Many Topic, Much Logic

Europeans don’t understand the idea of independence. They’ve been born and raised on Socialism for decades, coddled and pandered to, and nothing else could ever make sense to the majority of them. I’m not sure if it’s because of World War II decimating so much of Europe and forcing civilians onto government programs to get by, so much so that it just became a way of life for their culture, but that certainly seems to be the case. This is why the vast majority of my detractors come from Socialist European nations, they blindly follow their leaders, happy to be another brick in the wall, as it were. Anyone who thinks about the idea of independence differently from the way they do must be an imbecile, clearly.

Anyway, I’m proud of America and I don’t want America to be anything like Denmark, UK, Sweden etc. I don’t understand the idea of making every first world country the same. I don’t understand the logic behind having no variety on this planet. I’m sorry, but if America is no different from Denmark then what was the purpose of making it that way in the first place when Denmark was already a thing, right? I mean, if you want hand outs and dependence on big government then go somewhere that will give that to you and allow America to stay the free, independent nation that it has always been so that you don’t ruin it for the people who want to see their capabilities metabolize into true independent success. This isn’t a “Don’t like it? Get out!” argument, it’s a “You like that better, so why stay here?” argument. Which at the core are extremely different sentiments.

Peace through strength is the only form of peace this world has ever known. I’d like to stick to peace, personally. When walls are brought down, man kind feels the right to push a bit more, and a bit more, and a bit more. The old adage of “You give them an inch and they take a mile.” So why do people feel like the fact that our military is the smallest it has been since pre-World War II is a good thing? Let’s just think about the Cold War for a moment. It was Russia going up against the United States for the position of global leader, world police, the governing force that dictates what stays and what goes. It was not a good thing, even though it is called the “Cold War”, it actually saw many covert operations that lead to the deaths of many many people. The world, and man kind at large, were never more threatened than at peak moments during the Cold War. We are seeing Russia take back over the reigns right now in the middle east and it is a very scary thing, we’ve seen throughout history what happens when Russia dictates how things should be handled, and it’s not a positive thing for the world.

American anarchists, or in other words, typical white indoctrinated college liberal kids, are very quick to spew out the idea that America is a bad place, the white race is a bad race, that America was built off of the blood of Indians and the tears of Africans, that we went into the Middle East to steal all the oil, etc… They disregard the fact that America has done more to stop oppressive forces around the world than any other nation in history. They disregard the fact that America has done more to advance technology than any other nation, that America has done more to right the wrongs of slavery than any other nation, that America is where people all around the world have flocked to for safety and independence. “The land of the free” is not some nonsensical slogan, but every day that Obama, Hillary, and Bernie put us closer to Socialism, we get further from being “free”. Oh, and if we went into the Middle East for the oil, why are we 18 trillion in the hole while ISIS is making billions of dollars off of oil sales right now? Don’t you think that the war on terror would have been much more profitable if we took the oil? Your silly conspiracy theories have been proven wrong by time and yet you refuse to let go of them, but I suppose you can’t expect any less from typical anarchists. You know, anything to be contrarian, anything to be “different”.


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