Would I Be Better Off Chasing Amy?

I should have been chasing Amy by now
But I’m still attached and have yet to come around
This idea that I can get over what I was
It’s frail and I can’t just swallow it down
But I’m against your kind and in love to coincide
Keep the cut on your face and learn to lose your pride
I have a hard time keeping it out of my mind
Morals entrenched as self worth declines
Now I’ve left myself a broken man
What happens when I can’t keep this going for your sake
When the burdens begin to replicate
I could never come around to you
The one to pick up the pieces of the used
I never bought your troubles
I never packed your baggage
Why am I the one who deserves you damaged
Slammed myself in a suitcase blocked in with you
Why did you let it happen
The only reaction, subtraction.
Clap for the man who ran
Clap for the plan that put you down
Clench the blueprint close to the chest
He left the broken glass on the floor
Disapeared with nothing to answer for


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