Response Ability

Go ahead and mark the trail
Take note where consequences failed
Keep moving down the corridors
Think back to when you were adored
Stop stopping, keep stomping,
Leave it til there’s one left to go
Every nuance staggering forward
The furthest and far least matured
Response, ability, no responsibility.
So the first one to the end wins?
But what if I lost before it begins?
I can drop it just tell me when
Realize that the plot is bent
Fight for your spot,
The corridor is lost
What happens when you look up to see the path you lead is blocked
A teacher would have fixed her right, lack there-of the biggest plight.
But you can patch the holes and clear the path
if you could find your way without the map
That code was earned
So hard to burn
But somewhere along the line you had to learn
That nothing will work out the way you hoped
No matter what you do you’ll never cope
So swallow your pride and
Stop stopping, keep stomping.
Someday you can hurt but for now
Stop stopping, keep stomping.


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