I’ll start by saying that some of this doesn’t apply to PC where you have a much better control of your aim therefore things like headshots actually come down to skill rather than luck. I play on Xbox One, so all of this is specific to my time on that. I’ve been playing since the first beta and I’m level 60 in game currently.

So, I love this game, I’ve always loved this game, I’ve loved basically every Ubisoft shooter game in the past 10 years, and I rarely find much wrong with the actual gameplay itself. That said, there are a few things within this game that do detract from any potential competition…

You see, to me, a competition is a completely fair, balanced test of the skills of two opposing forces. There seems to be too much randomization within this game for it to be truly competitive, as many deaths end up simply being a case of luck vs there lack there-of.

Now, this first point I’ll make, and this may upset some people, is that 100% damage headshots are, in fact, not competitive. The truth is that, whether you deem it realistic or not (Across the map from a pistol insta kill because it hit my character, who has a helmet on? Super realistic), the actual mechanic itself does in fact detract from a balanced system in that what should be about who shoots first, who had better aim, and who put more bullets into the other person, very often turns into “whoever got luckier spraying at the bad guy”. Now, I know, there is a point where the headshots DO take skill, but to argue that most headshots in the game don’t come down to pure luck is to argue against a fact.

Along this same issue is an issue with shields. Currently, on console, a shield player can aim in peg you with shots while only the very top of his head is revealed. Now, on PC it might be very easy to aim in right on their head but console is a very different story, even the best players have a hard time nailing that headshot regularly and all the while you’re being peppered by pistol bullets. At first, I’d just rush and knife shield players, but the knife is extremely unreliable in this game and most of the time even if you’re aiming at their body it will hit their shield and do nothing over and over again, and then they get to melee you and instantly down you, which in itself is a complete joke, but I digress. It’s to the point where if I don’t have any explosives I will simply try to run off and hope to flank the shield player without getting shot by another player in the meantime.

In line with that, Blitz has the ability to spam his flashbulb. Now, I know that it only has 5 charges, but when he can use it over and over again it won’t matter if he misses one because he can literally just use it again a second later. This is completely ridiculous, I’ve been flashed for a total of like 15 seconds by one Blitz player in a 1v1 situation at the end of the round. Only to then knife him three times in the face and have it bounce off the shield for no reason. This is not competitive, this had nothing to do with skill, this was a blatantly unbalanced situation with no redeeming qualities.

Now, we all know that the netcode has a lot of problems, that is something that branches out to all platforms and is noted by many already so I don’t really need to speak on it but it’s good to note it again, I suppose. Aside from that, there are certainly some more flaws within the mechanics of the game. Like how the bigger your characters helmet is, the easier it is to get insta killed by a rogue headshot. Characters like Tachanka, Jager, Bandit, Rook, and IQ have a strict, distinct disadvantage over characters like Mute, Sledge, Thermite, etc. It’s to the point where the best character is simply the character with the smallest headshot hitbox, guns and gadgets don’t matter nearly as much as how big your helmet is, in this game at least.

Anyway, the whole point of all of this, and the tl/dr, I suppose, would be to say that luck should not play a part in a game that is supposed to be so focused on competitive, hardcore gaming. This game was sold as a very competitive game, and by the nature of the word “competitive”, it needs to be more balanced, and less reliant on luck over skill.

To end this post that will surely get many downvotes and have people calling me bad at the game for no reason, I will say that I do enjoy this game, I love this game, my k/d is solid, my w/l is solid, and that is with usually just playing with randoms in ranked. I love the way this game is set up, and these really are the only complaints I have for the game, and I’ll again state that most of these problems probably aren’t that big of a deal on PC.

Have a great day, and I hope you don’t insult me too much in the comments below.


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