Well you’re all equally indoctrinated
And so easily manipulated
Caught within the tangles of their lies.
Silhouettes of the jaded
Wander as they demonstrated
Meandering in a single file
Can’t recall how many miles
The dim and dull wait patiently in line!

And into the grinder you’ll go!

Could it be the ending of a great time
For a land with leaders of mass divide?
First you had a figurehead of corporation greed
And now there is a man of faithless deceipt.
Hate your neighbor, judge your friends
As long as you don’t make amends.

Life will surely prosper if you refuse to make it right!

Black or white
Rich or poor
Gay or straight
or the unborn

Fill the heads of the easily led
With the promise to be freely fed
Control the masses with spoons of meds
Pander to the dull and dim
Make it seem you’re just like them.

As long as you can get their precious votes!

Call them names and take their gains
We wouldn’t want someone with fame
To be above all of the vast lame.
The shallow are majority
We the few minority
Watching as society declines.
If we think to speak our minds
We’ll be judged and criticized
Eventually punished within inches of our lives.
When the motivated are all subdued
And all of man is dumb and crude
The progressive world will come true
Where all are as foolish as the next.
Rid us of our scales of worth
Bury competition in the earth
All so you can pander to a pest.
You wanted equality so you rid us of our intellect
You wanted acceptance so you rid us of our character
You wanted tolerance so you rid us of our strengths.


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