Paris ISIS Attacks, Islamic Extremism IS TO BLAME.

I have an extremely hard time trying to wrap my mind around the idea that we shouldn’t be quick to blame Islamic terrorists for acts of mass terrorism. Even if it turns out to be something else, which is almost never the case, what difference did it make to assume that the thing that ripped your arm off while you swam in the ocean was a shark? Rob Lowe posts about how they waited till AFTER the attacks happened to close their borders when we all knew it was coming in the first place, and twitter lost its mind. “YOU DONT KNOW WHO DID THIS YET HOW DARE YOU?!?!??!” I’m sorry I just can’t for the life of me figure out how that is a remotely reasonable response to someone stating such obvious truths.

I think honesty is something that the world needs to try a lot more of, instead of spouting your fake anger about trigger words and being butt hurt because someone hurt your feelings how about we all just start embracing honesty and truth more? I’m sorry, but yes, lazy dirty slobs are lesser than I. I’m sorry, but yes, every guy wants to have threesome’s, particularly with your hot best friend, and no yours isn’t special in that regard. I’m sorry, when almost every terror attack in modern times has been perpetrated by Muslims, MAYBE IT SHOULD BE OKAY TO BLAME MUSLIMS. Slut shaming is one of the best things ever, fat shaming too. Islamophobia saves lives. We should all JUDGE more and CODDLE less, to enhance the human race as a whole, to keep all human beings on their best day. You can change your flaws, mind over matter is real. Be better than your vices, be stronger than your faults.

On CNN Bob Baer suggested that a similar attack would be very easy in the United States because of such easy access to firearms. I mean, genuinely think about the logic behind that statement… It is illegal for a civilian to own guns in Paris. But yet, they had them… Isn’t that strange? Syrian refugees, as reports are now saying, had guns and explosives, and slaughtered, as of the time I’m writing this, at least 118 innocent civilians. You know, when you think about the fact that the vast majority of 15 year old high school kids here in America are smoking ILLEGAL DRUGS on a daily basis, what makes you think that banning or restricting a law abiding citizens right to own a gun would actually prevent gun violence? The truth is, it wouldn’t, the people who wanted to break the law by MASSACRING INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS certainly wouldn’t worry about breaking the law to own an illegal, unregistered firearm. It’s that simple. Also, the debate would probably move towards “IF THERE WERE CIVILIANS WITH GUNS IT WOULD BE SO MUCH WORSE!” as if adding even a slight chance of retaliation could somehow hurt the situation.

Ann Coulter said that Donald Trump was elected president thanks to the attacks in Paris and his staunch opposition to accepting Syrian refugees as well as open borders. I genuinely don’t understand how people could be against that, how could you be against keeping terrorists out of the United States? Why is it our job to accept the world’s worst rather than the world’s best? Why should we coddle people? Why should we degrade the quality of lives for hundreds of MILLIONS of American citizens so that people who should be another country’s problems can come here even though so many of them hate America? Why is it important to help them AT THE EXPENSE OF YOU AND I AND EVERYONE WE KNOW?! This goes to illegal immigrants and refugees alike.

One thing that is worth noting about Islam, is that if you do some research you’ll see that Muslims around the world, even the “good guys”, regardless of affiliation, will almost always say, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Well, it sucks that it happened but I see why it happened.” Meanwhile, black gangs and thug culture are denounced by all competent and normal black people, meanwhile the cartel is denounced by all competent and normal Spanish people, meanwhile the acts of Hitler’s Germany are denounced by all competent and normal German people, meanwhile the acts of Stalin’s Soviet Union are denounced by all competent and normal Russian people. Isn’t it strange? Isn’t it strange that Muslims are almost always so ready to understand why Islamic extremists do what they do?

Why must we live in a world where we are sympathizing with terrorists before their innocent victims? Why must we live in a world where we are readily demonizing honesty and truth? Why must we live in a world where we are ostracized from popular culture and turned into social pariahs dare we say something that is brutally honest? Brutal honesty is the best thing in this world, never stop being honest, never bow down to their attempts at pacifying and sterilizing the world and it’s inhabitants.


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