Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not the best candidate that the Republican party has to offer. Would I vote for him over Sanders or Clinton? Every day of the week. Would I take just about any Republican candidate over Donald Trump? About half of them. I don’t think he has the credentials to be president. His most loyal supporters just repeat the same logic over and over again “If he doesn’t know about a certain thing, he’ll just hire someone for that spot!”. That’s not how a presidency works. Donald Trump is not the man you want in charge of the country. Sure, he’d be great for the economy, he’d be great for the middle class, and as the middle class that sounds amazing to me, but do I want him in talks with Putin? No, not really. Do I want him in charge of our military? No, not really. Do I want him making enemies around the world with some of the far right rhetoric he spouts? No, not really. We need a man who respects all of man, we need a man who is respectable, we need a man who has tact, is courteous, and civil. We need a man willing to find common ground with the opposition, we need a man who will have civil relations with our “enemies” for as long as we possibly can.

Who is that man? Well, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and John Kasich certainly seem up to the challenge in MY opinion. In the end, any Republican candidate is the lesser of two evils against the Socialist far left extremists running in the Democratic party, where the winner will simply be the person who promises to give away more free shit to more unworthy people… I just hope we get the right person, a person who is capable of the full spectrum of skills needed to be the President of the country, or at least as close to that as possible as we are all human beings with flaws and faults.

You know, Glenn Beck has been on a mission to dethrone Trump since Trump announced his candidacy. Beck basically believes that Trump is an idiot who did nothing to earn his worth has no idea what he’s doing and would be worse for the country than a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. I can’t stand what Glenn Beck has done, his team at The Blaze posts regular defamation and slander against Trump on their blog and he constantly spouts anti-Trump rhetoric on his radio show. I find it… Disturbing. Extremely hypocritical, considering Beck constantly disavows those same exact tactics from the left, and although I’m not necessarily a big Donald Trump supporter, it’s extremely obvious to me that he would be infinitely better for the country than any of the Democratic candidates would be. I believe that if Trump is not meant to be the choice then he won’t be. I also don’t agree with the people who have entirely denounced any and all Republican politicians because some Republican politicians are corrupt, bought and paid for, liberals with R’s next to their names, what have you… I believe we should look at each and every candidate at their own merit rather than judging Ted Cruz as a liberal simply because Paul Ryan and John Boehner are complete jokes.

I’m not one to denounce candidates that I deem are “good enough”. I’m not going to make videos talking about how Ben Carson is a whacko, or about how Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are liberal RINOs, simply because I like other candidates a lot more. Because in my opinion, whether you personally deem them “good enough” or “the lesser of two evils”, they are entirely better than a Clinton or Sanders presidency for the middle class of this country, which I know I’ve said a hundred times on this channel already but we the people need to put as much focus as possible on the middle class, the backbone of the country’s economy. I like Ted Cruz, I like Marco Rubio, I like John Kasich, I like Rand Paul, I — I like Donald Trump, hell, I even like Jim Webb and wish he hadn’t dropped out, you know, I would have happily put in a vote for him on the Democrat side.


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