Cj Pearson Denounces his Conservative Label

CJ Pearson I want you to understand that the people who are okay with the shooting of Laquan are not conservatives, they are far right lunatics. You and I, we’re conservatives. Those people give us a bad name, don’t let them change your labels just because they’re so far gone. They are not a representation of Conservative values. I am a moderate Libertarian, I think that’s where you might actually be found but I digress, I identify with conservative principles very very much, but I’m too open minded to be steadfastly rooted within them. As in, I would never smoke marijuana but I think if we’re legally allowed to drink alcohol then we should obviously be legally allowed to smoke marijuana. I am very much anti-abortion, but I don’t think it’s a black and white issue of “life or choice” as so many would like to make it. I’m for gay marriage as well. Basically everything else I’m very much to the right on. Many of these far right extremists that made you denounce your conservative label would call me a far left communist for having these opinions and views, they are hardly even real people CJ Pearson. Stay golden, friend.


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