How does Socialism work?

Well, the first thing we need to look at is the tenets of Socialism. To believe in Socialism you need to view the world a certain way. First; You need to believe that wealth dictates worth. Second; You have to believe that every person who has money has done something awful to others in the name of greed to obtain their wealth, or that all wealthy people are extremely lazy and got all of their wealth from an inheritance that they in no way deserved, to warrant you taking that money from them, or it would be strictly unethical. Third; You have to believe that equality is not dictated by your inalienable rights, but actually by how much money you have in the bank. Fourth; You need to believe that all men are equal, regardless of I.Q., work ethic, knowledge, creativity, and skill. Fifth; You need to believe that a world where everyone simply “gets by” is better than a world where most people are doing great and living amazing lives and a few, in comparison, are not. Sixth; You have to believe that a human owning possessions somehow detrimentally effects another human being’s ability to own possessions.

Now that we have that down, let’s talk about taxes. Taxes are theft. If you don’t believe that, then you should look into some education on the matter. Income taxes are a gun to your head held by the government and if you don’t just give them your money you go to jail. There is no way around that. Now, taxes are a necessity in a population like ours, you need them to pay police officers, enlisted military, firemen, postal workers, etc. unless you want to have to pay large amounts of money every time you call the police or get a package in the mail. The issue is that Democrats believe taxes should be used to make the wealthy pay for the poor, and by wealthy, they mean anyone who isn’t already groveling at their feet for hand outs, which is the vast majority of the country. Liberals tend to believe that this is the next natural progression of taxes, as if paying taxes to ensure that your local library stays functional and paying taxes to ensure that your neighbor can have a free cell phone are the same thing, and are just as constitutional as the other.

Now I’m going to explain each of the tenets of Socialism further. The first tenet, as I stated, is that wealth dictates worth. What this means is that things like intelligence, work ethic, talent and skill, and creative ideas are not what dictate how much worth we as human beings have, it all simply comes down to the dollar. The idea in itself is rather anarchaic, but let’s really think about what it means. It means that liberals believe success can not be gained through those avenues, it means that liberals believe we as human beings are less important than the money we possess, and it means that liberals believe in money more than anything else.

The second tenet states that you must believe people who have wealth either must have stood on someone’s shoulders, stabbed someone in the back, and ruined lives in order to gain the wealth that they own, or that all wealthy people are only wealthy because they received a large inheritance and are lazy, boring, worthless people who do nothing to contribute to society, who merely sit on their hoards of cash that they did nothing to earn and don’t deserve in any fashion. The reason this tenet is important is because in any debate that a liberal has ever had, they will always answer the question of “Why do people who earned wealth deserve to have their wealth taken to feed strangers who didn’t earn wealth on their own?” with a question of “How do people who inherited money deserve what they have?”. Obviously, answering a question with a question in a debate is the intentional dodging of the original question, but regardless of that the question they retort with is an extremely flawed argument because it only works if the majority of wealthy people are only wealthy due to inheriting a lot of money, which is not the case.

The third tenet states that how equal you are as a human being is determined by how much money you have in the bank rather than your inalienable rights granted to you simply by being a citizen of the country. Again, this goes back to the point made in the first tenet in that liberals put money above everything. Ironic, considering they’re the first people to state that money doesn’t buy happiness, yet they want to take yours… Strange, isn’t it?

The fourth tenet states that you are equal to a lazy slob regardless of your personal capabilities. In the eyes of the law, we are all equal, in the eyes of the constitution, we are all equal. However, in the eyes of an employer, we are not all equal, in the eyes of a leader, we are not all equal, in the eyes of a business, we are not all equal. And that is a very good thing, because that means that you are solely responsible for making something of yourself, and that you are entirely responsible for failing to do so. Lately I’ve been reading about Bobby Fischer. Bobby Fischer was the greatest chess player to ever live and he was famous in the 60’s and 70’s for beating every top Soviet chess player in the height of the Cold War when chess was how the Soviet’s asserted that they were the superior culture of superior intellect and worth, that communism was righteous and their superior chess players proved it. Bobby Fischer had an I.Q. of 180, his mind worked on an entirely different frequency of every other great chess player and nobody could touch him, nobody could challenge him. He was beating the best the world had to offer in complete shut-out matches where the opposition weren’t even able to get a single win. Bobby Fischer, is better than me, he’s probably better than you. The key is that I strive for greatness, you probably do too. I want to better myself, every day, and become great at my passion like he was at his. I fully realize that the only limitations this world has are the ones that we set for ourselves. Liberals, however, believe that he is equal to everyone else and that no one should strive to be better because that would defeat the purpose of “equality”. If you dare have pride in yourself, if you dare consider yourself to be great at something, if you dare consider yourself to have anything special to offer the world, then you are a heretic to the progressive cause and will be shunned as one.

The fifth tenet states that a world where every citizen is able to “get by” is better than a world where the majority of citizens are able to thrive and fulfill their dreams and live their life the way they want to simply because in said¬†thriving world, some people are not going to be able to support themselves. To quote Marco Rubio “I believe welfare is a great thing, but I believe it should be a safety net, not a way of life.”. That is what is wrong with the liberal ideology of today, they believe that welfare should be a constant, that everyone deserves a hand out even if they aren’t contributing anything to society, that everyone should be coddled and pandered to, that no one should be forced to go out and work because some people simply don’t want to. I’m sorry, but I’m lower-middle class right now and there is no part of me who wants to be coddled or pandered to. I want to live in a country where myself, at 24, can strive for success and achieve that success, and reap the benefits of that success. When I’m 34, I know I’ll be better off than I am right now, and there is no part of me who wants 34 year old me to have to have my life restricted simply because 24 year old me was too stupid, selfish, or lazy to be able to get by without government hand outs being a way of life.

And finally the sixth tenet of Socialism dictates that one human being owning wealth is inherently detrimental to another human being’s ability to own wealth. As if the owner of Walmart being rich somehow keeps me from being able to have a nice couch, a nice guitar, a nice computer, and a nice television. You could apply that same logic to a million things, but in the end all it says is that no human can own enough wealth to keep you from living a life that you are worthy of. There will always be money to be earned, because under free market Capitalism you earn what you are worth. There will always be things you can buy to enhance your quality of life, like a guitar or television, and when you do that money then goes to support the guitar shop that you patronized, which then goes into salaries of the workers there who then go buy something from a restaurant, so on and so forth. Money stays in rotation so long as the middle and upper class have money. Socialism doesn’t want us to have money, which is where Socialism fails.

In the end, the idea that Socialism is oppression is not an off-base loony conspiracy theory, it is a simple fact. It is the specific and intentional oppression of the middle class and upper class, which make up the vast majority of the country, in favor of the lower class who make up a small percentage of the country. When someone says that our freedom and independence are already taken away because we are owned by the 1%, remind them that the 1% are human beings just like us and they wake up and go to sleep every day and have families who they love and lives that they live. They are not the boogeyman hiding in the shadows waiting to stab you in the back for another dollar. They are not the puppet masters pulling the strings of our world. They are simply people, and maybe if you spent less time demonizing them and more time working hard then you could be successful like they are.


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