Money is NOT the Root of All Evil.

Human beings want money so that they can afford to have the things in life that they want, to go to the places in the world that they want to see, to experience what life has to offer. Sure, you can “get by” in the middle class but you’ll never really LIVE. I want to make a great living and take my kid to Disney Land every year ’til he’s old enough to call it lame. I want to make a great living and buy myself all the instruments I want to allow my artistic side to fully thrive. You know, I play guitar, drums, bass, sing, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and keys. You know how many instruments I have? Well, I JUST spent all my money on a $200 guitar that is severely under my skill level, other than that I have a $30 ukulele and my vocal equipment that I’ve managed to hold on to through the ups and downs of the past few years. I’ve had to sell beautiful Fender Stratocaster guitars, beautiful drum sets from Gretsch and Pearl, a fantastic Roland electronic drumset, two quality bass guitars, two quality keyboards, a midi controller, and a mandolin in the past few years. Not to mention all the amps that have come and gone, now I don’t have any I play my guitar through a vocal pa speaker that has no effects or gain, I’m trying to get my hands on some guitar pedals to give it something in the mean time while I work towards a new amp.

I want enough money to buy a nice house in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors anywhere in a mile or two and dedicate a whole room to every instrument I could ever want to play, I want enough money to put a recording studio in that room and make wonderful music. I also want enough money to take my wife and son to New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, and France.

Does that make me greedy? To want to fully experience what I want to in this short time we have on this planet?

I strive for success, I won’t stop until I have it, and you can play your stupid little blame games and be angry or envious towards people with more money than you all you want to but it won’t get you anywhere. Guess what? People with money are exactly like you, human beings. I’m sure you think that it is disgusting to have prejudice against black people, yet you prejudge the rich as evil people. They worked hard for their money in most cases and if anything deserve your respect for achieving their goals through skill and effort. If someone wants to buy 10 2016 cars then I am happy for them, because they’re experiencing life to the fullest in the fashion that they want to. You being jealous of that doesn’t make them bad people.

I’m so sick of this idea of Robin Hood economics being “moral and ethical”. Guess what? STEALING PEOPLE’S MONEY IS NOT MORAL OR ETHICAL IN ANY WAY. IT’S STEALING. They earned that money, did you earn that money? No. Earn your own money, if you can’t then don’t blame someone who can. You being incapable of finding your path for success is not in any way the fault of the successful, and you blaming them is simply making them a scapegoat for you to coddle your inferiority.

“I don’t understand why it is greed to want to keep the money you have earned, yet it is not greed to want to take the money someone else earned.” – Thomas Sowell (Leading professor of economics).

The difference between Socialism and Communism is that one is voted for and the other is forced upon the people. They’re both the same thing; Big government, dependent citizens, small human beings. It is the most literal form of inequality, where we the people are seen as second tier to the big brother government. Yet we have people who genuinely believe that Socialism is the only way to find equality. I’m sorry, but me having a different amount of money in the bank than you do does not mean we are unequal, we are both still human beings. Money does not constitute worth, but when you want us to be dependent on an organization that has more power, money, and strength then we the people ever will, then you want each and every one of us to be strictly inferior to government officials of any capacity.

If you believe you deserve more money than you have right now, then go shoot for the stars and make something happen for yourself. Sitting around and hoping things will just change one day, or even worse sitting around and blaming everyone else for your short comings, will never bring you any monetary gain. This world owes you nothing, so stop pretending that it is somehow the owner of Walmart’s fault that you don’t have any money.


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