Politics are not a microcosm of life.

Politics are not a microcosm of life. Most people don’t care, most people don’t keep up with it, and many actually have political opinions based off of literally nothing. When you start delving into politics and discussing politics with people, you’ll end up feeling like your faith in humanity is falling apart, what little faith you had at least.. There will be people who will agree with you, those are the people you need to focus on. I have a flaw, I am far too empathetic. When someone disagrees with me, I always take it upon myself to put myself in their shoes. This is a major issue when discussing politics, because many who disagree with me are completely politically illiterate in every way. When someone tries to tell me that Barack Obama wasn’t voted for because of his race, or that Hillary isn’t in the lead because of her gender… It tends to cause my extreme misanthropy to flare up. In the past I’ve said that misanthropy isn’t a flaw, that it is simply the combination of common sense, brutal honesty, and real world observations. I find it unfortunate that I still feel that way, because deep down I really am an optimist, but to put it bluntly, the world is a bummer, the human race is a bummer, and the fact that I have to be exposed to such blatant ignorance is a bummer.

The only thing I really want to understand is how human beings could be so susceptible to manipulation… And, I know that my detractors will watch this video and say that THEY AREN’T manipulated, I’M manipulated, when in reality no college professor, political pundit, satirical political pundit, parent, teacher, friend, twitter trend, or preconceived notion has ever swayed my opinions. My opinions are solely formed around facts, which is where we as humans must all form our opinions from. If we all put FACTS and EVIDENCE over FEELINGS and IDEOLOGIES when forming our opinions, the world would have so much less division and the human race would prosper. There would be less war, less anger, less blaming and less hate.

I don’t want human beings to negatively impact the lives of others. This channel is designed to enlighten and uplift through the advocation of critical thinking and complete truths, but human beings by nature tend to get defensive when offered unsolicited advice I suppose and won’t actually hear what you say. I believe that the peak of human greatness lies somewhere in between instinct and critical thinking. The ability to think critically, is a talent one can refine, instinct is a different story but I believe that the greatest of all time at any particular thing are not relying on instinct alone to get there. Neil Peart, greatest drummer of all time. Grew up idolizing John Bonham and Keith Moon, who are both “greatest drummers of all time”. He doesn’t just sit down at his drums and play what instinctually comes to him, without a thought in his mind. His mind is rolling through the options, the variables, the different time signatures and fills… Anyone can learn to play guitar and anyone can play any guitar solo ever written if they practice it enough. John Frusciante special is that he picks up his guitar and his mind rolls through all the possibilities of that guitar, all the places that guitar can take him sonically, all the audiological shapes he can make with the strings and his fingers. Instinct, is flawed but instantaneous. Critical thinking, if refined, can be perfect but will never be as fast. Greatness lies somewhere in between.

I digress… I don’t enjoy seeing human beings perpetuate lies as if they are truths, but in their minds they are truths and nothing you can say or do will change that. I don’t enjoy seeing human beings bring down others, but it’s all over Twitter, right? I mean, every twitter trend is just a snowball effect of lies and half truths all designed to tell a false narrative to the easily led automatons that consume it… Donald Trump said THIS (out of context, thus half truth) and what he really meant was THIS (lies). And then, the people who consume this nonsense come to my channel and fling all this nonsense at me, if I try to reason with them then I’m some kind of nazi fascist who is lying against their lies… It’s just ridiculous, never ending, and it is so god damn unfortunate because all I want is to make the world a better place, to help these people see reality, and to break them free of the chains of indoctrination. I suppose that’s too much to ask for in this day and age, even though real information is readily available now more than ever before, the same could be said for extreme misinformation.


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