The Idea of Being Alone

I can’t get used to the idea of being alone. This morning I woke up and I felt alone, but I wasn’t. There she was, in my bed, but I couldn’t help but feel isolated. I walked out to my kitchen and I made breakfast for only myself. I spent the morning alone. I liked it. But I just can’t get used to the idea of being alone. How do you know if it’s time for something new? How can you tell if risk is worth safety? If comfort is still a thing, then can you let it go?
BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP; The alarm clock reads 5:50 A.M.
Jake Trent looks over and flops his arm over to hits the snooze. He shuts his eyes and starts to doze off again… Slowly opens them and looks over at her, sleeping, a quick grimace and he sits up. He gets up and dressed, goes to the kitchen and makes himself breakfast, eggs and hash browns, only enough for himself. He sits down and eats alone while watching the news, he has a notepad on the table and he makes notes of stuff from the news. He goes off to work on a road bike, downtown NYC at an office tower. He’s a journalist, helps run a political radio talk show. Spends time researching news and global affairs, writes up information about everything for the host to talk about live. He walks in to the office and shares greetings with the coworkers as he makes his way to his small office. Takes a seat and starts looking over papers that had been left for him. “Hey, good morning!” from the office door. He looks up, it’s Jennifer Trovesk. 5’6″ thin brunette with light freckles and blue eyes, long straight hair and a warm smile. “Hey there, how’s it going?” He says with a smile. He’s happy to see her, happy that she went out of her way to greet him today. “Pretty good, missed you the past couple of days, where have you been?” She asks. He was with his wife, took 3 days off work to go with her on a short trip to Pennsylvania to visit family. “I just took a few days off, went to my parents in Pennsylvania by myself.”
Jenn>Oh yeah? Where in Pennsylvania do they live?
Jake>They have a nice little house all to themselves in Forest City.
Jenn>Cool I’ve driven through there before! How was the stay?
Jake>It was great, they live on this beautiful lake called Crystal Lake, so I spent a lot of time swimming and relaxing by the water.
Jenn>Oh wow, bet that was nice. I’m jealous, my parents live in a boring suburb on Long Island.
He smiles and they lock eyes, “Heh, I’m sure it’s not so bad there. But yeah, the lake is pretty great, maybe I could take you some time, it’s not too far from here anyways.” Her eyes open a bit and she glances down at his wedding ring. “Well, that’s a very tempting thought! I better let you get back to your work, don’t want Joe to have to come up with his own ideas to talk about now do we?” He laughs and shakes his head slightly “Ha, no that wouldn’t work out too well, I do have to make up for the past few days. It was nice talking to you again, thanks for making my morning better than it should have been.” They share smiles and waves before she makes her way back down the hall.
Jake sits there smiling, his eyes fixated on the place where she was standing in the doorway. Thoughts racing through his head of all the potential. There could be a life for him there, a new life, a more exciting life. Maybe a more compatable life. Maybe a less compatable life… Maybe she’d be better sex, but maybe she wouldn’t put out often enough. Maybe she could introduce him to new things, or maybe she’s boring and uncultured. Maybe she wants to travel, maybe her family has money, maybe she had good parents and a proper upbringing, maybe she has never been scarred by a past love… Or maybe she’s broke, broken, and incapable of trusting. Maybe she could make him happier. Maybe she would leave him heartbroken… Maybe the best thing to do is to take the chance. Maybe the best thing to do is to leave it alone…
“Trent!” A loud male voice startles him back to reality. His eyes come back to focus on Joe Margalo, host of the radio show. Tall, large italian man with salt and pepper slicked back hair and a goatee. “Good to see you back, kid. You got anything for today’s show yet? Been a rough few days going it alone.” Jake shuffles some papers on his desk, he knows the papers are completely irrelevant to the question but wants to make it look like he has some paperwork already. “Hey Joe, I’ve got some stuff but it’s not ready yet. I’ll be sure to run it straight to your office once I have everything put together.” He doesn’t really have anything yet. “Alright, just remember show goes live at 8!” It’s 7:20 A.M. Joe takes off down the hallway and Jake overhears him shouting the next employee’s last name at the office down the hall. Jake gets to work searching all social media and news outlets for stories and interesting topics of the day. It’s not a hard job, but it’s not too easy either. You see, everything needs to be verified with credible sources. Scoring a good topic or story off of an already credible source is the best thing that can happen, but most leads will take you elsewhere when it comes to the internet. Jake has a lot of connections in news and politics, so what he does is he makes a list of everything that seems interesting to talk about and makes some calls to whoever might have confirmation on something, verifies that it’s real, and then sends it to Joe personally.
Jake rushes to get enough topics for the day, the radio show stays live for 4 hours and while Joe can certainly stretch a single topic (sometimes too far), he certainly needs a good amount of options and variety to produce a quality show every day.
Mini-montage of Jake searching the internet and making phone calls, then short clips of Joe’s show, where we hear him talking about how the President mis-spoke during a speech on veterans, China’s latest robot technology and how it scares him because he saw Terminator, and explaining why he’s pro-legalizing drugs. (Alcohol is bad for you, and we have the liberties in this country to drink it. Tobacco is awful for you, and we have the liberties in this country to smoke it. Marijuana should be legal in the same sense.)
Jake walks into the lunch room at the office and heads for the fridge. He sees Jennifer eatting lunch. She looks over to him and smiles, “Hey! So tell me, was the Terminator fear-mongering your idea or Joe’s?” He grabs his sandwich from the fridge and closes it, looking back to her with a smirk “That was all Joe, I haven’t watched a Terminator movie in like 10 years.” She expresses joking disapointment “How lame! You should really watch the first one sometime. You’d be amazed at how well they hold up all this time later. Plus they’re on Netflix so you have no excuse!” He looks at her with a sincere smile, getting lost in her eyes for just a moment. The moment feels much longer than it is, nerves and butterflies gallore. This girl is worth taking the risk, she’s beautiful and funny, she’s so easy to talk to and she genuinely seems to like me.. “In that case I’ll be sure to watch it as soon as possible. Maybe I’ll watch it on my phone while I pretend to work.” She laughs “You mean you don’t do that already?! I thought pretending to work while watching movies on your phone was the whole point of having a phone !”
Jake>Well you know, some of us have jobs that are important and stuff
Jenn>Ohhhhh so that’s how it’s going to be Trent?!
Jake>Oh yeah, that’s how it’s going to be.
Jenn>Well not all of us can be the most important part of the show now can we?
Jake>I guess not. But what would my silly little topics be without your advertisement and marketing… Stuff? Or Joe’s big mouth!
Jenn> Ha, yeah right. Well, the big mouth part is right. Hey, do you have any plans later?
Jake>Well.. Uh. I have some stuff I have to do, why?
Jenn>Oh no reason really, was just going to see if you wanted to go to this.. Music thing. It’s not important, don’t worry about it.
Jake> Darn, well hey, raincheck okay? I just have to.. Figure some stuff out first.
“Oh I understand. Well hey, I’ll admire the rain in the meantime…” She says with a wink as she turns and walks out of the room.

Cut to Jake organizing papers on his desk and putting them in his briefcase. Due to the radio show’s early time schedule, the office usually lets out around 2 P.M. He gets his stuff together and heads through the office to the elevator. The elevator door opens up and there is a beautiful short blonde woman in a white button-up tucked into a form-hugging black skirt. They share simple greetings and smiles as he walks into the elevator. “Headed to the ground floor?” She asks. “I am, thank you.” He replies nervously as she hits the door close button. Immediately the assumptions start rushing through his mind. [Why would she hit the door close button? Obviously she finds me attractive, right? No, look at her, I’m sure she isn’t interested.] He glances over at her and catches her looking at him, she immediately looks away with a slight, nervous smile. He looks her up and down as she pretends not to notice and obviously forces her eyes away. [She was looking at me, right? She was checking me out, I know she was. But now she won’t look at me. Maybe it’s just a coincedence. Would I even have the courage to say something if she made it obvious? Probably not..] She sneezes a little sneeze, “Bless you.” Jake says with a slight chuckle and a smile. “Thank you. What’s so funny?” She asks. “Well, nothing’s funny. Your sneeze, it was… Cute?” She just smiles at him and looks away. [Well, clearly she isn’t interested then.] He looks away and sighs lightly. The elevator door opens and they both take a step towards the door, they make eye contact and Jake steps back to allow her to go first. “Have a nice day.” she says with a smile, then she exits the elevator. Jake follows her out of the building, not because he’s following her but because they both happen to be leaving the building. He walks to his road bike which is chained up just outside the tower and watches her get into a taxi. [Well, I’ll probably never see her again.] He straps his briefcase to the rack and heads home.


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