Ben Carson “Not Black”?

First off I’ll say that I fully realize I will be slandered/libeled a racist for being a white person who dares to talk about a “racial” issue. However, I don’t believe injustice and ignorance has a race, therefore I will be giving my analysis and opinion on the issue.

Ben Carson has said things throughout the past few years that have upset a lot of people, many of those same things also made a lot of people have more faith in him as a leader. For instance, to a liberal when he said that the holocaust would have been less likely to happen had the Jewish people been armed, its an ignorant and hateful thing to say that insults the victims of those heinous crimes. However to a conservative it’s just another factual and  logical statement in a long line of honest, factual, and logical statements. Ben Carson says that slavery is one of the best things to happen to black Americans because it brought them here, taught them English, assimilated them into modern technology and eventually saw black people have much better loves than they would have had if those generations had stayed in mid-africa. It is true that slavery is what made this country the multi cultural “melting pot” that it is. Look everywhere else in the world, where is there a 13% black population in a place where there wasn’t an indigenous black civilization? The answer is only America. Obviously, slavery is what made that happen. Slavery is what got you to the dance, as it were, and now here we are as equals. If it weren’t for slavery we’d have never been seen as equals. Brightsides. He’s not wrong, but when you try to look at the bright side of a terrible thing I suppose it’s insensitive… Somehow.

What I truly don’t understand is why the majority of black people denounce people like Ben Carson, Raven Symone, and Charles Barkley for “acting white”. What is “acting white”? What does that actually mean? Does that mean that they dress respectfully, speak articulately, have a basic understanding of vocabulary, literacy, and civilized human behavior? Are those solely white traits? They say that those people are unfit to represent the black race, yet they are fine with ignorant racist fools like Muhammed Ali, Malcolm X, Tupac, and Al Sharpton representing them. I suppose it would be better if they all just dressed down, dumbed down, and got more aggressive and violent with their philosophy and ideology. From the outside looking in, that must be what “black culture” is all about. Violence, hate, vengeance, and degradation. It’s a detrimental backwards culture. However, I’d like to think that black culture is not what they want it to be. When I think of black culture, I think of great music in the likes of Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, and Whitney Houston. I think of great food. I think of amazing strides in civil rights. I think about how the black race went from slaves and peasants to the white house, how they had the odds stacked so far against them and have assimilated so well and shown their great worth. I certainly don’t think of “iced out chains”, ridiculous low riders, ” peempin”, drugs, and violence.

I as a white person would be, and AM proud to be represented by Ben Carson. How am I represented by Ben Carson? Well, its simple. I’m an American, he’s an American. I’m a conservative, he’s a conservative. He represents me far better then a very many white people do. So how is it that he, as a brilliant, intelligent, educated and competent black man is somehow unfit to represent black people? It’s astonishing. Especially when you consider that Barack Obama is LESS black but apparently a better representation of the black race simply because he doesn’t denounce black violence, black crime, and thug culture.

So many incidents have been blown so far out of proportion in recent years. If Trayvon Martin hadn’t attacked, he’d be alive today. If Michael Brown hadn’t charged he’d still be alive today. If Eric Garner hadn’t resisted he’d be alive today. Now, keep in mind that I’m not saying ALL incidents are blown out of proportion, and I’m not saying that these people necessarily deserved to die for those actions, but those are the actions that led to their deaths and they could have easily been avoided. I think a lot of situations are escalated not because of skin color but because of other issues. As in, if I charge at a police officer I’ll be shot. If I don’t pay attention in school I won’t learn (I went to a majority-black school in a rough area, learned just as much as any other person did in grade school.) If I break the law, I’ll get in trouble. If I don’t work hard, I won’t make any money, if I dress like a slob, I won’t get the job, if I look sketchy, I’ll be judged as sketchy. That’s humanity as a whole, I’m not saying that there aren’t specific issues faced by being black in America, I just think that many things are overexposed and victimized to a large extent.


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