Happy Mother’s Day!

Writing this letter to fill you in on the aftermath of your decisions and the longevity of your ill-will. Because of you I never got to stand up on my own, I barely got to exist. I was aborted 10 years in and you left him to pick me up by himself after you sapped him of everything he was worth. Without a dime to his name or the business that he built for a decade, he managed to keep me safe, alive, fed and loved, but because of you we could never thrive. What he did was nothing short of a miracle, he lost his home his livelihood and his family all in the same day and somehow managed to continue, and not only did he take back his son but also his family’s home. Unfortunately you had sabotaged him by leaving the house in a state worthy of condemnation. The extent of your worthlessness when combined with his drive was the perfect combination which led to the judge ruling in his favor and off I went to live half a life, the best life he could give and don’t ever think I’m not grateful, but due to your lack of love for me I had to live without many of life’s staples. Your actions that morning set off a line of dominos that I still trip over to this day, and I promise it’s not sour grapes but I really hope you don’t sleep okay. Do you toss and turn at night knowing you turned your golden boy away? Hopefully you know that it was never my decision to hate but when you’re a kid who has his world destroyed by one then what other choice could be made? I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and it was stolen, which might be okay if the thief weren’t my own mother. What you never got is that it could have been easy, you could have left and still seen me, you could have been cordial with my father just to please me, instead you thought you could get away with the assination of a good man’s character, the theft of his own family’s home and the rights to his son. I’m not sure I believe in karma but it certainly seems to have gotten the job done. Unfortunately there are some wounds that time can’t heal and 10 years on there are some things I can’t help but feel. My son is worse off because of what you did, whether it drastic or subtle is up for debate but that’s something that I simply can’t forgive. It’s one thing to set me up for a worse life, but now it effects more than just me, and that’s not okay. I don’t want your response nor do I care to hear it because I know it would be nothing but denial and discredit, a narcisist can’t be to blame and I know more than any you would never claim it, just know that there is no side of this story that grants you any merit.
I have managed to exist despite your best efforts, I have managed to be happy despite your worst decisions, I have managed to feed my son despite you being gone, and I have managed to make it out okay because of my father.


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