Barack Obama “Not A Liberal” – Liberals

I find it very strange that when Barack Obama was elected, it was very clear that he was a liberal. However, today in 2015 you have many liberals who denounce him and say that he isn’t actually a liberal. They bring up drone strikes and the operation to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. That is really their entire argument, however what I think is truly enlightening is the fact that they say he is entirely, decidedly NOT liberal as a whole.

To me, it certainly seems like it’s a bit of an excuse, right? I mean, when you take into account that not a single liberal policy has actually improved anything in this country for anyone, when you take into account that literally every single liberal idea that Obama has put to the test has either flopped or been significantly detrimental in some way, you start to see that it’s not that he isn’t a liberal, it’s just that liberal policies don’t work. So, rather than admit that and change their opinions, they simply twist it and say that he is decidedly not liberal, and that if we could only elect someone who is even MORE of a far-left extremist like Bernie Sanders, surely all would be right with the country. As if going even further down this rabbit hole is the only possible solution to Barack Obama’s blatant “conservative” ways. Isn’t that just incredible? That these people actually believe that since Obama’s policies have failed, it must be that Obama is secretly a conservative, that he is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”(-Oliver Stone) who has been operating entirely backwards to ensure that liberal policies fail.

It all seems so backwards, from the outside looking in. There is this crabs in a bucket mentality going on in this group of progressive agenda advancers and “social justice warriors”. Barack Obama is why 20-30% of your income is taken away from you. Barack Obama and his liberal policies are why almost every local business that has tried to open up in the past 7 years has been swiftly closed down in this disastrous economy. Barack Obama is the first black president yet the black community is in worse shape now than they have been since the 70’s/80’s. Barack Obama is reason the Keystone Pipeline hasn’t been able to sufficiently provide six figure jobs to hard working American citizens. Barack Obama is why we have record welfare percentages, record unemployment, and record government assistance that saps hard working American’s of their own financial gains (That 20-30% income tax). Barack Obama willingly let the NSA spy on innocent American citizens. Barack Obama raised our debt by more than any other president in history, and more than the combined presidencies of EVERY president from George Washington to Bill Clinton. Barack Obama is why 11 million Americans are getting disability payments from the government while the majority of those 11 million are not disabled enough to be incapable of working.

11,472,000 Americans Have Left Workforce Since Obama Took Office

You can say what you’d like, but the vast majority of the above facts and statistics are strictly due to far-left quasi-Socialist liberal policies. To say that increasing hand outs doesn’t decrease productivity is to say that fact is not fact. To say that increasing taxes by such a vast amount doesn’t negatively impact the lives of almost every American citizen is to intentionally remain ignorant upon learning the truth.

Indoctrination is a powerful thing.

So to say that Barack Obama isn’t a liberal is to say that Bernie Sanders isn’t a socialist, it is to say that Bill Clinton wasn’t a womanizer, it is to say that Hillary Clinton didn’t give the order to let 4 Americans die in Benghazi.

I understand being a liberal in 2006. I get it, it hadn’t been put to the test and you were tired of George Bush. I understand that. What I don’t understand is believing that Obama’s leftist policies failed because they WEREN’T LEFTIST ENOUGH!? This is how far we have fallen. When something is put to the test, you need to judge it in an unbiased fashion. Socialism in America has been put to the test, we tested the waters, and it was severely detrimental to the day to day lives of tens of millions of American citizens. To now say that we need to dive further into that poisoned well because Obama “isn’t a liberal” is to intentionally remain ignorant, indoctrinated, and manipulated in the face of blatant facts and pure enlightenment.

You love to tell me not to be a science denier, but you deny science every time you state that America should go further down this rabbit hole. Even worse, actually, because questioning climate change is questioning theory, while questioning the ill-effects of Socialism is questioning proven fact.


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