Carlyle Begay’s Transition to GOP

Carlyle Begay, elected in 2013 to Senate in Arizona, is a Native American politician who is another case of the “American Dream”. He was elected as a Democrat, and over the past two years has noticed a trend… The Democratic party has no real interest in helping “the people”. According to him, the vast majority of politicians who have actually worked with him to focus on the civilians of Arizona are Republicans. Democrats, I suppose, had more important things to worry about… He made the right decision, anyone open minded in this country will see the same. I don’t believe in party lines, I believe in people, but I believe that the people in the Republican party are generally far more interested in helping the country than the people in the Democratic party, generally.

You see, Senator Begay realized, like many people around the country are realizing, that the Republican party is not the boogeyman they’ve been raised to fear. Where in the past the Democratic party could have been considered the party of progress, today is a very different story. The Democratic party, again generally, is far more concerned with regression, with restriction, with infringement, with polarizing the people… They spend more time trying to add taxes and put in to place programs and functions specifically designed to oppress man’s opportunity,  trying to pit you and I against each other, trying to convince everyone that conservatism is “the man” trying to hold them down. They aren’t interested in helping the economy, they aren’t interested in fixing the problems that their Socialist policies have created, they don’t care to dig you and I out of the holes that we’ve fallen into because of their Socialist policies… Instead, they want MORE Socialist policies.

As I’ve stated in previous videos, I’m a musician. As a musician, I look up to a lot of great musicians. A lot of great musicians are liberals. I think… I think it’s an out dated ideology. I think that anyone who looks at the facts and realistic issues of today, regardless of their feelings and emotions, will find themselves siding with conservative principles in today’s political climate, but I think that many people have this preconceived notion of what conservative principles are, or what those conservative principles may cause, and disregard all of it over things that aren’t necessarily true. You know, it seems like everything under the conservative ideology is shunned entirely, regardless of it’s actual merit, and they side with liberal policies simply because they aren’t conservative policies. Liberals seem to feel like they have to fit into a one-size-fits-all box labeled “LIBERAL”, I suppose that has something to do with the fact that if you aren’t far left on every single thing, liberals will slander you a heretic to their cause and banish you from their kingdom, as it were.

I as a conservative, am not religious. I see a lot of conservatives bashing people like me as being selfish, entitled, childish, ignorant, and immoral simply because I don’t believe in any God. You know, to me it just feels like the .000000000000000000001% chance that this could all be a coincidence based in something that could actually possibly maybe have a slight chance of maybe possibly happening,  is a lot easier for me to rationalize within my mind than the presence of a magical, mystical disembodied being pulling the strings of our world. When I was young my mother made us go to church most Sundays, but when I was 10 I asked my father if Santa Claus was real, he regretfully informed me that he wasn’t real, and my 10 year old self immediately connected the trail of dots from Santa Claus, through the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, all the way to God. But I digress, when a conservative finds out that I am irreligious, it is shocking to them because it goes against the grain of typical conservative principles. Does this mean that I’m not a conservative? Absolutely not. Conservatives are just as welcoming to me, as I am respectful of their religion and would never think to desecrate their moral compass or idols of worship, and because of that there really is no difference. Yet to liberals, that doesn’t seem to be the case. You know, Bill Maher is a liberal, yet when he says that Islam is “the motherload of bad ideas”, he is completely ravaged by far left extremists on the internet and on television, they say he can’t be a liberal, he’s not allowed to be a liberal… He’s speaking truths, and is ousted because of it…

Carlyle Begay, welcome to the Republican party. The party of freedom, independence, and opportunity. The party of the open minded, free thinking, and respectable people. Arizona is lucky to have a politician looking out for the people, who is open minded enough to see the faults of his party and correct his political path. Thank you for showing people that greed is not a Republican trait, that evil is not a Republican trait, and that close-mindedness should never be a Democratic trait.


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