Why Liberals Won’t Actually Debate You.

I tried to make a topic on Reddit asking how Socialism makes one a more equal human being, and it got completely derailed by nonsensical arguments and completely asinine counter points. Somehow they managed to make the conversation about why Communism and Socialism aren’t exactly the same thing, the entire time refusing to answer the initial question of “How does being more dependent make me a more equal human being than simply having less money than another citizen?”

It’s pretty nuts how they manage to go in, gang up on you, fling insults and accusations at you, question everything about you, and all the while completely neglect the entire point of the post in the first place. But, that’s the tactic, right? It’s all about diversion, if they can steer the conversation away from the tangible irrefutable points against their cause, then they can get it towards “you’re an idiot, you’re a racist, you’re homophobic, you’re uneducated, you’re ignorant, you’re indoctrinated, you’re a fascist, you’re a pawn for the oppressive!” where they can then form a legion of lunacy all designed to tear you down and drag your name through the mud. And they’ll stop at nothing. I deleted the post and stopped replying, but they still keep going. It is insanity.

I realized there is no conversation because if they dared to have the conversation that I wanted to have, then they’d be subjected to one of two things; Realizing that there is no valid counterpoint and staying in denial regardless, or realizing there is no valid counterpoint and becoming enlightened, thus becoming excommunicated from their pack and then slandered/libeled in the same fashion that you or I already were. Then they’ll fling overused debate memes at you “LOGICAL FALLACY! AD HOMINEM! STRAWMAN! BURDEN OF PROOF!”. They’ll say that the burden of proof lies on you, the person who made the claim, rather than the person who is attempting to refute it. So, you then go find an article that proves your point and no matter what, 100% of the time, they will respond with “THAT’S A FAR RIGHT WING WEBSITE!” even if it isn’t. These are the go-to tactics of the indoctrinated masses of ignorance. That is honestly how it goes, 100% of the time, and it will never change. These people will never change.

If you see people in my comments being genuinely insane far left extremists, just ignore them or make fun of them because trying to engage these people in an actual discussion is the first step to losing your mind, and that’s what they want. Because all left wing people are extremely pessimistic, awful people who just want to degrade you and would love to see themselves become a detriment to mankind at large. It’s all about the stupification of the human race, the degradation of the human race as a whole. They are the perpetuators of ignorance, the advancers of negativity, the purveyors of indoctrination, the preachers of degeneracy. They can not be reasoned with, they can not be understood, they can not be sympathized or empathized with. There is no common ground, no matter how hard you try you’ll never find it, unity is gone, division has won. Now the only option is to find unity within sanity, unity with sane human beings like you and I, my subscribers, my audience, we must unite. Whoever wins the Republican nomination, we have to support them, no matter what. And just imagine what will happen if someone so politically incorrect like Trump wins the nomination and gets to debate Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on live television. They will try to play their games, but I think he’ll demolish them with brash, politically incorrect and brutally honest call outs. He’ll demonize them as communists, he’ll call out every failure they’ve ever had, and they won’t stand a chance because they’ll be playing a politically correct game with a mad man.

This is without a doubt the most crucial time America has seen in seven decades. Twenty years from now we will look back on this time as what shaped America into what it became. If we don’t unite under Trump or Carson, we will see a strict degradation in the quality of life for all American citizens. This is the only chance we have left. As humanity gets further into prescription drugs and daily doses of heavy intoxicants, humanity gets further into degeneracy and illogical beliefs. A sane man is a sober man, and the vast majority of man kind is no longer sober for the majority of their existence. It’s one thing to intoxicate yourself every once in a while, but we have so many human beings who literally pop anti depressants and Ritalin on a daily basis, fogging out their human minds and substituting it with a silhouette of what they once were.

I suppose every hundred years or so man kind needs to be reminded why freedom matters. Why we as human beings need not be dependent on any infrastructure or system of coddling or pandering. Why only the fittest survive is still a valid philosophy in man kind.


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