Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not the best candidate that the Republican party has to offer. Would I vote for him over Sanders or Clinton? Every day of the week. Would I take just about any Republican candidate over Donald Trump? About half of them. I don’t think he has the credentials to be president. His most loyal supporters just repeat the same logic over and over again “If he doesn’t know about a certain thing, he’ll just hire someone for that spot!”. That’s not how a presidency works. Donald Trump is not the man you want in charge of the country. Sure, he’d be great for the economy, he’d be great for the middle class, and as the middle class that sounds amazing to me, but do I want him in talks with Putin? No, not really. Do I want him in charge of our military? No, not really. Do I want him making enemies around the world with some of the far right rhetoric he spouts? No, not really. We need a man who respects all of man, we need a man who is respectable, we need a man who has tact, is courteous, and civil. We need a man willing to find common ground with the opposition, we need a man who will have civil relations with our “enemies” for as long as we possibly can.

Who is that man? Well, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and John Kasich certainly seem up to the challenge in MY opinion. In the end, any Republican candidate is the lesser of two evils against the Socialist far left extremists running in the Democratic party, where the winner will simply be the person who promises to give away more free shit to more unworthy people… I just hope we get the right person, a person who is capable of the full spectrum of skills needed to be the President of the country, or at least as close to that as possible as we are all human beings with flaws and faults.

You know, Glenn Beck has been on a mission to dethrone Trump since Trump announced his candidacy. Beck basically believes that Trump is an idiot who did nothing to earn his worth has no idea what he’s doing and would be worse for the country than a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. I can’t stand what Glenn Beck has done, his team at The Blaze posts regular defamation and slander against Trump on their blog and he constantly spouts anti-Trump rhetoric on his radio show. I find it… Disturbing. Extremely hypocritical, considering Beck constantly disavows those same exact tactics from the left, and although I’m not necessarily a big Donald Trump supporter, it’s extremely obvious to me that he would be infinitely better for the country than any of the Democratic candidates would be. I believe that if Trump is not meant to be the choice then he won’t be. I also don’t agree with the people who have entirely denounced any and all Republican politicians because some Republican politicians are corrupt, bought and paid for, liberals with R’s next to their names, what have you… I believe we should look at each and every candidate at their own merit rather than judging Ted Cruz as a liberal simply because Paul Ryan and John Boehner are complete jokes.

I’m not one to denounce candidates that I deem are “good enough”. I’m not going to make videos talking about how Ben Carson is a whacko, or about how Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are liberal RINOs, simply because I like other candidates a lot more. Because in my opinion, whether you personally deem them “good enough” or “the lesser of two evils”, they are entirely better than a Clinton or Sanders presidency for the middle class of this country, which I know I’ve said a hundred times on this channel already but we the people need to put as much focus as possible on the middle class, the backbone of the country’s economy. I like Ted Cruz, I like Marco Rubio, I like John Kasich, I like Rand Paul, I — I like Donald Trump, hell, I even like Jim Webb and wish he hadn’t dropped out, you know, I would have happily put in a vote for him on the Democrat side.


Cj Pearson Denounces his Conservative Label

CJ Pearson I want you to understand that the people who are okay with the shooting of Laquan are not conservatives, they are far right lunatics. You and I, we’re conservatives. Those people give us a bad name, don’t let them change your labels just because they’re so far gone. They are not a representation of Conservative values. I am a moderate Libertarian, I think that’s where you might actually be found but I digress, I identify with conservative principles very very much, but I’m too open minded to be steadfastly rooted within them. As in, I would never smoke marijuana but I think if we’re legally allowed to drink alcohol then we should obviously be legally allowed to smoke marijuana. I am very much anti-abortion, but I don’t think it’s a black and white issue of “life or choice” as so many would like to make it. I’m for gay marriage as well. Basically everything else I’m very much to the right on. Many of these far right extremists that made you denounce your conservative label would call me a far left communist for having these opinions and views, they are hardly even real people CJ Pearson. Stay golden, friend.

xJawz, Call of Duty Community, Youtube Gaming

I just want to know why people ever subscribed to this kid in the first place? I mean, just because he played video games well? Everyone plays video games well. I don’t get it, he’s not charismatic, he’s not a particularly good talker and clearly has nothing philosophical or enlightening to share with the world. He amassed an insane amount of popularity for no real reason, clearly some form of snowball effect from being in the right place at the right time. He clearly overlooked the fact that he had no business having such a large fanbase to begin with, he took forgranted the popularly that he had achieved, he seemed to believe for whatever reason within his own mind that he actually deserved this level of success, and simply because he wasn’t capable of making content worth making he gave up entirely.

Now, I was playing Call of Duty since Cod4, I never got into the whole “Call of Duty Youtube Gaming” thing, to me it was something that kids did and I wasn’t a kid, or at least didn’t consider myself one at the time in my late teens. So pardon me if I just showed up late to the party after the entire wave of popularity had come and gone, but I genuinely don’t understand how a guy like this kid or Wings of Redemption could ever become famous. They literally offer nothing of value in their content and they do nothing special, a million other people play video games at the same level of competence and of those million people I’m sure probably 10%, or 100,000, actually have some pertinent information or charisma or intellect or SOMETHING that would break them away from the pack and make them worth watching over someone like this xJawz guy.

But hey, no hate from me, kid got really lucky, he won the real life lottery and tripped over the most fortunate of circumstances head-first right into easy money and an easy life. It’s unfortunate that he wasn’t able to keep up with it, but at least he just ditched it unlike someone like Wings of Redemption who still won’t get a real job, still pushes out boring, worthless videos on a regular basis that amass 10,000 views (out of 500k subs) and says nothing worth saying while showing nothing worth showing, desperately trying to cling to whatever chance he has left of being even remotely relevant…

Meanwhile you have people who are actually making youtube content worth seeing and they get a couple hundred subscribers and a couple thousand views. I suppose that’s life, though, that’s the world we live in, right? The human race, too preoccupied in being easily entertained while revolving around instant gratification, clinging to an “every man” personality just as boring as they are with some sort of “Maybe I could do it too, mom!” dream in their minds. Someone actually saying things worth saying would be deemed holier-than-thou, self-righteous, arrogant and demeaning. I suppose that explains a lot of things. Why hiphop and pop music are the most popular music, why reality television is the most popular television, why drugs run more and more rampant in our popular culture… Appealing to the lowest common denominator, I suppose, will get you places. I refuse.


Debate Counterpoints

You say that people like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News do nothing but perpetuate lies and polarize people, thus indoctrinate them, yet you speak in extremely vast generalizations, many baseless assumptions, and seem to think that a politician having a D in front of their names instead of an R makes them inherently better, no matter what. I mean, you’re telling me that you’d take O’malley over… Say.. Kasich? Who is very very moderate, to the point where many on the far right call him a liberal “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, and has a fantastic proven track record in turning Ohio around into one of the best states in the country to live, while O’malley has a TERRIBLE proven track record in Maryland… It just seems so strange that you generalize so much, that you disregard anyone with an R by their name simply because you didn’t like some other Republicans… Just the idea behind saying “ANY Democrat over ANY Republican”, it’s just so absurd and… Depressing, actually. It’s depressing. Depressing that someone can preach against stupidity while being so stupid…

Honestly, I look at many older Democrats as people who just aren’t paying attention to what is happening NOW because of what happened YESTERDAY. I mean, the idea that someone could vote for Bernie Sanders over someone like Rand Paul or John Kasich… It’s very strange. Meanwhile, these same people consider themselves “progressives” yet refuse to see things clearly because they’re stuck in the past.

And before you ask, no, I don’t watch Fox News.

The economy, particularly the middle class, is completely and totally helpless under the Socialist policies of today’s far left Democratic party. All rational, moderate Democrats are beginning to go independent/Republican because the Democratic party has gone so far left field that it isn’t even playing the same game anymore. The Democratic debates have become a contest between who can promise to give away more free shit to more people, meanwhile the Republican debates that have happened this election cycle have, generally, and particularly excluding the CNBC debate, revolved around actual substantive issues that actually matter to the middle class. The Democratic party of TODAY, is a party designed to repress opportunity and regress action from people like you and I, this is not some ridiculous tin foil hat theory indoctrinated within me by some political pundit talking head or any college professor, parent, twitter trend, etc. These are opinions based around actual facts of what is actually happening in today’s political climate. So yes, when I said that you’re basing your opinions on the Republican party off of YESTERDAY, you’ve proven that to be a factual statement.

JFK would be a moderate Republican by today’s standards. Martin Luther King would vote Republican in today’s political climate. I absolutely know that for a fact. Where JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Martin O’malley are all steadfastly rooted AGAINST that message and instead would say “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.”

The entire political sphere has become so polarized, everything so demonized and everyone so defamed by the opposition. We, the people, need to spend a lot more time within free thought rather than pointing the finger and hating everything that we are not. Politics used to be moderations of the same philosophy, today they are entirely opposite and only one can be right, the right side is the right, and these are facts proven by the past 7 years.

So again I say, if you believe that Bernie Sanders, who wants to save the middle class by doubling their income taxes (his words, not mine.), wants to do more to help you and I than Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, or Rand Paul… It’s completely baseless, it’s an opinion based off of no facts whatsoever.

History proves that Communism has never worked, and I believe people tend to disregard “buzz words”, or at least what they perceive to be “buzz words”. When I say Communism, I’m not talking about Stalin or Mao slaughtering their own people, I’m talking about specifically Communism, which is just a slightly different shade of Socialism. To say they are vastly different is to deny reality and substitute your own. The truth is that it has never worked in the course of history and it will never work in the course of history. Taxing the middle class more can never and will never save the middle class, it’s a completely backwards thought process and is literally founded in nothing. There are five tiers of Democrat in today’s modern political sphere; The first tier is the willfully ignorant, I suppose that’s where you might be found. The second tier is the welfare kings and queens who take advantage of the insane welfare that America already has (and you want to dive further in..?), the third tier are trust fund socialists, people who were born into money thus have no concept of how hard money is to come by, thus want to just give money away to everyone regardless of merit or worth, the fourth tier are anti-white racists, your typical black lives matter activist, regardless of race because even some silly young white kids have been indoctrinated with that same ideology. The fifth and final tier are the 1% puppet masters who would love to use Socialism to control you and I and everyone we know.

I know, tin foil hat nonsense, even though it’s all very much rooted in reality and facts. You tell me to study up, yet you’re either senile or just plainly delusional if you actually believe that oppressing the middle class is the way to liberate the middle class.

“This country has plenty of money – we just choose to spend it on the military and give it to rich people who not only don’t need it, they just stash it offshore and sit on it.” Meanwhile the military has been cut and cut and cut and cut, to the point where it’s smaller than pre-WW2, and the welfare just keeps. on. growing. And when will it stop? In 2016 when a Republican gets an easy win against scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton.

You say the Republican party has no one worthy of being president, yet when you look at the Democratic side you see politicians who are completely and totally inept at running anything and none of which have been proven to do anything right.

Many citizens of these Socialist countries that people like you idolize are very very very unhappy with the restriction of opportunity that they face in their economic system where they are forced to wallow in mediocrity and stagnation, perpetually “getting by” while never thriving, regardless of how hard they work or their worth in the community of which they live. I know I don’t want to live that life, I’m 24 years old, lower-middle class at best and there is no part of me that wants 34 year old me to have to be restricted because 24 year old me was incapable of getting by without government hand outs being a way of life.

I’m not pro-war, pro-military(Although I am very much pro-military personnel), or pro-extreme military spending. BUT, if YOU are for the extreme welfare spending in this country then how dare you be against the extreme military spending? Both need to go, not one or the other, Rand Paul called out Marco Rubio at the last debate about how he wants to increase military spending and how that’s not conservative, and it’s true. The left and right both have their golden cows, right? The right just wants to spend more and more in military, and I do believe that most of the time it is for a good cause, for the right reasons, to keep our people safe, and then the left just wants to spend more and more in welfare, and I do believe that most of the time it is for a good cause, for the right reasons, to help those who can not help themselves. HOWEVER, when BOTH sides get what they want and the country is pulled in BOTH directions spending WAYYYY too much money on BOTH things at the expense of YOU and I and EVERYONE WE KNOW… That’s where both sides go extremely wrong. I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t be repressed because some people don’t want to work. I’m very much pro-welfare for people who literally can not work, but I am very much anti-welfare for people who just choose not to. I am pro-welfare in regards to it being a safety net, I am very very very much anti-welfare in regards to it being a way of life.

Anti-gay marriage is not anti-gay, it’s simply pro-marriage. I’m not really pro-marriage, I see why both sides feel the way that they do and find myself solely in the middle as it’s not nearly important enough of an issue to care about. Anti-illegal immigration is not anti-immigration, anyone with any tangible grasp on reality knows that illegal immigration is not a good thing so I’m not sure the point you’re trying to make with that one. Raising the minimum wage will make already inflated food prices even higher, and it’s one thing to raise it a dollar or two, but to double it as your liberal lords would want is to be pro-destruction of the American economy from the ground up… To address the first bit, the Republican congress has failed on many things as they promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, but they have yet to do so, so we need a leader who will take action since congress hasn’t. And that’s not to say all of Republican congress has failed, but many have, I don’t like generalizing.

North Carolina, my state, elected a Republican governor and jumped from 15th national economy to 7th since then. Ohio, John Kasich’s state, is one of the best economies in the country. North Dakota, Idaho, Texas, these are the fastest growing economies in the country and they are all “red states” as it were. Proof is there, should you choose to accept it. The corporations have every right to conduct business outside of the United States when liberal Socialist policies drive them away through literally insane tax rates and business restrictions, raising minimum wage would obviously just make it worse, so I’m not sure how you could be against corporations conducting business outside of the country and FOR raising minimum wage, FOR higher taxes, FOR illegal immigration… Now, if you still disagree with me then I’d implore you not to reply. I’ve educated you, so accept the enlightenment and thank me or go about your day in denial, either is fine with me so long as you understand that I’ve given you this in-depth educational reply for your own good, not for mine. I have no interest in defending any Republican tactics, merely educating those who don’t understand them. So have a nice day, friend.

Carlyle Begay’s Transition to GOP

Carlyle Begay, elected in 2013 to Senate in Arizona, is a Native American politician who is another case of the “American Dream”. He was elected as a Democrat, and over the past two years has noticed a trend… The Democratic party has no real interest in helping “the people”. According to him, the vast majority of politicians who have actually worked with him to focus on the civilians of Arizona are Republicans. Democrats, I suppose, had more important things to worry about… He made the right decision, anyone open minded in this country will see the same. I don’t believe in party lines, I believe in people, but I believe that the people in the Republican party are generally far more interested in helping the country than the people in the Democratic party, generally.

You see, Senator Begay realized, like many people around the country are realizing, that the Republican party is not the boogeyman they’ve been raised to fear. Where in the past the Democratic party could have been considered the party of progress, today is a very different story. The Democratic party, again generally, is far more concerned with regression, with restriction, with infringement, with polarizing the people… They spend more time trying to add taxes and put in to place programs and functions specifically designed to oppress man’s opportunity,  trying to pit you and I against each other, trying to convince everyone that conservatism is “the man” trying to hold them down. They aren’t interested in helping the economy, they aren’t interested in fixing the problems that their Socialist policies have created, they don’t care to dig you and I out of the holes that we’ve fallen into because of their Socialist policies… Instead, they want MORE Socialist policies.

As I’ve stated in previous videos, I’m a musician. As a musician, I look up to a lot of great musicians. A lot of great musicians are liberals. I think… I think it’s an out dated ideology. I think that anyone who looks at the facts and realistic issues of today, regardless of their feelings and emotions, will find themselves siding with conservative principles in today’s political climate, but I think that many people have this preconceived notion of what conservative principles are, or what those conservative principles may cause, and disregard all of it over things that aren’t necessarily true. You know, it seems like everything under the conservative ideology is shunned entirely, regardless of it’s actual merit, and they side with liberal policies simply because they aren’t conservative policies. Liberals seem to feel like they have to fit into a one-size-fits-all box labeled “LIBERAL”, I suppose that has something to do with the fact that if you aren’t far left on every single thing, liberals will slander you a heretic to their cause and banish you from their kingdom, as it were.

I as a conservative, am not religious. I see a lot of conservatives bashing people like me as being selfish, entitled, childish, ignorant, and immoral simply because I don’t believe in any God. You know, to me it just feels like the .000000000000000000001% chance that this could all be a coincidence based in something that could actually possibly maybe have a slight chance of maybe possibly happening,  is a lot easier for me to rationalize within my mind than the presence of a magical, mystical disembodied being pulling the strings of our world. When I was young my mother made us go to church most Sundays, but when I was 10 I asked my father if Santa Claus was real, he regretfully informed me that he wasn’t real, and my 10 year old self immediately connected the trail of dots from Santa Claus, through the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, all the way to God. But I digress, when a conservative finds out that I am irreligious, it is shocking to them because it goes against the grain of typical conservative principles. Does this mean that I’m not a conservative? Absolutely not. Conservatives are just as welcoming to me, as I am respectful of their religion and would never think to desecrate their moral compass or idols of worship, and because of that there really is no difference. Yet to liberals, that doesn’t seem to be the case. You know, Bill Maher is a liberal, yet when he says that Islam is “the motherload of bad ideas”, he is completely ravaged by far left extremists on the internet and on television, they say he can’t be a liberal, he’s not allowed to be a liberal… He’s speaking truths, and is ousted because of it…

Carlyle Begay, welcome to the Republican party. The party of freedom, independence, and opportunity. The party of the open minded, free thinking, and respectable people. Arizona is lucky to have a politician looking out for the people, who is open minded enough to see the faults of his party and correct his political path. Thank you for showing people that greed is not a Republican trait, that evil is not a Republican trait, and that close-mindedness should never be a Democratic trait.

Politics are not a microcosm of life.

Politics are not a microcosm of life. Most people don’t care, most people don’t keep up with it, and many actually have political opinions based off of literally nothing. When you start delving into politics and discussing politics with people, you’ll end up feeling like your faith in humanity is falling apart, what little faith you had at least.. There will be people who will agree with you, those are the people you need to focus on. I have a flaw, I am far too empathetic. When someone disagrees with me, I always take it upon myself to put myself in their shoes. This is a major issue when discussing politics, because many who disagree with me are completely politically illiterate in every way. When someone tries to tell me that Barack Obama wasn’t voted for because of his race, or that Hillary isn’t in the lead because of her gender… It tends to cause my extreme misanthropy to flare up. In the past I’ve said that misanthropy isn’t a flaw, that it is simply the combination of common sense, brutal honesty, and real world observations. I find it unfortunate that I still feel that way, because deep down I really am an optimist, but to put it bluntly, the world is a bummer, the human race is a bummer, and the fact that I have to be exposed to such blatant ignorance is a bummer.

The only thing I really want to understand is how human beings could be so susceptible to manipulation… And, I know that my detractors will watch this video and say that THEY AREN’T manipulated, I’M manipulated, when in reality no college professor, political pundit, satirical political pundit, parent, teacher, friend, twitter trend, or preconceived notion has ever swayed my opinions. My opinions are solely formed around facts, which is where we as humans must all form our opinions from. If we all put FACTS and EVIDENCE over FEELINGS and IDEOLOGIES when forming our opinions, the world would have so much less division and the human race would prosper. There would be less war, less anger, less blaming and less hate.

I don’t want human beings to negatively impact the lives of others. This channel is designed to enlighten and uplift through the advocation of critical thinking and complete truths, but human beings by nature tend to get defensive when offered unsolicited advice I suppose and won’t actually hear what you say. I believe that the peak of human greatness lies somewhere in between instinct and critical thinking. The ability to think critically, is a talent one can refine, instinct is a different story but I believe that the greatest of all time at any particular thing are not relying on instinct alone to get there. Neil Peart, greatest drummer of all time. Grew up idolizing John Bonham and Keith Moon, who are both “greatest drummers of all time”. He doesn’t just sit down at his drums and play what instinctually comes to him, without a thought in his mind. His mind is rolling through the options, the variables, the different time signatures and fills… Anyone can learn to play guitar and anyone can play any guitar solo ever written if they practice it enough. John Frusciante special is that he picks up his guitar and his mind rolls through all the possibilities of that guitar, all the places that guitar can take him sonically, all the audiological shapes he can make with the strings and his fingers. Instinct, is flawed but instantaneous. Critical thinking, if refined, can be perfect but will never be as fast. Greatness lies somewhere in between.

I digress… I don’t enjoy seeing human beings perpetuate lies as if they are truths, but in their minds they are truths and nothing you can say or do will change that. I don’t enjoy seeing human beings bring down others, but it’s all over Twitter, right? I mean, every twitter trend is just a snowball effect of lies and half truths all designed to tell a false narrative to the easily led automatons that consume it… Donald Trump said THIS (out of context, thus half truth) and what he really meant was THIS (lies). And then, the people who consume this nonsense come to my channel and fling all this nonsense at me, if I try to reason with them then I’m some kind of nazi fascist who is lying against their lies… It’s just ridiculous, never ending, and it is so god damn unfortunate because all I want is to make the world a better place, to help these people see reality, and to break them free of the chains of indoctrination. I suppose that’s too much to ask for in this day and age, even though real information is readily available now more than ever before, the same could be said for extreme misinformation.

The World

Why do the leading Democrats seem like characatures? Why do they respond to criticism the same way any random liberal does? You know, Obama – “Well, these Republicans aren’t christian because they don’t want refugees. It’s not American!” Even though these refugees have been proven to possibly contain terrorists. Hillary – “Don’t vote for me because I’m a Clinton, which could maybe be used to form some idea of what my policies might be like, just vote for me because I’m a woman! Because isn’t it about time that we vote for someone based off of literally nothing!?” Sorry, I’m pretty sure we tried that with the current president and it didn’t work out so well, I don’t think voting on someone based off of race, gender, or religion could ever be a good idea. Bernie – “Well, people only like Trump because they’re racists!” as if wanting to end illegal immigration has absolutely anything to do with racism.

What is with the terminology of the left using -phobic at the end of everything conservatives dislike? “Xenophobia”, as if I’m “afraid” of illegal immigrants. The idea behind it is so backhanded and manipulative, it’s an obvious attempt at dismantling a perfectly valid argument because you labeled it something, something that it isn’t, but yet to the liberal zombies out there they actually think it works! Okay, so I’m against illegal immigration because we have too many people already living here that need help, too many people for too few jobs, too many homeless veterans, too much welfare already. We don’t need the worst of the worst from these third world countries coming here and leeching even more from the system, even more from you and I. Does that make me afraid of immigrants? Obviously not, I want immigrants, I just want good immigrants, the best and brightest from around the world, I want them to have incentives to come here to advance this country to advance this society rather than drag it down. I’m not afraid of Islam, yet apparently not wanting refugees harboring terrorists to come here makes me “afraid” of Islam. It’s all designed to redirect the argument, it’s not that we make valid criticisms, it’s just that we’re afraid… Because we just… We just don’t understand… These people deserve American tax dollars more than you and I, obviously, and we should try to educate ourselves so we aren’t so afraid anymore… Right?

Why is it that most of the left is outraged over the Paris attacks, yet completely disregard the Benghazi attacks? Listen, I understand that it’s only 4 people compared to what, 138? But both are deliberate terrorist attacks on a non-war-torn area that took innocent lives. Liberals mean well, they really do, I really believe that they do. In their minds, they’re doing the right thing, they’re being humanitarians, they’re being philosophical philanthropists and saving the world… But, when they take it to an extreme in wanting to DEGRADE the lives of the many to help the lives of the few, that’s when it goes bad, that’s when it becomes corrupt, that’s when they start becoming detrimental to the world at large. Everything is a conspiracy theory so long as it is in line with the mentality of people like us. If we believe in military and peace through strength, then we support war mongers who use war to profit off the deaths of innocent people, if we disagree with letting possible terrorists into the country under the guise of “refugees”, then we are racists or ”islamophobes”. Yet they wouldn’t consider themselves guilty of appeasing and harboring terrorism.

Everything is so polarized, everyone thinks everything that they are not is out to get them, they’ve all been fed so much propaganda and indoctrination, everything has been so demonized and everyone so defamed. This is the country, this is the world. You’re either someone who puts illegals and terrorists over your neighbors and peers, or you’re a cold hearted ruthless evil boot licking sociopath. God forbid people see things from the middle ground, because if you try to you’ll be slandered by BOTH sides who will mercilessly label you the opposition to their cause, if you’re talking to a liberal then you’re a far right nazi, if you’re talking to a conservative then you’re a far left communist. It has just gotten so far away from any form of productivity, the entire bipartisan system has devolved into insanity and infantile pointing of the metaphorical finger at one another for all the world’s problems.