History Doesn’t Always Repeat Itself, but it Always Rhymes.

When George W Bush came into office, his flaws and failures pushed so many people of my generation to the far left… Then Barack Obama came in and his flaws and failures pushed so many people to the far right… We are now living in a time of unparalleled division. There are less independents in this country than we’ve seen in a very long time, more people are going to be voting for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, and even the most moderate are pledging their allegiance to a party line. It feels as though if the democrats win this coming election… The America we all once knew will be gone. And it seems as though if the Republicans win this coming election, a very large demographic of our country will feel more anarchaic than ever before. We have people who fully believe that the only way to withhold a level of morality in any country on this planet is to create one class, anyone above gets dragged, anyone below gets hoisted. And then we have people who fully believe that there should be no restriction put on anyone who strives for greatness and that those people should not have to be degraded for the lives of those who they believe are not working as hard or are not worth as much to society.

We can not ignore the fact that the climate of America today is not vastly unlike the America seen in history a hundred years ago, and we can not ignore the fact that a hundred years ago held a few decades that claimed more human lives than any moment of time in human history. Look at the middle east with a militarized organization claiming land through deadly force with not nearly enough opposition, does that remind you of any European countries in 1939? Look at the issues with Ukraine and Russia… Israel and Palestine… The collapse of the Greek economy… How can any human being willingly ignore these issues and disregard the notion that this could all escalate so easily? Think about the situations that lead up to both World War’s…. It’s not far off from what we see around the world today. Furthermore, America is being led by a quasi-pacifist who refuses to properly use foreign policy in any sort of meaningful fashion and is entirely inept at any form of military strategy. One can only imagine how much more inept someone like Bernie Sanders would be. Every day that Bernie Sanders’ presidency seems to be more of a reality I begin to realize just how great it would be if Hillary won the Democratic nomination. I mean, it’s the lesser of two evils and honestly I’d rather have Hillary go up against any Republican candidate and win then even have Bernie Sanders win the nomination. The
detriment he would bring far outweighs the detriment that Hillary would bring or even the benefit that someone like Rand Paul would bring.

Liberals believe that we shouldn’t be directly involved with ISIS in any way. They say it doesn’t effect us and that we need to mind our own business…
But when do you consider it to be effecting us directly? When they start cutting off the heads of kidnapped American citizens? CHECK. Or is it when they start blowing up American embassies? CHECK. Or is it when they start blowing up stuff on American soil?
The beheadings isn’t all they’ve done. They’re slaughtering entire villages that don’t want to follow them. They are cutting the heads off of children and scattering them across playgrounds. They are murdering every non-muslim they find and any muslim who doesn’t agree with their ideals.
11 airliners are confirmed missing right now, 9/11 right around the corner, ISIS is the largest terrorist organization the world has ever seen and they’ve made it extremely clear that they plan to attack the U.S. at some point. Direct quote here; “We will not stop until the black ISIS flag is being flown above the white house.”
So.. With all that being said and none of it being refutable, how do you condone not taking extreme action against them?
Hamas is attacking Israel on a daily basis trying to take their land, ISIS is slaughtering anyone who doesn’t agree with them all over their land. Multiple countries. COUNTRIES. Have already fallen to ISIS. And then you have Russia trying to take back Ukraine and expand it’s global position. Did you know that WW2 started when Adolf Hitler mobilized Germany to take over Poland? Look where that got the world. Being so naive as to think that it would be unnecessary to act in defense of these places is just plain ridiculous. You are either completely oblivious to these facts or so completely overturned by your liberal brainwashing that you refuse to see things the way they are blatantly laid out in front of you.

And then you’ll say that we simply can’t afford it…
We can’t afford that, but we can afford to give unemployed people $500 a month free money for food, pay half their bills, give them section 8 housing and give them free checks since they don’t have a job. Then we can open the borders to all immigrants without any background checks, criminal records, identification, economic standing, or education level to flood our country with lowlifes and moochers to take advantage of that insane welfare system?
Because that’s what the liberal agenda shoots for, right? I don’t see how you can say that we can’t afford to stop people from slaughtering thousands if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people yet all of the welfare is totally fine. Upholding a standard of life and helping people who can’t help themselves is what the United States military has been dedicated to for 100 years now, I don’t understand why someone would just let ISIS murder thousands without giving a shit simply because “it doesn’t effect us”.


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