The World

Why do the leading Democrats seem like characatures? Why do they respond to criticism the same way any random liberal does? You know, Obama – “Well, these Republicans aren’t christian because they don’t want refugees. It’s not American!” Even though these refugees have been proven to possibly contain terrorists. Hillary – “Don’t vote for me because I’m a Clinton, which could maybe be used to form some idea of what my policies might be like, just vote for me because I’m a woman! Because isn’t it about time that we vote for someone based off of literally nothing!?” Sorry, I’m pretty sure we tried that with the current president and it didn’t work out so well, I don’t think voting on someone based off of race, gender, or religion could ever be a good idea. Bernie – “Well, people only like Trump because they’re racists!” as if wanting to end illegal immigration has absolutely anything to do with racism.

What is with the terminology of the left using -phobic at the end of everything conservatives dislike? “Xenophobia”, as if I’m “afraid” of illegal immigrants. The idea behind it is so backhanded and manipulative, it’s an obvious attempt at dismantling a perfectly valid argument because you labeled it something, something that it isn’t, but yet to the liberal zombies out there they actually think it works! Okay, so I’m against illegal immigration because we have too many people already living here that need help, too many people for too few jobs, too many homeless veterans, too much welfare already. We don’t need the worst of the worst from these third world countries coming here and leeching even more from the system, even more from you and I. Does that make me afraid of immigrants? Obviously not, I want immigrants, I just want good immigrants, the best and brightest from around the world, I want them to have incentives to come here to advance this country to advance this society rather than drag it down. I’m not afraid of Islam, yet apparently not wanting refugees harboring terrorists to come here makes me “afraid” of Islam. It’s all designed to redirect the argument, it’s not that we make valid criticisms, it’s just that we’re afraid… Because we just… We just don’t understand… These people deserve American tax dollars more than you and I, obviously, and we should try to educate ourselves so we aren’t so afraid anymore… Right?

Why is it that most of the left is outraged over the Paris attacks, yet completely disregard the Benghazi attacks? Listen, I understand that it’s only 4 people compared to what, 138? But both are deliberate terrorist attacks on a non-war-torn area that took innocent lives. Liberals mean well, they really do, I really believe that they do. In their minds, they’re doing the right thing, they’re being humanitarians, they’re being philosophical philanthropists and saving the world… But, when they take it to an extreme in wanting to DEGRADE the lives of the many to help the lives of the few, that’s when it goes bad, that’s when it becomes corrupt, that’s when they start becoming detrimental to the world at large. Everything is a conspiracy theory so long as it is in line with the mentality of people like us. If we believe in military and peace through strength, then we support war mongers who use war to profit off the deaths of innocent people, if we disagree with letting possible terrorists into the country under the guise of “refugees”, then we are racists or ”islamophobes”. Yet they wouldn’t consider themselves guilty of appeasing and harboring terrorism.

Everything is so polarized, everyone thinks everything that they are not is out to get them, they’ve all been fed so much propaganda and indoctrination, everything has been so demonized and everyone so defamed. This is the country, this is the world. You’re either someone who puts illegals and terrorists over your neighbors and peers, or you’re a cold hearted ruthless evil boot licking sociopath. God forbid people see things from the middle ground, because if you try to you’ll be slandered by BOTH sides who will mercilessly label you the opposition to their cause, if you’re talking to a liberal then you’re a far right nazi, if you’re talking to a conservative then you’re a far left communist. It has just gotten so far away from any form of productivity, the entire bipartisan system has devolved into insanity and infantile pointing of the metaphorical finger at one another for all the world’s problems.


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