xJawz, Call of Duty Community, Youtube Gaming

I just want to know why people ever subscribed to this kid in the first place? I mean, just because he played video games well? Everyone plays video games well. I don’t get it, he’s not charismatic, he’s not a particularly good talker and clearly has nothing philosophical or enlightening to share with the world. He amassed an insane amount of popularity for no real reason, clearly some form of snowball effect from being in the right place at the right time. He clearly overlooked the fact that he had no business having such a large fanbase to begin with, he took forgranted the popularly that he had achieved, he seemed to believe for whatever reason within his own mind that he actually deserved this level of success, and simply because he wasn’t capable of making content worth making he gave up entirely.

Now, I was playing Call of Duty since Cod4, I never got into the whole “Call of Duty Youtube Gaming” thing, to me it was something that kids did and I wasn’t a kid, or at least didn’t consider myself one at the time in my late teens. So pardon me if I just showed up late to the party after the entire wave of popularity had come and gone, but I genuinely don’t understand how a guy like this kid or Wings of Redemption could ever become famous. They literally offer nothing of value in their content and they do nothing special, a million other people play video games at the same level of competence and of those million people I’m sure probably 10%, or 100,000, actually have some pertinent information or charisma or intellect or SOMETHING that would break them away from the pack and make them worth watching over someone like this xJawz guy.

But hey, no hate from me, kid got really lucky, he won the real life lottery and tripped over the most fortunate of circumstances head-first right into easy money and an easy life. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t able to keep up with it, but at least he just ditched it unlike someone like Wings of Redemption who still won’t get a real job, still pushes out boring, worthless videos on a regular basis that amass 10,000 views (out of 500k subs) and says nothing worth saying while showing nothing worth showing, desperately trying to cling to whatever chance he has left of being even remotely relevant…

Meanwhile you have people who are actually making youtube content worth seeing and they get a couple hundred subscribers and a couple thousand views. I suppose that’s life, though, that’s the world we live in, right? The human race, too preoccupied in being easily entertained while revolving around instant gratification, clinging to an “every man” personality just as boring as they are with some sort of “Maybe I could do it too, mom!” dream in their minds. Someone actually saying things worth saying would be deemed holier-than-thou, self-righteous, arrogant and demeaning. I suppose that explains a lot of things. Why hiphop and pop music are the most popular music, why reality television is the most popular television, why drugs run more and more rampant in our popular culture… Appealing to the lowest common denominator, I suppose, will get you places. I refuse.



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