Glenn Beck, Bernie Sanders Biggest Fan

Glenn Beck has been against Donald Trump ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America. From the jump, he has hated him. His website, The Blaze, is literally flooded with defamation and slander, devoted to indoctrinating people away from Donald Trump, and even insulting those who believe in Donald Trump.

Hey Glenn Beck, when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are taking 50% of my middle class income that was supposed to be used to feed my family, all because you intentionally decided to turn so many of your audience away from what would be “the lesser of two evils” in even the worst instance, in even the worst case scenario. Glenn, will you be personally handing me checks to cover that 50% of my lost income, or will those be coming through the mail…? Paypal? Direct transfer? Just let me know when you need it and I’ll get you the routing number. Thanks in advance, Glenn.

Or will you just turn a blind eye and pretend like you weren’t directly responsible for the downfall of America and the “berning” of western civilization as we know it? Do you “feel the bern” Glenn? Do you? Because I do. I feel the burn, I feel the burning of western civilization as we know it, I feel the burning of freedom, of democracy, of the Republic, of independence, of American culture, of the Constitution… Glenn, will you deny your responsibility in the inevitable grasp that Communism will take on America? Will you believe somewhere within yourself that you in fact aren’t a key player in the downfall of America, of freedom, of independence, of the middle class? Now, I know, you’re a millionaire. You’re rich, it doesn’t matter, you’ll just leave, but I’ll be stuck here, my son will be stuck here, and he’ll be suffering because of your poor decisions. Tell me Glenn, will you feel bad? Will you think of me, the American, the hard worker, the majority, the middle class, the working class, the devoted father, the loving husband, the patriot, the constitutionalist, the Libertarian? Or will you be too busy living it up in Switzerland with Pat and Stu and your legion of puppets?

Glenn, you claim to be a Libertarian. Which would state that you are as diametrically opposed to Socialism as humanly possible… And in that case, how can you, in good conscience, advocate that people “just stay home” if Donald Trump becomes the nominee? How can you in good conscience advocate that Donald Trump would be the death of the GOP? How can you in good conscience pretend that Donald Trump even on his worst day could be even remotely close to as horrifying as Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? How can you sleep at night knowing that you’re turning people against their best interest.

I’m sorry, but no, I’m not voting for Donald Trump in the primaries. But you know what? It certainly seems like he’s going to be the nominee, and when he is, I’ll be voting for him. Happily, I might add. Because you can defame him all you want, with these completely absurd articles about how he speaks at a 4th grade level… But at the end of the day, will it be worth it? Hey, I’m a big fan of Ted Cruz, and if Ted Cruz wins then I’ll be elated, but the way to get Ted Cruz into the white house is absolutely and very obviously NOT by slandering Donald Trump on a daily basis and telling your loyal audience to “just stay home” should he be the nominee! You’re literally handing the white house to Communism, to restriction, to repression, to oppression, to regulations, to the detriment of myself, more importantly my family, and every single person I know, and every single person THEY know.

You can call Donald Trump divisive all you want, but aren’t you just as bad? Is the best way to fight divisiveness to divide people even further? There are plenty of Muslims who support Trump, there are plenty of Mexicans who support Trump, there are plenty of Black people who support Trump… But you have been steadily chipping away at the majority of his supporters, the white American middle class, for far too long now, and it is time that someone calls you out on it, because you’re not being a good American, you’re not even being a good human being. You have become a detriment to the country, and I hope that you can come out of this sooner than later and realize the extreme hypocrisy that you’ve been involved in for the past six months, for the good of yourself, for the good of the country, and for the good of man kind at large.


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