To you, my liberal human peer

I hope you listen to all of this, I hope you see me as another human being, a human being with the same end game as you, hoping to make sure the world, our at the very least our country, is a better, safer place… I hope you have empathy as you listen to this, to try and see things from someone else’s perspective. Echo chambers can be bad, but what can be worse is when you impose the opposition upon yourself without actually listening to what they are saying.

Do you agree with the far left extremism that is overtaking America? I mean, these people in positions of power like Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama, sympathizing with terrorists over the victims of terrorism, using tragedies as a launching pad for their hopes for disarmament, saying things like “ISIS is not Islamic” even though the first I stands for Islamic… The fact that there are more radical Muslims in the world than there are United States citizens, yet these people want to cater to them even more, invite even more here, for free, over people who deserve it more…?

I don’t support Donald Trump. He’d have my vote over a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, but not over a Jim Webb had he been the Democratic candidate. Obviously not about R or D, simply about people are who would be better for the country. Far left extremism is a pandemic. Donald Trump is only doing well because of the extreme polarization caused by the left and their extreme dissonance. In a normal election we’d have Jim Webb vs Marco Rubio, moderate D vs moderate R, two people that the entirety of America SHOULD have been able to get behind… Two people that, regardless of who won, the American people wouldn’t feel disheartened by the results. I mean, in the extremely polarized state of America today, if Clinton wins, half the country feels like America is dead forever. If Trump wins, half the country feels like America is dead forever. Is that okay? Who is to blame? Well, George Bush, certainly, Barack Obama, certainly. George Bush’s faults and failures pushed so many to the left, Barack Obama’s faults and failures pushes so many to the right. But, the issue is that George Bush’s failures make people stereotype and generalize all Republican candidates, people like John Kasich who couldn’t be further from George Bush still get lumped in with him simply because of the R in front of their name. Extremely close minded, but nonetheless, it happens. Meanwhile, almost everything that Barack Obama has implemented that have been drastically terrible for the country would be FURTHERED by someone like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, and even though those policies have been put to the test and have been genuinely awful for people like you and I, that doesn’t matter. You know, the whole adage of “The literal definition of insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again, and expecting a different result.”, but with Bernie Sanders it’s actually “Doing the same thing, only this time to a much further, much more dangerous extent, and expecting a better result.”

I don’t know, I hate that America is so polarized. You know, when Bill Clinton won, nobody threatened to leave the country over it, nobody got depressed about the horrifying prospects that it imposed, nobody lost faith in humanity or their country at large. But here we have it, people like me extremely afraid of Bernie Sanders, people like you extremely afraid of Donald Trump, two extremists, two people who love the polarization in America, two people whose success is strictly determined by said polarization… I wish we could all see past this “fight fire with fire” attitude that seems to have over taken everyone, I’d take a moderate Democrat over a far right Republican any day of the week, but I’ll take a far right Republican over a far left Democrat any day of the year. I think that Donald Trump will lose his momentum soon, at least I hope so, I mean if Marco Rubio is the nomination it’s a guaranteed win against Hillary or Bernie, so we can only hope that happens and we get a president of unity and common ground over one of polarization and forced-taxes, forced-regulations, forced-oppression on the middle and upper class…

I don’t know you, but I want you to know that I appreciate you. As a person, as my brother or sister in humanity. I know, this all sounds like ridiculous liberal horse shit, but I really mean it. I believe we should all treat each other with more respect, treat each other to more civil discourse, more unity, more compassion. If we all had more empathy, then we wouldn’t be so divided. If we all had more compassion, then we wouldn’t be so polarized and we wouldn’t believe in these figureheads of polarization… If we all instilled within ourselves a more dire need for common ground, the world would have less war, less hate, less violence, and less anger. I promise that every word of this is only to try to break through with a different point of view, a different light on the subject. None of it was meant to insult your views or you as a person. I am done trying to fight fire with fire, I want to fight fire with compassion. I want to fight polarization with unity. I want to end the divide, not further it. So let’s work together to do that. Stay golden.


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