The Threat Of Uninformed, Uneducated Politics

So a while back, before I was into politics at all, in the late 2000’s there was an uprising within the political sphere of “The Tea Party”. Obviously, at the time I didn’t care to know about any of it, but the narrative that you heard across mainstream culture, and society in general, was that this “Tea Party” was a bunch of racist, redneck hillbillies who wanted to destroy our country. That was the narrative, the popular narrative I may add, and that was what I heard on a regular basis whenever that topic was brought up. Of course, at the time I had no reason to question it, I’ve always believed in the philosophy of “take half of what you hear and believe half of that”, so I didn’t really buy into it, but I certainly wasn’t interested enough at the time to do any research on the topic.

Back then, as a person in my mid to late teens, the only political idea that I knew was that Obama was elected because he was black, that MTV, Comedy Central, Vh1, E!, etc, basically every channel that had anything to do with pop culture or main stream culture in any way whatsoever, was shilling this idea of “Just get out and vote!”. They’d always say “We don’t care WHO you vote for, just make sure you GET OUT AND VOTE!”. To me, at 17 or so, it was a blatantly obvious ploy to get young, ignorant, and uneducated people to go vote. And who does the young, ignorant, and uneducated person vote for? The person who promises them the most free shit, because that’s what people want, right? The old adage of “If it’s free, it’s for me!”. Which is great, free is great, everyone wants free. The problem comes in when people who spend no time beyond the idea of “free” go and cast an uninformed, uneducated vote for someone based off of that promise of “free everything”. On top of that, Barack Obama is black, so even though he was completely unqualified, he ended up with the sympathy vote, the reparation vote, the white guilt vote, the black pride vote, and, of course, the racist vote.

Now, how does this all relate to today? Well, because that problem has basically mass-multiplied with Bernie Sanders. A few months ago I was on Facebook and I saw a girl who I went to high school with, who was raised by conservative parents and was at the very least “right-leaning”, judging from other posts I had seen by her, post the video of Bernie Sanders offering free college, she posted that with the words; “This seems promising! I think I found my candidate!” Of course, I immediately went on a mission to inform this young lady of what exactly “free college” means in the long run, and how that degree that she wants for free would be completely and totally worthless by the end of all of this, and that we would have completely destroyed our educational system in America for something that become worthless immediately upon doing so. Her sister then jumped in and basically said that none of that really matters, because of course, obviously, yes, and reasons.

This is genuinely an epidemic, I know that the chances of Bernie being the nominee are very slim, which ironically is also strictly due to extremely uneducated and uninformed voters who still support Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she’s a CRIMINAL, but I digress. If Bernie WERE to be the nominee, he’d have the vote of so many ignorant people. People who I ABSOLUTELY KNOW would NEVER, EVER vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton if they really knew the full story, are going to be voting for them, because they SIMPLY don’t pay attention to politics beyond the main stream, pop culture narrative spread on Twitter, Facebook, MTV, CNN, and MSNBC (As well as ANY NBC channel for that matter.). All they know is that Trump must be a racist, despite the fact that he isn’t, that Bernie is a good guy looking out for the people, despite the fact that he isn’t, that Hillary is a solid choice, despite the fact that she very much isn’t. Because this is the narrative that the liberal overlords have decided to propagate.

You know, today I was on Facebook and I saw this super indoctrinated Bernie cuck post this meme, which if you can’t read says that the version of History that you were taught in school was heavily revised to favor your own nation’s agenda while hiding it’s crimes. Basically the whole, “America is shit because reasons” argument, on the side of the “American Exceptionalism is wrong” argument… So to this, I responded with;

“What if I told you…

That the extremely vast majority of lessons learned in the history classes I was in were dedicated to indoctrinating the children with the idea that America was a terrible place? It was literally “This is America, where we came in, slaughtered the Indians for no reason, built our country off of the blood of the Indians and the tears of the blacks, we’re the only people to ever enslave human beings, it’s all our fault, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King are the saviors of our country, praise them, praise blacks, praise civil rights.”

What if I told you that meme is a complete fucking joke designed to perpetuate an agenda that is a completely false narrative, simply spread to propagate anarchism and pointless hate? I could sure tell you who Rosa Parks was and what she did, but I couldn’t tell you who JFK was, who RFK was, who FDR was, which countries were good or bad in World War II, etc. That shit wasn’t nearly as important as some stubborn black lady, at least not to my extremely liberal history teachers.

And what would you rather be taught? That Communist Russia “wasn’t so bad” after World War II, even though they put completely innocent Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian families into concentration camps that they inherited from Nazi Germany, and gave those family’s belongings to high ranking Russian officials? Which is only the tip of the iceberg, I fully understand that the modern liberal is really just a Communist sympathizer who trusts government over civilians, but I digress. Should they teach that our involvement in Vietnam was for money rather than to stop the spreading of Communism throughout Asia? That we overthrew oppressive regimes and Fascist Communist dictatorships to liberate people around the world, and that a few of them didn’t turn out so well even though plenty of them DID?

This meme is on the wrong side of the facts, anyone with a proper history book knows this, and we can talk about the Gulf of Tonkin all day long but cherry picked, anecdotal and marginalized evidence will never be able to shake cold, hard facts.”

AND OF COURSE, he never responded. Because how can you? I’ve been researching what former liberals say about being a liberal, you know, these people that used to be liberals and eventually grew up and realized that they were completely retarded, and what seems to be the case, more often then not, and actually pretty obvious to anyone with common sense or logic, is that liberals aren’t actually arguing facts vs facts, they aren’t actually interested in the facts of a situation, but much more so about being “right”, which obviously a contradictory idea considering you can’t be “right” without the facts being on your side HOWEVER, you can be “right” in a debate should you perform mental mind games with the person who you are debating. So, what does this mean? It means that liberals will not use your facts and logic to change their opinions, but that they’ll actually completely DISREGARD your facts and logic when faced with them, and will still stick to their guns, or lack there-of I suppose, no matter what, because in the end it’s not about being FACTUALLY correct, but simply being able to articulate your illogical, irrational points better than the person you are debating. Which of course, is why they can never debate people like myself who, pardon my ego, are always far more articulate and possess a much greater capacity of intellect.


Will The Division Live Up To The Hype?

The Division is in a peculiar position. It seems like tons of people want it to be super hardcore, high stakes, somewhat grindy, super customizable experience like a DayZ. Some people want it to be a super casual easy going friendly RPG experience like a FFXIV. Many people want some watered down middle ground of the two… I err on the side of super hardcore, high stakes gameplay.  With that said, there already seems to be road blocks in what I want. I’ve read that a player who enters “the dark zone” (which is supposed to be a more hardcore competitive gaming experience) and shoots other random players on sight will basically become wall hacked to where any enemy remotely close to his vicinity will be able to see where he is at all times and that he’ll have a bounty on his head promoting that other players go kill him. Which would mean that should I want to play the game as a lone wolf, kill on sight, take the loot badass, then not only will I not be rewarded for out skilling TEAMS OF PLAYERS but I will actually be strictly punished for doing so.

This is a result of Socialism in gaming, as I’ve talked about in the past. It seems like every game, even games that are supposed to be more hardcore, are becoming glorified clones of World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, etc. All designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I mean, look at Rainbow Six Siege. It seems like with every update comes new, awful implementations that are solely designed to cut out competitive nature, cut out hardcore gameplay, reduce the skill gap, and of course, pander to and coddle shit players. First, they changed the detection time from :05 seconds to :02 seconds. The detection time is the time it takes for a player on the Defender team to be “detected” upon leaving the confines of the structure that the objective is in. So what this means is that, before you could hop out a window, run across a balcony and flank the Attacking team, clean up sick kills, and slap some bad players who weren’t listening or watching their flank. Obviously, it was high risk, high reward, and it took skill, tact, and timing to pull it off just right. Especially considering that ones you are detected they literally get a big “ENEMY DETECTED OUTSIDE” flashing across the top of their screen and your specific location is displayed on their screen for the time that you spend outside beyond that :05 seconds. Literally a wallhack, not to mention the fact that as a Defender your entire screen goes orange and blurry the second you walk outside, which is unrealistic and stupid in and of itself, completely unfair and unbalanced to begin with, but I digress. NOW, you barely have time to walk through a door before the entire enemy team gets a wallhack telling them your exact location. Now, personally I feel like the orange tint needs to go away, the blurriness needs to go away, the timer should be 0 seconds and the detection should be changed from a wallhack to a simple red ping that gets refreshed every few seconds. And then they had the nerve to insert an auto-kick feature should you team kill too many times. Guess what? If someone on my team is being a complete fucking retard, they’re going to get a bullet in the head, and I’m not going to care at that point if it kicks me or not, because they deserve the virtual bullet in the head, and I refuse to coddle their retardation for even a second. If I come around the corner and you panic and shoot me even once, there will be a bullet in your head. If I tell you to use a Thermite patch on a specific wall, and you go the other direction and die, next round you will receive a bullet in your head. If I’m in a room and you drop a fucking Cluster Charge on my head, should I escape that alive, you will receive a bullet in your head, and should I die, you will receive a bullet in your head at the very start of the next round. And NOW I have to be punished for refusing to coddle this blatant retardation. I’m sorry, but the lesson learned in accepting your fate should you make grand mistakes like that in a game like this is far more important to me than winning or losing.

The point of bringing all of this up is to say that, undoubtedly, the same logic will go into The Division, as already evidenced by the completely nonsensical restrictions placed on playstyles within “the dark zone”. It will only get worse, people. Video games will become more soft, more pussified, input more coddling, more pandering, and the chances of seeing a genuine, uncompromising, quality AAA title ever again seem to be drifting further and further away.

I think we can bring this all back to the fact that “the lowest common denominator” within the human race happens to also be “the majority” of the human race. When compromise of integrity is done for the sake of game sales it proves that most of the people buying games are fucking garbage at them, and that means that, since most human beings, at least in America, play video games, that most human beings are fucking pathetic.

All I can think about in this instance is my favorite game of all time… Final Fantasy 11. I played that game off and on from the time I was 13 til last year, with breaks spanning a few months to a few years, and I can honestly say that it was easily the most rewarding, fun game I’ve ever played in my life. And that’s a game that many people stopped playing after 10 levels because it was “boring”, which in reality just meant “too hard”. I happily watched them rage quit, I stuck to the grind, and after years of playing off and on and restarting a few times due to my ADD, as well as being like 15 at the time, finally got to the max level, finally saw all my hard work pay off, and then finally got to THE REAL GAME, which is end game. The biggest disappointment in gaming that I’ve ever faced was Final Fantasy 14, which was originally somewhat similar to Final Fantasy 11 in regards to effort, challenge, reward, and excitement, was scrapped and turned into literally the worst game I’ve ever played in my entire life, A Realm Reborn. A World of Warcraft clone where you reached max level within 2 days and completed the hardest task in the game within two weeks. The entire game revolves much more around sitting in town using emotes with your sexless friends in your “vanity gear” of bikinis and chocobo outfits, or riding your fat chocobo or similarly hokey, gimmicky mount to your house that serves no purpose within the game other than being a sinkhole for money since they never added anything else to the game to spend your money on.

To think that a game like Final Fantasy 11 may very well never exist again is really a bummer. I’d call it depressing, but that would be giving too much credit to those Socialist pandering FUCKS… Maybe infuriating is the right word. Infuriating that there are more pathetic, sackless, spineless, vagina lips in this world than men who want a challenge and competition, high risk and high reward, especially in something as silly as a video game, which at the end of the day shouldn’t be a big deal should you win or lose, but somehow our society and culture has devolved SO FUCKING MUCH that not only are you given participation medals for real life sports that you didn’t win in, but you also get to have games that are dumbed down so that you don’t get your feelings hurt when you get slapped in it.

Will The Division live up to the hype? Maybe, if you are one of those pathetic, feckless vaginas. Sure, it sounds like your cup of tea. But for a lot of us, we were really excited for what The Division seemingly was originally intended to be, and I just don’t see it happening that way anymore. Will it be a good game? Maybe by today’s disgusting standards, but not by yesterdays, and not by the standards that I will continue to cling to.

The War For Space

It’s December 2047. The war only just started three months ago today, and already so many lives have been lost. Some are calling it the war for space, some call it the war for the human race… Some people call it World War III, but that seems a bit ironic considering it is fought as a means of leaving this world.

For so long human beings were convinced “man made climate change” was going to end us… It turns out, they were half right. For decades upon decades the planet was warming. Some thought it was just a cyclical thing that would fix itself. Most thought it was because of man kind polluting the atmosphere. It turns out the earth’s inner core was burning through the layers and getting closer to the outer crust. Now we’re here, scientists predict the earth only has 6 more months of capabilities to sustain life…  America, china, the soviet union, united kingdom, Japan, and the Nordic union all began to work together to build a self contained space station. Then it was built… Fully functional… And that is when peace ended… You see, all of the sudden each nation realized that there was only enough space for so many people and then war broke out. It started when Russia bombed the NASA headquarters in America. There are no allies in this war, only nations vying for the space station that they feel they deserve. The Nordic Union helped Russia at first, but then turned in each other. The Socialists thought they could count on the Communists, but in the end this issue was one of life and death, not political philosophies.

Once the attacks started, small nukes were being used like simple RPGs, civilian targeting wasn’t an issue, the Geneva convention was thrown out the window. Then it happened… Libya blew up the space station with a semi truck loaded with nuclear explosives. I suppose in an “If we can’t have it, no one can.” train of thought… Immediately the middle East was wiped off the map, by Russia, America, China, Japan and England. Massive nukes were dropped on innocent places full of civilians. Former allies Israel and Turkey were considered simple collateral damage and everything from Serbia to mid Africa was leveled.

The world was so invested in conflict, in offense and defense, that none of the countries even seemed to care about the space station anymore. It was an afterthought. Decades of built up frustration and blame all came out at once and all the biting of the tongue that was necessary to keep the peace for so long was unleashed in a fury so vast that it made every war in history combined look like child’s play. Civilizations were decimated, billions dead all around the world… I suppose the human race thought the only way to save itself from certain doom… Was to self destruct…

That’s where we come in. We are the black list, a team of scientists from around the world dedicated to staying alive. We have no allegiances to countries, as most of our countries do not exist anymore. My name is Jason Korelli, 36, white, born in Boston MA May 7th 2011, I’m a history guy, sure I’m a scientist but I know what worked when why and how, I have lessons learned and use them to form my strategies going forward. My partners are Sarah Lylase, 32, born in Paris France, she’s a master chemist and crafter. Aldul Jibah, 38, born in Jordan, he’s a doctor, his knowledge in biological warfare it’s second to none. Toroka Nikata, 22, born in South Korea. This kid is a math wiz, I swear he has a calculator in his brain. And finally, Zera Klitchsov, 27, born in Crimea, formally Ukraine. She grew up under Russian oppression and rule I’m the 20’s and 30’s, before becoming a refugee and coming to America where she became a nuclear physicist.

Together, our only hope is to survive. We hope that there are other people like us out there, bunkered down working on a way to allow the human race to make it past these days of darkness… We have a long way to go…

The Republican Civil War

I think one thing that Democrats, or liberals, tend to over look is the fact that the Republican party, or Conservatives in general, are at a civil war. You see, the reason Trump is leading, the reason Cruz is doing so well, the reason Carson and Fiorina had that yuge surge, is because they are anti-establishment candidates. They are not “GOP” candidates. They are in the “GOP” party, but they aren’t “GOP” candidates.

I’m so sick of seeing people generalize and make assumptions about Republican candidates. They say Ted Cruz is a GOP far right wing evangelical nutbag and that Marco Rubio is just the same.

Fed Up With Liberal Nonsense

I have spent a lot of time and effort making videos that were specifically designed to find unity with people of opposing political ideologies. I tried my best to delve deeply into that philosophy, this idea that we are all human beings, that we are all worthy of respect, that we are all capable of understanding, that we are all capable of having empathy for one another, that we shouldn’t insult people who disagree with us, that we shouldn’t degrade people who were taught to believe that which we weren’t,  and that we are all just people, that we should just be better to one another and discuss things civilly…

But guess what? Each and every video that I posted with that train of thought became over run with dislikes and people mindlessly attacking me in the comments section. Every video where I said that we should have civil discourse ended up being flooded with thoughtless aggression from typical liberal morons. So I’m giving up on that dream, but don’t you dare blame me for it. I tried, I gave you all the benefit of the doubt. This is a new me, even further from this pathetic idea that liberals are worthy of my respect, even further from this ridiculous notion that communists are just seeing things from a different point of view. Sorry, you’re not, if you are a liberal you are one of three things; Ignorant, Indoctrinated, or blatantly imbecilic. There is no getting around this, you are a fool, you have eaten the poisoned apple and fallen into the traps that cultural Marxism (BUZZ WORDS!) has laid out for you. You’re the sheep walking into the grinder, you’re the fool groveling at the feet of your master dying for a piece of the pie, as if sucking the dicks of the puppetmasters will save you in the end, as if you aren’t just another cog in the wheel in a machine that is joyously rolling right off of a steep cliff.

You’re a cancer to the world, you’re everything that’s wrong with this world, and I certainly won’t be the one to do anything beyond calling it out because I’m against violence, but I promise you that should things like karma exist, you will be the one to experience it’s better taste sooner than later. You push for oppression, you push for tyranny, you don’t appreciate the rights given to you simply for being born in this country, you don’t appreciate the members of our military who gave their blood for you to live free, you’ll pretend that a murdering rapist deserves to live because the death penalty is wrong but you’re fine with killing off the babies in the wombs simply because of this artificial and nonsensical idea of population control. How about this, how about we choose the innocent over the guilty, how about we spare the lives of the innocent, should you choose to be the decider of life and death as you so clearly want to be, leaving the life or lack there-of of an innocent child up to the worthless, disgusting, heathenistic mother who decided to bend over for a stranger at a party, a party that she shouldn’t have been at in the first place.  Oh, she got raped? Well, did that baby rape her? Didn’t think so.

You’re all so completely and totally backwards, almost every point of interest is directly oppositical to the next. “Don’t objectify me sexually, but DON’T YOU DARE SLUT SHAME ME! I’m pro-middle class, and I’m also pro-taxing them more! I’m for gun free zones, because I want to make sure that those people who want to slaughter innocent human beings don’t walk into a school or movie theater with a gun, these people will follow this law, I just know it! Nobody should have to work for 40 hours a week and still live in poverty! BUT I DO think that those people should pay more in taxes… IT’S MY BODY, MY CHOICE, EVEN THOUGH IT’S DEFINITELY MY CHILD’S BODY AND SHOULDN’T BE MY CHOICE! Drugs should be legal because of reasons and even though it did terrible things to Colorado’s economy it should still be legal because of reasons! CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, DESPITE SCIENTIFIC FACTUAL NUMBERS THAT PROVE THE GLOBE HASN’T WARMED IN 18 YEARS! TERRORISM IS BECAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE! TERRORISM IS BECAUSE OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT! Don’t YOU DARE generalize Muslims as terrorists or black people as criminals BUT FUCK YOU FOR BEING AN INBRED REDNECK HILLBILLY JESUS FREAK GUN NUT REPUBLITARD!!!!!! Wait… Was it the woman’s fault for being raped by the Muslim or the Muslims fault for raping her…. Oh no, this is too hard, NO ONE IS AT FAULT! I’m a dumb white bitch who has been indoctrinated with this literally insane bullshit so I’m going to use my pussy as reparations for the all-mighty black because they wuz kings and sheeit!”

This is our world, these are the human beings that inhabit it, and you know what? I’m done. I’m sick of coddling them, I’m sick of pretending that they are my equal, I’m sick of having to convince myself that these people aren’t all just horrible, disgusting excuses for life and that they actually deserve to even TALK to me let alone have my attention for valid discussions. Empathy is a joke, liberals are all completely fucking retarded, and I am done trying to pretend that that’s not the case.

Glenn Beck, Bernie Sanders Biggest Fan

Glenn Beck has been against Donald Trump ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America. From the jump, he has hated him. His website, The Blaze, is literally flooded with defamation and slander, devoted to indoctrinating people away from Donald Trump, and even insulting those who believe in Donald Trump.

Hey Glenn Beck, when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are taking 50% of my middle class income that was supposed to be used to feed my family, all because you intentionally decided to turn so many of your audience away from what would be “the lesser of two evils” in even the worst instance, in even the worst case scenario. Glenn, will you be personally handing me checks to cover that 50% of my lost income, or will those be coming through the mail…? Paypal? Direct transfer? Just let me know when you need it and I’ll get you the routing number. Thanks in advance, Glenn.

Or will you just turn a blind eye and pretend like you weren’t directly responsible for the downfall of America and the “berning” of western civilization as we know it? Do you “feel the bern” Glenn? Do you? Because I do. I feel the burn, I feel the burning of western civilization as we know it, I feel the burning of freedom, of democracy, of the Republic, of independence, of American culture, of the Constitution… Glenn, will you deny your responsibility in the inevitable grasp that Communism will take on America? Will you believe somewhere within yourself that you in fact aren’t a key player in the downfall of America, of freedom, of independence, of the middle class? Now, I know, you’re a millionaire. You’re rich, it doesn’t matter, you’ll just leave, but I’ll be stuck here, my son will be stuck here, and he’ll be suffering because of your poor decisions. Tell me Glenn, will you feel bad? Will you think of me, the American, the hard worker, the majority, the middle class, the working class, the devoted father, the loving husband, the patriot, the constitutionalist, the Libertarian? Or will you be too busy living it up in Switzerland with Pat and Stu and your legion of puppets?

Glenn, you claim to be a Libertarian. Which would state that you are as diametrically opposed to Socialism as humanly possible… And in that case, how can you, in good conscience, advocate that people “just stay home” if Donald Trump becomes the nominee? How can you in good conscience advocate that Donald Trump would be the death of the GOP? How can you in good conscience pretend that Donald Trump even on his worst day could be even remotely close to as horrifying as Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? How can you sleep at night knowing that you’re turning people against their best interest.

I’m sorry, but no, I’m not voting for Donald Trump in the primaries. But you know what? It certainly seems like he’s going to be the nominee, and when he is, I’ll be voting for him. Happily, I might add. Because you can defame him all you want, with these completely absurd articles about how he speaks at a 4th grade level… But at the end of the day, will it be worth it? Hey, I’m a big fan of Ted Cruz, and if Ted Cruz wins then I’ll be elated, but the way to get Ted Cruz into the white house is absolutely and very obviously NOT by slandering Donald Trump on a daily basis and telling your loyal audience to “just stay home” should he be the nominee! You’re literally handing the white house to Communism, to restriction, to repression, to oppression, to regulations, to the detriment of myself, more importantly my family, and every single person I know, and every single person THEY know.

You can call Donald Trump divisive all you want, but aren’t you just as bad? Is the best way to fight divisiveness to divide people even further? There are plenty of Muslims who support Trump, there are plenty of Mexicans who support Trump, there are plenty of Black people who support Trump… But you have been steadily chipping away at the majority of his supporters, the white American middle class, for far too long now, and it is time that someone calls you out on it, because you’re not being a good American, you’re not even being a good human being. You have become a detriment to the country, and I hope that you can come out of this sooner than later and realize the extreme hypocrisy that you’ve been involved in for the past six months, for the good of yourself, for the good of the country, and for the good of man kind at large.

The DNC Wants $20m of TaxPayer MONEY

The DNC, or Democratic National Committee, has decided that since they have no idea how to be responsible with money and blew it all, they need $20,000,000 of tax payer money to hold the next Democratic Conference.

From the Washington Times;
“Already struggling with finances, the Democratic Party has drafted a plan to have taxpayers help pay about $20 million for next summer’s nominating convention, reversing a change Congress approved just a year ago.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is also a congresswoman from Florida, has drafted a bill to restore money that both parties used to receive from the federal government to help defray the costs of running their quadrennial conventions.

The Congressional Budget Office revealed the move in a letter released Friday, which said Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s proposal to tap a presidential campaign fund would likely mean each party could get about $20 million in taxpayer money to help with costs.”
Isn’t it amazing? I mean, the idea that anyone could actually believe in these people at this point is completely mind blowing. How can you believe in something that is so flawed, especially when you consider the information is literally right in front of your face? I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, after all it is a simple product of social engineering, a product of extreme indoctrination through misinformation, halftruths, out of context bullshit, and once you’ve been fed enough of said bullshit all you begin to hear is bullshit out of the people’s mouths of which you were told said bullshit about in the first place!

The Democratic party has somehow found a way to get people to genuinely believe that the vast majority of things that Republicans believe in are completely bat-shit insane far right wing war mongering and lunacy. How does this happen? I’m not really sure, but things that are common sense somehow become demonized and trashed, things that are honest, realistic approaches somehow become insane rhetoric. I’m sitting there watching the second CNN Republican debate, which primarily focused around the threat of terrorism and how to deal with it, and all I can think about is how liberals think everything that even the most moderate Republican says is war mongering, fear mongering, and that it’s all designed to get us into another war, which will put money in the pockets of those gosh-darned illuminati Jews, and then we’ll have spilt the blood of American sons in the name of greed. BACK HERE IN REALITY, ISIS is a big deal, ISIS is not the “jv squad”, ISIS is not a minor threat like your president, his lackeys, and the Democratic candidates want you to believe. They want to divert your attention away from real threats and point it towards climate change, point it towards black lives matter, point it towards abortion, point it towards legal weed, point it towards all of these issues that in the true scale of things DON’T MATTER EVEN A TINY BIT. ISIS is, in fact, the biggest and strongest extremist terror group in modern history. They put Al Qaeda to shame. They kill everyone who doesn’t agree with them, they kill every gay person, every Christian person, every heretic to their God. They radicalize more people around the world every day, they indoctrinate their message of the deviance within western civilization into the minds of any susceptible person who will listen. And they’re coming for you, so don’t believe for a modicum of a second that sympathizing with them will save you, that empathizing with them over our own military will get you in with them once they come to burn you alive or trap you in a cage and throw it in the nearest body of water.

All liberals, progressives, communists, socialists, the pushers of oppression, the advancers of the agenda, the agenda designed to hold you down and squeeze your throat while they prosper off of your hard work. The worker ants have been fooled, the lazy fucks of the world have found a way to use you so that they can live easy while you live hard. Go out and kill yourself every day in the line of hard work to try to get by while some liberal oppressor takes half of your check every week and gives it to your lazy worthless neighbor who eats steak every night with your money. STEAK IS FOR THE TAX PAYERS, you slobs. “The 1%” are not who you should be worried about, the minority, the lower class, those are the truly terrifying prospects of our society. And the people who aim to put them over you, or in other words, Democrats, liberals, progressives. Because reparations are only the beginning. Slippery slope? You’re damn right.

Taxes are your downfall, but you believe they will save you. There are better options than handouts, but so long as the conversation solely revolves around said handouts, we’ll never be able to get to those better options.