15 Year Old Sues Obama Over Climate Change

15 year old Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh sues the United States President Barack Obama for not doing enough to combat “climate change”.

This is a quote from this young man;
“We’re calling out our government. We’re calling out the people that are supposed to be representing us, representing the people representing our voices. For their lack of action, the Obama administration for their lack of action. They have failed to adequately protect the climate for our generation and those to follow. They have immensely failed at that,”

I believe that the world hasn’t warmed in 18 years because that is a factual statement and I believe that just about every global warming prediction ended up being completely and totally disproven by time, they changed the name to “climate change” to get out of being wrong about it being warming. The globe’s climate changes, it’s as simple as that, it has always happened throughout the course of history and to say that it is because of rising CO2’s despite the fact that CO2’s have strictly risen yet the world hasn’t warmed in 18 years, it’s completely ridiculous. I believe in climate change, because that’s a natural occurrence, the climate changes, it always has, and if it happens to end the human race then there is simply nothing we can do to stop it from happening, so instead of destroying our own economy and ruining the quality of lives for millions of Americans how about we put our scientists to work trying to find some way, some how, for the human race to endure whatever pending doom may be awaiting us.

The name “climate change” disturbs me greatly because it is a representation of failed, flawed “science” that was disproven by time, you know the different between theoretical science and experimental science as it were, global warming was a theoretical science, time decided to make it an experimental science, and it failed that test. So how dare we be okay with calling it “climate change”? It’s such a cop out, this is what you said it was, you said it was warming due to this this and this, yet here we are after the test of time and you refuse to just admit you were wrong about it instead you say that now those same things are still causing the climate to change but it isn’t warming anymore it’s just changing, changing in what way? It stayed warm? It didn’t get colder, so it didn’t change from the status quo of what it already was, which was warmer than 18 years ago. Honestly climate change feels like one of those things, like religion, that has no purpose of opposition. People are so insanely steadfastly rooted within it that it doesn’t matter how I talk about it because no matter what I’m wrong, no matter what I’m ignorant, no matter if I state facts, statistics, evidence of any kind, these things don’t matter. The only thing that matters to these people is the number “97”, as in “97% of scientists agree that you’re wrong!”. They will spout that, over and over again, without any cognition of the actual argument that it poses. The argument that it poses is that scientists are incapable of faults, which is disproven by the earlier statement that their theoretical science of “Global Warming” was disproven by time. But, that doesn’t matter to these people. Scientists are right, no matter what, always. As if scientists are gods among men, incapable of incorrectly theorizing something. Scientists, to these people, are popes and priests. The vicar of all things worth believing in. I’m sorry, but as an irreligious young man I find myself disgusted by that. I don’t believe in religions, so I don’t understand how these young atheist kids believe that climate change is real beyond any factual evidence that denies it?

And meanwhile we have our president is over at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, focused more on climate change than ISIS, of course, because everything comes before ISIS, which as you can recall, is not “Islamic”, despite ISIS literally standing for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. Whatever. You know, Obama’s over there giving his words on the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, saying that “This kind of thing just doesn’t happen in other countries, we need to find a bipartisan solution to fix this.” This, of course, being guns. Meanwhile, he’s literally in a city that was just attacked on a scale that left 10x the people dead compared to the one in San Bernardino. In a place with EXTREMELY STRICT GUN LAWS. But again, whatever. There’s no common ground to be found with these people. You can’t make good points, that’s just a fact. No matter what you say, no matter how the numbers back you up, no matter how the evidence backs you up, no matter how you phrase it, no matter how much empathy you give them, they will never give it back. You’re an idiot, you’re a fool, you’re ignorant. You’re going to lead to the downfall of mankind and the planet as a whole with your can of hair spray and your 4 banger car.



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