Being Born White in America

I am not one to victimize myself, I’m not one to play the victim. I’m not one to act like I am owed anything in this world, however I do notice a very disturbing trend in America today. In that, being born a lower class white male American is actually the worst starting hand you can get in this country, the way this world is currently configured. Everywhere we look you’ll find affirmative action, minority tuition programs, minority training programs, all of these programs in every corporation in every facet of American culture that is designed to fight racism, however it is strictly racist. Positive racism is still racism, you cannot be against negative racism and for positive racism, because that in and of itself is still strictly inherently racist. Racist against every white person who isn’t born into something in this country.

Every ounce of worth, every modicum of fortune, every instance of forward momentum gained by any lower class white American male in this country is purely gained through hard work, determination, work ethic, talent, and luck. You don’t get discounts for college simply because of the color of your skin, you don’t get training programs at your work simply because of the color of your skin, you don’t get special scholarships, you don’t get better grades than you deserve simply because of the color of your skin… Meanwhile every other race gets those exact luxuries. And all the while, blame ME for all of their shortcomings, blame me for everything wrong with their life, blame me for everything wrong with America, blame me for everything bad that has ever happened to them. “America is racist, white people are racist, the system is racist, everything is out to get me! It has nothing to do with the fact that my mother didn’t take good care of me, that my father didn’t stick around to raise me right, that I didn’t pay any attention in school, that I spent all my money on drugs and clothes and now can’t afford to eat. It’s the cop’s fault that I broke the law and got in trouble, the cop is racist for arresting me after I broke the law, the cop is racist for forcibly arresting me when I resisted arrest, the cop is racist for using force when I threatened their lives!”

Google did a study, shown here, showing where “the most racist places in America” are. What is truly funny about this study is that, while it is done by a far left organization, it actually proves something against their agenda. If you look at this chart, you’ll see that the places you’d typically expect to be “racist” aren’t actually racist, according to this study of course. You’d expect every red state to be the most racist places in America, but what you actually find is that the most “racist” places are actually the inner cities with the highest black populations. What this proves is that racism is not founded within being Republican, as, according to this study a lot of the most racist places are actually found within blue states. What it really shows is that racism is brought on by continued exposure to the behavior of the lower class black culture in America. How racist of me to acknowledge this, yeah?

But anyway, to get back to the point of this commentary; For every person who gets unfair advantages by being a minority in America, you have a white person who is being strictly oppressed in America. How are they being oppressed? Well, it’s pretty simple, really. There are only so many spots in college, there are only so many jobs in a certain company, there are only so many places for advancement in education, career, and wealth… For each black person who gets an unfair advantage, you get a white person who was not able to get the job that they deserved simply because the other person happened to be a darker pigmentation, despite the fact that, in this scenario, the black person was the less worthy candidate who was given an unfair advantage, so the more qualified, more worthy candidate who happened to be white did not get to see their worth realized because they were born white in America.

Affirmative action is racism. I don’t see race, I see people. Affirmative action is for people who see race, in other words, racists. You can not be against negative racism and for positive racism, that just doesn’t work. You have to fight racism on all fronts, not just the racism that hurts your feelings. Now, I know the comments will be flooded with people saying that “Affirmative action is only there to balance out the systematic racism that is already present in America.” But, let’s be honest, the systematic racism that you are referring to is simply a term thought up to coddle those who refuse personal accountability. It’s a ideology created by black people to make themselves feel better about their personal faults, their personal flaws, and their personal shortcomings. When they didn’t get the job, it must be because of racism. When they broke a traffic law and got a speeding ticket, it must be because of racism. When they didn’t pay attention in school and got bad grades, it must be because of racism. When they didn’t perform their job well enough, they must have been fired because of racism.

Anything to point the finger, anything to redirect the blame onto someone other than themselves, anything to coddle their own SPECIFIC inferiority. Not the inferiority of the black race, because that isn’t a real thing, but specific people ARE inferior to others, regardless of race, and those people refuse to acknowledge that they fucked up when they fucked up, instead if must be someone else’s fault, some other underlying reason for their failures. Reassign responsibility, coddle one’s self, wallow in mediocrity forever.


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