The War For Space

It’s December 2047. The war only just started three months ago today, and already so many lives have been lost. Some are calling it the war for space, some call it the war for the human race… Some people call it World War III, but that seems a bit ironic considering it is fought as a means of leaving this world.

For so long human beings were convinced “man made climate change” was going to end us… It turns out, they were half right. For decades upon decades the planet was warming. Some thought it was just a cyclical thing that would fix itself. Most thought it was because of man kind polluting the atmosphere. It turns out the earth’s inner core was burning through the layers and getting closer to the outer crust. Now we’re here, scientists predict the earth only has 6 more months of capabilities to sustain life…  America, china, the soviet union, united kingdom, Japan, and the Nordic union all began to work together to build a self contained space station. Then it was built… Fully functional… And that is when peace ended… You see, all of the sudden each nation realized that there was only enough space for so many people and then war broke out. It started when Russia bombed the NASA headquarters in America. There are no allies in this war, only nations vying for the space station that they feel they deserve. The Nordic Union helped Russia at first, but then turned in each other. The Socialists thought they could count on the Communists, but in the end this issue was one of life and death, not political philosophies.

Once the attacks started, small nukes were being used like simple RPGs, civilian targeting wasn’t an issue, the Geneva convention was thrown out the window. Then it happened… Libya blew up the space station with a semi truck loaded with nuclear explosives. I suppose in an “If we can’t have it, no one can.” train of thought… Immediately the middle East was wiped off the map, by Russia, America, China, Japan and England. Massive nukes were dropped on innocent places full of civilians. Former allies Israel and Turkey were considered simple collateral damage and everything from Serbia to mid Africa was leveled.

The world was so invested in conflict, in offense and defense, that none of the countries even seemed to care about the space station anymore. It was an afterthought. Decades of built up frustration and blame all came out at once and all the biting of the tongue that was necessary to keep the peace for so long was unleashed in a fury so vast that it made every war in history combined look like child’s play. Civilizations were decimated, billions dead all around the world… I suppose the human race thought the only way to save itself from certain doom… Was to self destruct…

That’s where we come in. We are the black list, a team of scientists from around the world dedicated to staying alive. We have no allegiances to countries, as most of our countries do not exist anymore. My name is Jason Korelli, 36, white, born in Boston MA May 7th 2011, I’m a history guy, sure I’m a scientist but I know what worked when why and how, I have lessons learned and use them to form my strategies going forward. My partners are Sarah Lylase, 32, born in Paris France, she’s a master chemist and crafter. Aldul Jibah, 38, born in Jordan, he’s a doctor, his knowledge in biological warfare it’s second to none. Toroka Nikata, 22, born in South Korea. This kid is a math wiz, I swear he has a calculator in his brain. And finally, Zera Klitchsov, 27, born in Crimea, formally Ukraine. She grew up under Russian oppression and rule I’m the 20’s and 30’s, before becoming a refugee and coming to America where she became a nuclear physicist.

Together, our only hope is to survive. We hope that there are other people like us out there, bunkered down working on a way to allow the human race to make it past these days of darkness… We have a long way to go…


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