Main Stream Media Bias & Liberal Propaganda.

How do they keep getting away with it? How has it gone on for so long without proper retaliation? Donald Trump says that the Mexican government is sending it’s worst criminal offenders to America so that they don’t have to feed them, house them, or deal with them and the mainstream media along with the social justice social media decide that what he really meant was that Mexicans are the worst criminals. Donald Trump says that we went to the middle east, built schools, built roads, “they” blew up the schools, we build a new school, yet we can’t fix our roads and schools here in the United States, and they twist that by saying that by “they” he meant all Arab people or all Muslim people, rather than the terrorists who do it. Ben Carson says that the holocaust would have been less likely to happen had the Jews had the right to bear arms, and the main stream media twists that to say that he is blaming the Jews for the holocaust! Ben Carson says that if he were in a situation with a crazy person trying to shoot up a room full of people he’d charge rather than get shot, and the main stream media twists that to say that he is blaming the victims of mass shootings. Marco Rubio calls out Hillary Clinton for blatantly lying to the American people and the main stream media, Hillary Clinton herself, and all the drones of zombified followers all say that it’s just some biased political attack on her campaign, that the entire scandal is just some partisan game played by the right to hurt her chances at becoming president. Meanwhile, she willingly let those men die and refuses to take responsibility for it, on top of the fact that she broke a federal law by keeping a private email server, and then on top of that DELETING the email server to cover up the fact that she let those men die. Bernie Sanders goes on Stephen Colbert’s show and says that Donald Trump simply appeals to the RACISM and XENOPHOBIA in the hearts of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. It’s a blatant falsehood, it is saying that A) The American people are mostly racist and xenophobic. B) That Donald Trump himself is racist and xenophobic. And C) That the only reason people like him is because he appeals to said racism and xenophobia. It is slander, it is defamation, it is a complete lie that he is intentionally perpetuating to the liberal masses to try and discredit extremely valid criticisms of his policies from the American majority. It’s honestly shocking that someone in such a high position of power could still be using the same tactics as the masses of drones who follow him. Plug your ears and scream incoherently if someone has a point that discredits your opinions, then once they are done talking you just fling shit at the wall and hope that some of it sticks. It is childish, it panders to the masses of childish heavily indoctrinated American progressives, and to them it actually works. In their mind, they genuinely believe that Donald Trump hates all Mexican people, that he believes all Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers, that Ben Carson hates Jews, that the entire Republican side of politics are simply out to hurt Hillary’s chances at becoming president because they are trying to bring JUSTICE to a BLATANT INJUSTICE.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Ben Carson all pointed out just how bias and one sided main stream media is. That bias permeates. It does not just stop there, it enters the minds and thoughts of the people who consume the bias. Then they perpetuate it, they purvey that message of biased corruption, which spreads it to even more people, and all of the sudden you have a large mass of people in this country that genuinely believe that the Republican party is full of nothing but evil, corrupt, greedy oppressors who hate the black, hate the poor, hate the Spanish, hate the irreligious, hate the Muslims, hate the Arabs, hate the gays, hate the women, hate everyone who isn’t a rich, white, straight male. It is deception, it is manipulation, it is propaganda to the highest degree, it is the act of twisting truth, telling half truths, using anecdotal evidence and generalizing an entire group of human beings WHILE SPOUTING that your side is TOLERANT and ACCEPTING and LOVING. Everything they believe is true, everything you believe is false, and if you dare question that then you are excommunicated, you are criticized and mocked by their snarky sarcastic satirical pundits like Jon Stewart and John Oliver, you have your name dragged through the mud. You are attacked. You are slandered. You are libeled. They will not stop. They are the hive mind, and we are the independent. They rely on numbers while we rely on pride and self worth.

Climate change has become a religion, if you question it you’re a heathen, you’re a heretic to the cause, you hate the planet and the people who live on it, you hate everything in this world simply because the world hasn’t actually warmed in 18 years, simply because higher CO2 hasn’t strictly warmed the planet, which led to them changing the name from Global Warming to Climate Change, which in itself is such a cheap play. You said it was warming, you said it was because man was putting too much CO2 in the air, then when it stopped warming despite CO2 still going up, you don’t change your mind? That sounds like religion to me, that sounds like steadfastly having faith in something regardless of scientific facts that say otherwise. Global Warming alarmists are less interested in Global Warming and far more interested in the acts of STOPPING Global Warming. They’re more interested in TAXING business, INCREASING restrictions and infringements, PROMOTING that CARS are EVIL, that HAIRSPRAY is EVIL, that COWS FARTING is EVIL. We need to ban cars! Ban hairspray! Ban COWS! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE THE PLANET, IF YOU DON’T AGREE THEN YOU’RE A HERETIC TO THE CAUSE! A DETRIMENT TO THE HUMAN RACE! THE ONLY WAY IS MY WAY! BECAUSE SCIENCE TOLD ME SO! EVEN THOUGH IT DIDN’T!


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