Where did your face go
All I see is lifeless black rainbows
Circled faces with no elegant frames, though
I’m sure you caused our sinking boat so
Where’s the farthest your name goes?
Were you too busy breathing to chance a fault in your feigned woes?
All you ever wanted was my life to reign,
to forget everything else that causes your pain,
Was it ever in your soul to think we’re the same?
And when you look into the mirror do you see yourself sane?
I bet you fell off a long time ago and can’t remember where this started,
Honestly I don’t remember exactly what my part is.
So go off on your own and try your very hardest
While I try to remember where the poisoned dart is.
Whatever happens I don’t want this to be forgotten,
Because what happened here tonight can never deserve a pardon.
When you come back to find the blood stains on the carpet
Will you cry out in horror when you find the body in the garbage?
Just think back to how I never felt acknowledged
I hope the sight will leave you so demolished
And you’ll realize where it’s symbolic
Of those times when you felt I could be abolished
And somehow you thought you could leave for solid solace.


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