Will The Division Live Up To The Hype?

The Division is in a peculiar position. It seems like tons of people want it to be super hardcore, high stakes, somewhat grindy, super customizable experience like a DayZ. Some people want it to be a super casual easy going friendly RPG experience like a FFXIV. Many people want some watered down middle ground of the two… I err on the side of super hardcore, high stakes gameplay.  With that said, there already seems to be road blocks in what I want. I’ve read that a player who enters “the dark zone” (which is supposed to be a more hardcore competitive gaming experience) and shoots other random players on sight will basically become wall hacked to where any enemy remotely close to his vicinity will be able to see where he is at all times and that he’ll have a bounty on his head promoting that other players go kill him. Which would mean that should I want to play the game as a lone wolf, kill on sight, take the loot badass, then not only will I not be rewarded for out skilling TEAMS OF PLAYERS but I will actually be strictly punished for doing so.

This is a result of Socialism in gaming, as I’ve talked about in the past. It seems like every game, even games that are supposed to be more hardcore, are becoming glorified clones of World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, etc. All designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I mean, look at Rainbow Six Siege. It seems like with every update comes new, awful implementations that are solely designed to cut out competitive nature, cut out hardcore gameplay, reduce the skill gap, and of course, pander to and coddle shit players. First, they changed the detection time from :05 seconds to :02 seconds. The detection time is the time it takes for a player on the Defender team to be “detected” upon leaving the confines of the structure that the objective is in. So what this means is that, before you could hop out a window, run across a balcony and flank the Attacking team, clean up sick kills, and slap some bad players who weren’t listening or watching their flank. Obviously, it was high risk, high reward, and it took skill, tact, and timing to pull it off just right. Especially considering that ones you are detected they literally get a big “ENEMY DETECTED OUTSIDE” flashing across the top of their screen and your specific location is displayed on their screen for the time that you spend outside beyond that :05 seconds. Literally a wallhack, not to mention the fact that as a Defender your entire screen goes orange and blurry the second you walk outside, which is unrealistic and stupid in and of itself, completely unfair and unbalanced to begin with, but I digress. NOW, you barely have time to walk through a door before the entire enemy team gets a wallhack telling them your exact location. Now, personally I feel like the orange tint needs to go away, the blurriness needs to go away, the timer should be 0 seconds and the detection should be changed from a wallhack to a simple red ping that gets refreshed every few seconds. And then they had the nerve to insert an auto-kick feature should you team kill too many times. Guess what? If someone on my team is being a complete fucking retard, they’re going to get a bullet in the head, and I’m not going to care at that point if it kicks me or not, because they deserve the virtual bullet in the head, and I refuse to coddle their retardation for even a second. If I come around the corner and you panic and shoot me even once, there will be a bullet in your head. If I tell you to use a Thermite patch on a specific wall, and you go the other direction and die, next round you will receive a bullet in your head. If I’m in a room and you drop a fucking Cluster Charge on my head, should I escape that alive, you will receive a bullet in your head, and should I die, you will receive a bullet in your head at the very start of the next round. And NOW I have to be punished for refusing to coddle this blatant retardation. I’m sorry, but the lesson learned in accepting your fate should you make grand mistakes like that in a game like this is far more important to me than winning or losing.

The point of bringing all of this up is to say that, undoubtedly, the same logic will go into The Division, as already evidenced by the completely nonsensical restrictions placed on playstyles within “the dark zone”. It will only get worse, people. Video games will become more soft, more pussified, input more coddling, more pandering, and the chances of seeing a genuine, uncompromising, quality AAA title ever again seem to be drifting further and further away.

I think we can bring this all back to the fact that “the lowest common denominator” within the human race happens to also be “the majority” of the human race. When compromise of integrity is done for the sake of game sales it proves that most of the people buying games are fucking garbage at them, and that means that, since most human beings, at least in America, play video games, that most human beings are fucking pathetic.

All I can think about in this instance is my favorite game of all time… Final Fantasy 11. I played that game off and on from the time I was 13 til last year, with breaks spanning a few months to a few years, and I can honestly say that it was easily the most rewarding, fun game I’ve ever played in my life. And that’s a game that many people stopped playing after 10 levels because it was “boring”, which in reality just meant “too hard”. I happily watched them rage quit, I stuck to the grind, and after years of playing off and on and restarting a few times due to my ADD, as well as being like 15 at the time, finally got to the max level, finally saw all my hard work pay off, and then finally got to THE REAL GAME, which is end game. The biggest disappointment in gaming that I’ve ever faced was Final Fantasy 14, which was originally somewhat similar to Final Fantasy 11 in regards to effort, challenge, reward, and excitement, was scrapped and turned into literally the worst game I’ve ever played in my entire life, A Realm Reborn. A World of Warcraft clone where you reached max level within 2 days and completed the hardest task in the game within two weeks. The entire game revolves much more around sitting in town using emotes with your sexless friends in your “vanity gear” of bikinis and chocobo outfits, or riding your fat chocobo or similarly hokey, gimmicky mount to your house that serves no purpose within the game other than being a sinkhole for money since they never added anything else to the game to spend your money on.

To think that a game like Final Fantasy 11 may very well never exist again is really a bummer. I’d call it depressing, but that would be giving too much credit to those Socialist pandering FUCKS… Maybe infuriating is the right word. Infuriating that there are more pathetic, sackless, spineless, vagina lips in this world than men who want a challenge and competition, high risk and high reward, especially in something as silly as a video game, which at the end of the day shouldn’t be a big deal should you win or lose, but somehow our society and culture has devolved SO FUCKING MUCH that not only are you given participation medals for real life sports that you didn’t win in, but you also get to have games that are dumbed down so that you don’t get your feelings hurt when you get slapped in it.

Will The Division live up to the hype? Maybe, if you are one of those pathetic, feckless vaginas. Sure, it sounds like your cup of tea. But for a lot of us, we were really excited for what The Division seemingly was originally intended to be, and I just don’t see it happening that way anymore. Will it be a good game? Maybe by today’s disgusting standards, but not by yesterdays, and not by the standards that I will continue to cling to.


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