Mizzou College Protests, Degradation of Human Civilization at Large.

I realized today that when I hear about the school protests in Missouri, I actually mentally shut myself off from really contemplating the situation because it is so incredibly insane that if I were to actually indulge myself in the full knowledge of what is happening there then I might lose my mind.

The idea that human beings, who are supposed to be equal to me and you, are spending their time rioting, protesting, segregating, and attacking people is simply too much for me. In my mind, when I hear about these people that make black only “safe spaces”, that violently attack people who disagree with them, that chant for the destruction of someone’s life over something that hasn’t even been verified in the first place… I don’t even see the difference between those people and ISIS, those people and gangs, those people and oppressive or violent forces around the world… It is a mob, one that is attempting to become organized under the banner of “Black Lives Matter”.

I don’t understand why or how human beings, that again, are supposed to be my equal, can be so horrifyingly disgusting. These people are not my equal, they are not your equal, we are strictly better in every single way possible. I don’t understand how people could believe in equality when there are human beings who intentionally act that way, who intentionally degrade society, who purposefully degrade the lives of others, who willingly become a detriment to the human race at large with their actions. How could equality ever be anything more than a silly notion when human beings are so invested in the idea of dragging civilization down?

Well, I suppose there’s a simple answer to that question; Equality is about dragging civilization down. If you think about equality, the idea of equality, the notion that human beings are all created equal… You have to think about how to achieve that goal, long term, how does the human race actually become equal when we are clearly all so many different levels of capability, worth, skill, and intelligence? Knowing that intellectually inferior humans can’t be, or will simply refuse to be, brought up to par with their intellectually superior counterparts, the only way to enforce the law of equality is to degrade the best to become the worst. To pull the brightest down to match the lowest. common. denominator.

This is the play from the left, from the universities, from the Democratic party, from the Black Lives Matter organization, from every single indoctrinated human being in this country. It is an attempt, some might say so far a SUCCESSFUL attempt, at implementing a degradative culture into main stream society, into social media, into main stream media, into your television programs, into American culture itself. For instance, look at the spinoff of The Walking Dead called Fear The Walking Dead. Creative name, I know, but if you watch it you’ll be met with excessive police brutality, interracial relationships, and a main character who is a worthless drug addicted leech. Not sure how you’re supposed connect with that, but I guess when the majority of Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials are worthless, drug addicted leeches who are in interracial relationships and genuinely believe that police are out to get you, it must be pretty relatable.

You see, the more they can push this agenda, the more they can push these ideas, the more they can implement this propaganda into our popular culture, our main stream entertainment, our regular television and movie going experiences, the more people will begin to accept this kind of thing as “right”, the more they will accept this as “normal”, the more they will become complacent, they will agree, they will understand, they will bow down to it. You see it in Star Wars with a blatantly obvious leading role casting choice that went to someone black solely because they wanted a black leading character, you see it in The Walking Dead where, for seemingly no reason at all, the most “badass” character on the show is an old frail lesbian, you see it in MTV’s The Real World where they promote the idea that young people are just going out to clubs, getting black out drunk, fucking strangers and doing nothing productive with their lives. This is what they want you to think is normal, this is what they want you to see as righteous. The more you consume it, the more complacent you’ll become, and then you’ll be just as worthless as they are.

Degeneracy is the key. If they can purvey the indoctrination of degeneracy to as many young people as possibly, then we as humans will become degenerate, become degraded, become inferior to what we once were. Then they have all the control they’d ever need. It’s much easier to control the complacent, it’s much easier to enslave pacified zombies, it’s much easier to impose oppression onto the dull, the vapid, the shallow, and the intoxicated.


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