Every Girl In The World

Now that I’ve trapped myself inside your suitcase
I can see all the beautiful flowers in your garden
Succumb to the sweet air and all your gorgeous shades of taste
Comfortable bed of lace, drifting along at such a gloriously dull pace.
But below this river of bliss is an evil bound to exist
Because every girl’s baggage is filled with skeletons and the things that haunt you most
A demon drabbed in flowing gowns and glowing smiles
You won’t know until it’s too late, once you’re here you are the victim.
The flora begins to fade to shades of grey as the air turns wicked
And creeping up behind is the pain you find most fearsome
You’ll spend the rest of your time here remembering the garden’s scent
Wishing you never started the decay and dissent
By asking the question you set off a chain reaction
Better off in ignorance, the truth is too hard.
The girl is the pain you feared
Only took 3 months for you to see it clear
But now you’re entangled, wrapped around your neck
Extremities incapacitated left with only your mind
Think one with a demon instead of a nurse
What did I do to become so cursed
Why did I fall for you
Why did I fall for you
Why did I fall for you
Why did I fall for you
What makes you special
What makes you worth it
Why did I believe you weren’t another evil faceless soul.


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