“Common Sense Gun Laws” Lack Common Sense.

Democrats call for “common sense gun laws” after each act of violence in the United States. These “common sense gun laws” actually lack all common sense. Now, to stop any preconceived notions or assumptions ahead of time, I don’t own guns, I’ve never been hunting, I’m not, as the kids say, “an amurkin”. I’m just a guy who believes in common sense, logic, and rationale over most things.

Now, let’s talk about gun laws. Gun laws are supposed to stop gun violence, right? Well, if we look at Australia and UK, we’ll see that when they banned guns, gun violence.. Went up! Crazy, isn’t it? I mean, how could gun violence go up if guns are banned? Well… I suppose we should look at drugs here in America… You see, an absurd percentage of Americans smoke marijuana on a regular basis. I disagree with this vehemently, however, as a libertarian I can’t say that marijuana should be illegal so long as alcohol isn’t. But, I digress. 14 year old, white, well-off typical suburban kids are able to obtain marijuana and smoke it. Easily, I might add. The vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated by human beings with unregistered, illegal firearms. So, how does banning guns make gun violence worse? Pretty simple, really, when you take guns away from the law abiding citizens who obtained their guns legally, through proper avenues, the people who handled them righteously and safely, but can never account for the masses of unregistered, illegal firearms… You’re putting a mouse into a snake cage, a feeder fish into a piranha tank, a cake in front of a big girl. How’s that for morality?

Banning guns has never been a good thing for good people, and there’s nothing that liberals can do to change that fact. Because there’s only one place you can go with that information, it’s not like you can just shrug it all off and still assume that your plans would work, because your plans have been used already and DIDN’T WORK. So instead of pushing the agenda for your liberal overlords without any form of free thought, how about you and I work together to try and find a way to stop mass violence from happening. Because isn’t that the end game, for you and I? Isn’t the end game simply to stop mass violence? So let’s find a way to stop mass violence, because we both know that banning guns isn’t the solution to that problem. You and I, liberal and conservative, we have common ground in this issue. We both agree that death is a terrible thing, that violence on innocent people is a terrible thing, that we have a duty to our neighbors, friends, family, and their neighbors, friends, and family, to do what we can to stop or at the very least curb violent acts against good people in this country and around the world. The problem with the way you want to do it is that it will only regress and impede upon our rights, as well as our safety, and it will in no way hinder a lunatic’s will to kill you and I and everyone we know. The agenda is not put in place to stop mass violence, it isn’t put in place to stop gang violence, it is put in place to take something from you. Your liberal overlords do not wish for guns to be banned so that mass violence doesn’t happen, they wish for guns to be banned for ulterior motives that would leave you and I in dire need of a gun.

I believe in the constitution. But, that wasn’t indoctrinated in me by my parents, I didn’t grow up with an American flag on my wall praising Jesus and going hunting. I grew up playing video games, skateboarding, and learning how to play music. I believe in the constitution because if you look at the world in it’s current state, along with the history of this world, in an unbiased fashion, you’ll come to one logical conclusion which is that the constitution is what separates America from all the European countries that I’d never ever want to call my home. The constitution is the greatest thing in America, maybe the greatest thing in the course of man kind. It is what keeps us free. Now, I know that’s just a buzz word to many liberals watching this video right now. They don’t like what they perceive to be buzz words. To them, they hear words like “freedom”, “independence”, “communist”, and “socialist”, and immediately stop listening. They stop hearing what you’re saying, those words have no context, those words have no meaning. They roll into an ear and immediately drool out the other side. To me, the idea of being “free” is not a buzz word, the idea of being “free” is one of the only ideas worth caring about. We don’t have a right to own guns so that we can shoot deer, we don’t have a right to own guns so that we can shoot burglars, although it helps that we can. We have a right to own guns so that what happened in Kosovo in the late 90’s doesn’t happen to us. So that what happened in Lithuania post World War II does not happen to us. So that what happened in Germany in World War II does not happen to us. So that what happened in Serbia in World War I does not happen to us. You see, to liberals it’s all tin foil hat nonsense, the idea of oppression, the idea of human beings perpetrating atrocities upon other human beings, it’s insane, paranoid, conspiracy theory nonsense. I vehemently disagree, because even if it has the potential to never happen should we get rid of our right to guns, it still would have a much higher potential to happen should we get rid of our right to guns. And that is not okay with me. For my son, for his eventual children, and for theirs, we must appreciate the constitution for what it grants us.

Political correctness is a national epidemic. We had a lady who was afraid to call police on her neighbor who was getting packages delivered regularly by Arab men in turbans and huge beards. That neighbor then went and killed 14 people with his fat, ugly wife. The lady could have saved those innocent people’s lives. That’s a fact. But instead, she was afraid to. Why? Because in America, we shame people over things like the clock kid, you know, because a white kid bringing something that looked like a bomb to school would just go over soooo well… Meanwhile, we denounce “slut shaming” and “fat shaming”, which is ridiculous, happily coddling people who have things to fix within themselves. What kind of backwards society are we living in where you aren’t allowed to call a whore a whore, you aren’t allowed to call a terrorist a terrorist, you aren’t allowed to call a she-beast a she-beast, but you ARE allowed to say that cops are racist evil oppressors, the Republican party are racist evil oppressors, white people are racist evil oppressors, straight men are homophobic evil oppressors, people against illegal immigration are xenophobic evil oppressors, and people who are for gun rights are terrorist evil oppressors…

I suppose this is just the times we’re living in. I’m sure the generation raised by these far left social justice warriors will be far-right, the pendulum swings to and fro, the world denounces freedom, sees oppression, and hopefully goes running straight back into the arms of freedom. It’s not about being afraid, it’s about ensuring that atrocities are not committed against good people. It’s not about being paranoid, it’s about ensuring that human beings don’t take advantage of other human beings on a massive scale…


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