Fed Up With Liberal Nonsense

I have spent a lot of time and effort making videos that were specifically designed to find unity with people of opposing political ideologies. I tried my best to delve deeply into that philosophy, this idea that we are all human beings, that we are all worthy of respect, that we are all capable of understanding, that we are all capable of having empathy for one another, that we shouldn’t insult people who disagree with us, that we shouldn’t degrade people who were taught to believe that which we weren’t,  and that we are all just people, that we should just be better to one another and discuss things civilly…

But guess what? Each and every video that I posted with that train of thought became over run with dislikes and people mindlessly attacking me in the comments section. Every video where I said that we should have civil discourse ended up being flooded with thoughtless aggression from typical liberal morons. So I’m giving up on that dream, but don’t you dare blame me for it. I tried, I gave you all the benefit of the doubt. This is a new me, even further from this pathetic idea that liberals are worthy of my respect, even further from this ridiculous notion that communists are just seeing things from a different point of view. Sorry, you’re not, if you are a liberal you are one of three things; Ignorant, Indoctrinated, or blatantly imbecilic. There is no getting around this, you are a fool, you have eaten the poisoned apple and fallen into the traps that cultural Marxism (BUZZ WORDS!) has laid out for you. You’re the sheep walking into the grinder, you’re the fool groveling at the feet of your master dying for a piece of the pie, as if sucking the dicks of the puppetmasters will save you in the end, as if you aren’t just another cog in the wheel in a machine that is joyously rolling right off of a steep cliff.

You’re a cancer to the world, you’re everything that’s wrong with this world, and I certainly won’t be the one to do anything beyond calling it out because I’m against violence, but I promise you that should things like karma exist, you will be the one to experience it’s better taste sooner than later. You push for oppression, you push for tyranny, you don’t appreciate the rights given to you simply for being born in this country, you don’t appreciate the members of our military who gave their blood for you to live free, you’ll pretend that a murdering rapist deserves to live because the death penalty is wrong but you’re fine with killing off the babies in the wombs simply because of this artificial and nonsensical idea of population control. How about this, how about we choose the innocent over the guilty, how about we spare the lives of the innocent, should you choose to be the decider of life and death as you so clearly want to be, leaving the life or lack there-of of an innocent child up to the worthless, disgusting, heathenistic mother who decided to bend over for a stranger at a party, a party that she shouldn’t have been at in the first place.  Oh, she got raped? Well, did that baby rape her? Didn’t think so.

You’re all so completely and totally backwards, almost every point of interest is directly oppositical to the next. “Don’t objectify me sexually, but DON’T YOU DARE SLUT SHAME ME! I’m pro-middle class, and I’m also pro-taxing them more! I’m for gun free zones, because I want to make sure that those people who want to slaughter innocent human beings don’t walk into a school or movie theater with a gun, these people will follow this law, I just know it! Nobody should have to work for 40 hours a week and still live in poverty! BUT I DO think that those people should pay more in taxes… IT’S MY BODY, MY CHOICE, EVEN THOUGH IT’S DEFINITELY MY CHILD’S BODY AND SHOULDN’T BE MY CHOICE! Drugs should be legal because of reasons and even though it did terrible things to Colorado’s economy it should still be legal because of reasons! CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, DESPITE SCIENTIFIC FACTUAL NUMBERS THAT PROVE THE GLOBE HASN’T WARMED IN 18 YEARS! TERRORISM IS BECAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE! TERRORISM IS BECAUSE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT! Don’t YOU DARE generalize Muslims as terrorists or black people as criminals BUT FUCK YOU FOR BEING AN INBRED REDNECK HILLBILLY JESUS FREAK GUN NUT REPUBLITARD!!!!!! Wait… Was it the woman’s fault for being raped by the Muslim or the Muslims fault for raping her…. Oh no, this is too hard, NO ONE IS AT FAULT! I’m a dumb white bitch who has been indoctrinated with this literally insane bullshit so I’m going to use my pussy as reparations for the all-mighty black because they wuz kings and sheeit!”

This is our world, these are the human beings that inhabit it, and you know what? I’m done. I’m sick of coddling them, I’m sick of pretending that they are my equal, I’m sick of having to convince myself that these people aren’t all just horrible, disgusting excuses for life and that they actually deserve to even TALK to me let alone have my attention for valid discussions. Empathy is a joke, liberals are all completely fucking retarded, and I am done trying to pretend that that’s not the case.


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