Why Politics Matter…

If not this, then what? Why are politics important to me? Because, in comparison, what on this planet could possibly be more important? To ignore it is to ignore something that is very much worth your time and effort of studying, researching, and learning. To disregard it is to close your ears to the harshness of the world and to have the running of the country, and planet in general, be nothing more than a silhouette in your mind, constantly looming over yet never intruding, the boogeyman lurking in the shadows waiting to get you. HOWEVER, if you take the time to care about it, to enlighten yourself to truths and to bring more awareness into your mind then you can know how to keep that boogeyman away, as it were. You can never know enough about extremely important political topics, as in things other than if two people with penises can get married, if your lazy friends can have legal permission to smell like skunks and sit around stoned all day, and if your slutty friends can choose to terminate their children, etc… Important things, as in, who is slaughtering how many, where, and why. Who is attempting to steal more of your money to fund EVEN MORE WELFARE. Who is corrupt, who is good, who is bad, who is responsible for what misdeeds and why… Who is responsible for taking so much of your money out of your paychecks to feed someone else when you can barely afford to feed yourself, what companies are responsible for huge job growth, what industries are turning people’s lives around, where is the economy booming, where is it stagnant, and where is it completely dead?

Politics matter because if you’re refusing to follow it closely then you’re refusing to keep up to date on the people who make decisions that either detrimentally of beneficially impact your quality of life in every single day that you live. If you refuse to keep up on the facts, then you refuse to be able to hold people accountable in any fashion for negatively impacting your quality of life. Believe it or not, your vote counts, but in all honesty so many votes are cast by people who literally know NOTHING about the facts of politics in America that it hurts the system dramatically. The more people who DO know facts, the more well-educated votes in the ballot box, the more likely we are to see all of our lives improved vastly. Do your part to help not only yourself, but your fellow American. Even if they’re ignorant to the facts, we should still do everything you can to help them too.

The only reason people avoid politics is because they hate disagreements, and they hate knowledge. Because knowledge is haunting, and disagreements are divisive. I’ve been thinking lately that it seems the only path we as humans can go down should we choose to be completely open to knowledge is one of conspiracy and paranoia. Just look at Bobby Fischer, a combination of pure intelligence, open minded acceptance of real world knowledge, and a thorough examination of said real world knowledge, brought him down a path of racism, antisemitism, extreme paranoia, and reclusivity. A complete distrust of so many man made infrastructures and institutes. Some may say that everything he tried to warn us about is completely true, some may say that it is entirely nonsensical ramblings of a bitter old delusional man.

Now, I’m not saying that we all would end up there should we choose to go down the path of enlightenment, but it seems many are afraid to even start down the road of studying real world, truly important knowledge, simply because they believe it may lead to that point. That it may over whelm the human mind. That it may lead to conclusions that we can not bare to hear… But I must assert that we have full control over the limits to which we are exposed to such enlightenment, we can choose to cut ourselves off from it at any point, should we find it too stressful.

In the end, politics matter because if not politics, then what? What could possibly be more worth learning about? For example, I love music, music has always been one of the most important things in my life and I’ve spent the past 10 years of my life playing, practicing, and performing music on a daily basis. But it’s not nearly as important as politics. Politics are the most important thing this world has to offer, and it is our duty as Americans, and as human beings in general, to do everything we can to know as much about these issues as possible, to enhance the country, to enhance our lives, and to enhance our fellow American’s lives.


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