Starbucks and the “War On Christmas”

The latest thing to cause massive uproar in the country is… Cups of coffee. But not the coffee, even less than that, the cup that the coffee is served in. Apparently, removing snowflakes, Jesus, and Christmas from the December edition of Starbucks coffee cups is an inherent attack on Christmas and christian values as a whole. As if wanting to appeal to everyone rather than a select group is an attack on anything.

The entire idea of being so upset about something so trivial is… Well, upsetting. Your pointless amount of anger towards Starbucks is depressing. Why does your faith need to be validated by Starbucks? What difference does it make if Starbucks even changes the cups for December at all?

If someone says “Happy Holidays” to me, I don’t think “HOW DARE YOU KILL SANTA CLAUS!”. If someone said “Happy Hanukkah” to me, I would appreciate that because it doesn’t matter if they celebrate the same holidays or believe in the same God, they went out of their way to say something nice to me, to be courteous to me, to be respectful to me, a stranger, they went out of their way to be nice to a stranger, which is something that so few people do in today’s world. Why do they have to say “Merry Christmas!”? If you said “Merry Christmas” to them, do you think they’d get upset about it? Well, maybe they would, but if they did then they’d be just as absurd as you are.

We as human beings should be more interested in the idea of being nice to one another with such wonderful traditional greetings, regardless of the culture or religion from which said greetings derived.


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