Debate Counterpoints

You say that people like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News do nothing but perpetuate lies and polarize people, thus indoctrinate them, yet you speak in extremely vast generalizations, many baseless assumptions, and seem to think that a politician having a D in front of their names instead of an R makes them inherently better, no matter what. I mean, you’re telling me that you’d take O’malley over… Say.. Kasich? Who is very very moderate, to the point where many on the far right call him a liberal “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, and has a fantastic proven track record in turning Ohio around into one of the best states in the country to live, while O’malley has a TERRIBLE proven track record in Maryland… It just seems so strange that you generalize so much, that you disregard anyone with an R by their name simply because you didn’t like some other Republicans… Just the idea behind saying “ANY Democrat over ANY Republican”, it’s just so absurd and… Depressing, actually. It’s depressing. Depressing that someone can preach against stupidity while being so stupid…

Honestly, I look at many older Democrats as people who just aren’t paying attention to what is happening NOW because of what happened YESTERDAY. I mean, the idea that someone could vote for Bernie Sanders over someone like Rand Paul or John Kasich… It’s very strange. Meanwhile, these same people consider themselves “progressives” yet refuse to see things clearly because they’re stuck in the past.

And before you ask, no, I don’t watch Fox News.

The economy, particularly the middle class, is completely and totally helpless under the Socialist policies of today’s far left Democratic party. All rational, moderate Democrats are beginning to go independent/Republican because the Democratic party has gone so far left field that it isn’t even playing the same game anymore. The Democratic debates have become a contest between who can promise to give away more free shit to more people, meanwhile the Republican debates that have happened this election cycle have, generally, and particularly excluding the CNBC debate, revolved around actual substantive issues that actually matter to the middle class. The Democratic party of TODAY, is a party designed to repress opportunity and regress action from people like you and I, this is not some ridiculous tin foil hat theory indoctrinated within me by some political pundit talking head or any college professor, parent, twitter trend, etc. These are opinions based around actual facts of what is actually happening in today’s political climate. So yes, when I said that you’re basing your opinions on the Republican party off of YESTERDAY, you’ve proven that to be a factual statement.

JFK would be a moderate Republican by today’s standards. Martin Luther King would vote Republican in today’s political climate. I absolutely know that for a fact. Where JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Martin O’malley are all steadfastly rooted AGAINST that message and instead would say “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.”

The entire political sphere has become so polarized, everything so demonized and everyone so defamed by the opposition. We, the people, need to spend a lot more time within free thought rather than pointing the finger and hating everything that we are not. Politics used to be moderations of the same philosophy, today they are entirely opposite and only one can be right, the right side is the right, and these are facts proven by the past 7 years.

So again I say, if you believe that Bernie Sanders, who wants to save the middle class by doubling their income taxes (his words, not mine.), wants to do more to help you and I than Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, or Rand Paul… It’s completely baseless, it’s an opinion based off of no facts whatsoever.

History proves that Communism has never worked, and I believe people tend to disregard “buzz words”, or at least what they perceive to be “buzz words”. When I say Communism, I’m not talking about Stalin or Mao slaughtering their own people, I’m talking about specifically Communism, which is just a slightly different shade of Socialism. To say they are vastly different is to deny reality and substitute your own. The truth is that it has never worked in the course of history and it will never work in the course of history. Taxing the middle class more can never and will never save the middle class, it’s a completely backwards thought process and is literally founded in nothing. There are five tiers of Democrat in today’s modern political sphere; The first tier is the willfully ignorant, I suppose that’s where you might be found. The second tier is the welfare kings and queens who take advantage of the insane welfare that America already has (and you want to dive further in..?), the third tier are trust fund socialists, people who were born into money thus have no concept of how hard money is to come by, thus want to just give money away to everyone regardless of merit or worth, the fourth tier are anti-white racists, your typical black lives matter activist, regardless of race because even some silly young white kids have been indoctrinated with that same ideology. The fifth and final tier are the 1% puppet masters who would love to use Socialism to control you and I and everyone we know.

I know, tin foil hat nonsense, even though it’s all very much rooted in reality and facts. You tell me to study up, yet you’re either senile or just plainly delusional if you actually believe that oppressing the middle class is the way to liberate the middle class.

“This country has plenty of money – we just choose to spend it on the military and give it to rich people who not only don’t need it, they just stash it offshore and sit on it.” Meanwhile the military has been cut and cut and cut and cut, to the point where it’s smaller than pre-WW2, and the welfare just keeps. on. growing. And when will it stop? In 2016 when a Republican gets an easy win against scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton.

You say the Republican party has no one worthy of being president, yet when you look at the Democratic side you see politicians who are completely and totally inept at running anything and none of which have been proven to do anything right.

Many citizens of these Socialist countries that people like you idolize are very very very unhappy with the restriction of opportunity that they face in their economic system where they are forced to wallow in mediocrity and stagnation, perpetually “getting by” while never thriving, regardless of how hard they work or their worth in the community of which they live. I know I don’t want to live that life, I’m 24 years old, lower-middle class at best and there is no part of me that wants 34 year old me to have to be restricted because 24 year old me was incapable of getting by without government hand outs being a way of life.

I’m not pro-war, pro-military(Although I am very much pro-military personnel), or pro-extreme military spending. BUT, if YOU are for the extreme welfare spending in this country then how dare you be against the extreme military spending? Both need to go, not one or the other, Rand Paul called out Marco Rubio at the last debate about how he wants to increase military spending and how that’s not conservative, and it’s true. The left and right both have their golden cows, right? The right just wants to spend more and more in military, and I do believe that most of the time it is for a good cause, for the right reasons, to keep our people safe, and then the left just wants to spend more and more in welfare, and I do believe that most of the time it is for a good cause, for the right reasons, to help those who can not help themselves. HOWEVER, when BOTH sides get what they want and the country is pulled in BOTH directions spending WAYYYY too much money on BOTH things at the expense of YOU and I and EVERYONE WE KNOW… That’s where both sides go extremely wrong. I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t be repressed because some people don’t want to work. I’m very much pro-welfare for people who literally can not work, but I am very much anti-welfare for people who just choose not to. I am pro-welfare in regards to it being a safety net, I am very very very much anti-welfare in regards to it being a way of life.

Anti-gay marriage is not anti-gay, it’s simply pro-marriage. I’m not really pro-marriage, I see why both sides feel the way that they do and find myself solely in the middle as it’s not nearly important enough of an issue to care about. Anti-illegal immigration is not anti-immigration, anyone with any tangible grasp on reality knows that illegal immigration is not a good thing so I’m not sure the point you’re trying to make with that one. Raising the minimum wage will make already inflated food prices even higher, and it’s one thing to raise it a dollar or two, but to double it as your liberal lords would want is to be pro-destruction of the American economy from the ground up… To address the first bit, the Republican congress has failed on many things as they promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, but they have yet to do so, so we need a leader who will take action since congress hasn’t. And that’s not to say all of Republican congress has failed, but many have, I don’t like generalizing.

North Carolina, my state, elected a Republican governor and jumped from 15th national economy to 7th since then. Ohio, John Kasich’s state, is one of the best economies in the country. North Dakota, Idaho, Texas, these are the fastest growing economies in the country and they are all “red states” as it were. Proof is there, should you choose to accept it. The corporations have every right to conduct business outside of the United States when liberal Socialist policies drive them away through literally insane tax rates and business restrictions, raising minimum wage would obviously just make it worse, so I’m not sure how you could be against corporations conducting business outside of the country and FOR raising minimum wage, FOR higher taxes, FOR illegal immigration… Now, if you still disagree with me then I’d implore you not to reply. I’ve educated you, so accept the enlightenment and thank me or go about your day in denial, either is fine with me so long as you understand that I’ve given you this in-depth educational reply for your own good, not for mine. I have no interest in defending any Republican tactics, merely educating those who don’t understand them. So have a nice day, friend.


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