How to make it

There are three things in this world that you NEED to become successful if you aren’t born into it or if you didn’t get extremely lucky and trip face first into the lap of someone who handed you something for nothing.

DETERMINATION. – Drive, work ethic, will, tenacity, dedication. If you are not determined, you’ll fail before you get to where you need to be. You need to be aggressive, but not outwardly aggressive. Your product, whatever it may be, needs to be seen to be enjoyed. If you don’t market it as hard as you can without embarrassing yourself in the process, which admittedly can be a tricky line to ride, then you’ll never be able to get it to the people who need to see it.

SKILL. – Talent, competence, proficiency, prowess, aptitude. Skill is learned. John Mayer didn’t play guitar like he does now when he was 16. Refine your talent, hone your craft, never stop challenging yourself to be better at it. Never stop trying to learn more. You can never cap out your capabilities in regards to your passion. Don’t sit on the status quo. You’re better than that.
MOTIVATION. – If you don’t have the necessary motivation, it will be very easy to fall off of your path. My motivation is my child, I want to become successful to give him a great life, and to give his kids a great life, and hopefully give their kids a great life. That’s more than enough motivation anyone could ever need, but I also am motivated by the idea of being beneficial to the world, beneficial to humanity at large. If even a tenth of the people that see my videos are inspired by them to enhance their lives, or to be better to their neighbor, then I’ve done my part in enhancing society and civilization. If one person that watches my videos can be more civil to their peers, can apply more critical thinking in their day-to-day life, can enhance themselves as a human being, then I have done what I set out to do. And if that one person can show their friends and family these videos, and one of them are inspired the same way, then we will all benefit from that.

Shoot for the stars and even if you don’t get there you’ll still be higher than where you were before hand. This world doesn’t owe you anything and you won’t get anywhere without doing everything you can to go places. This video won’t be as much about politics, more so society, philosophy, strength within your inner mind.

I am not successful as of right now, I’m just a dreamer. But you know what? I’m a god damn talented dreamer. I’m so good at this, I’m so good at what I do, I’m so good at a lot of things, actually. You know why? Because what’s the point in not being good at something? What’s the point in not being the absolute best you can be at whatever it is that you’re doing? I’ve played guitar for 9 years, I’m pretty damn good at guitar. I’ve played drums for 11 years, I’m pretty damn good at drums. I’ve sang for 7 years, I’m pretty damn good at singing. I’ve been cooking for a long time, I’m pretty damn good at cooking. I’ve been writing for a long time, I’m absolutely fucking fantastic at writing. I am not a god among men, but I am so, so great. I don’t believe in the idea of not having pride. I don’t believe in the idea of not considering yourself great. If you don’t think you’re fantastic at whatever it is that you’re doing, or that you WILL BECOME fantastic at whatever it is that you’re doing, then what the hell is the point of doing it in the first place? What is the point of doing anything at all if that’s the case? I’m sorry, but I want my doctor to have so much confidence because he absolutely knows that he’s the best at his job. I want the guy making my food to believe his food is the best food. I want the girl cutting my hair to believe she’s the best. If everyone believed they were the best at what they do, then everyone would be fantastic at what they do. OR, if they WEREN’T good and the pride was an overly inflated ego then it would be mercilessly destroyed upon being SHIT. Like I’ve said before, if we all JUDGED MORE and CODDLED LESS the world would be held to a higher standard and the human race at large would benefit from it.

I’ve been speaking into a microphone making these videos for 2 months, and with every single video I make I get better. I do believe every video I’ve made thus far is better than the one before it. That matters, it matters a lot. Every time you do something, it should be improved. If you’re not improving, you’re wasting not only your own time but also the time of anyone who happens to be involved in consuming what you are doing. In other words, if you write songs and you write a shitty song after a great song, then you just wasted the time of anyone who had listened to the first great song and expected another great song. If you cook a great meal for someone and they come back expecting another and you fuck it up, then you didn’t improve and they’ll never be back because you wasted. their. time.

The human mind, by nature, is generally pessimistic. We are negative creatures, born into a world of negativity and hate, and brought up to think that pointing the finger is the answer. Think about this, how often do you give people compliments? Whether it be something as simple as “cool shoes” or “nice hair”, or something a bit more loaded, as in complimenting me on these videos and explaining what they inspire in you, or if you’ve ever met one of your idols and tried to explain to them how much they mean to you… Now think about how often you criticize, or how often you receive criticism. Compare the two, and realize that by nature it is so much easier for a human being to insult and disparage people. What I want you to try your hardest to do is to accept positive feedback into your heart more than criticism. Think about what you do when you are criticized, there are three things that can happen, the first is defense, you’ll try to explain why they’re wrong. The second is deflection, you’ll deflect that criticism back onto the person making it. The third is denial, you’ll deny the entire thing. Then a few days later you’ll probably be reminded of it, if it was existential in any capacity,  and all of the sudden it’ll hit you that maybe it’s true and maybe you’re shit etc. All of those things happen when significant hate is flung at you from another human, yet when you are praised, for the most part, it will roll into one ear and out the other, it’ll make you smile for all of 2 seconds and then you’ll never think of it again. I want you to know that it is so much harder for a human to compliment you than it is for a human to hate you, so next time someone gives you a compliment of any significance, take that to heart and don’t let it go, let it inflate your ego, let it effect you positively, let it give you confidence to do what you’re doing even better.

I hope this helps you on the path to success and enlightenment. I want it to be known that I do not have a monopoly on messages worth hearing or philosophies worth sharing. We are all capable of so much, but the human race has become so complacent and contained, so easily entertained and fulfilled… Women show more and more and put out faster and faster, drugs are so readily available to dull the mind, television more debaucherous and heathenistic. People happily pop pills on a daily basis to stay in a constant altered state because god forbid we have to live within our own sober minds. I’m sorry, but I’m too good to intoxicate my mind, my mind has too much worth to willingly fog it out. You should see yourself in the same light. Know that that girl you like would dig it and know that you could get it, know that that boss you fear is a human like you and is no better, know that that cop who pulled you over is a human like you and is just doing their job to punish your degenerate law breaking. Know that that guitarist you admire has simply practiced more than you have. Know that that messiah you worship was a human being no different from you. Become the change you wish to see, rise up to the idols you praise.


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