AND OF COURSE, he never responded. Because how can you? I’ve been researching what former liberals say about being a liberal, you know, these people that used to be liberals and eventually grew up and realized that they were completely retarded, and what seems to be the case, more often then not, and actually pretty obvious to anyone with common sense or logic, is that liberals aren’t actually arguing facts vs facts, they aren’t actually interested in the facts of a situation, but much more so about being “right”, which obviously a contradictory idea considering you can’t be “right” without the facts being on your side HOWEVER, you can be “right” in a debate should you perform mental mind games with the person who you are debating. So, what does this mean? It means that liberals will not use your facts and logic to change their opinions, but that they’ll actually completely DISREGARD your facts and logic when faced with them, and will still stick to their guns, or lack there-of I suppose, no matter what, because in the end it’s not about being FACTUALLY correct, but simply being able to articulate your illogical, irrational points better than the person you are debating. Which of course, is why they can never debate people like myself who, pardon my ego, are always far more articulate and possess a much greater capacity of intellect.


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